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Social media makes it so easy to drum up a strong sense of community. And November is the perfect time to spread positivity and get everyone in a feel-good frame of mind, by running a 30 Days of Gratitude Event/Challenge.

Hi, busy marketer! It's me, Dina, of Wordfeeder PLR. It's the Gratitude time of year. And if you think about all of the wonderful folks you've met online who work hard on their businesses every day, doesn't it make perfect sense to offer them an "ultimate positivity challenge" or "30 days of gratitude" event that you can run from the comfort of your own social media group or blog?

  • What about all those other people you know you can help, but maybe they aren't quite ready to sign on for your coaching or other services?
  • Wouldn't it be great to bring these folks together and provide a sense of community while helping everyone to aspire higher, learn and grow together?
  • Isn't this the perfect way to give back to your clients for their loyalty and continued business?


Here at Wordfeeder, I JUST completed an intense, 3-day writing marathon for the "Attitude of Gratitude" 30-Day PLR Content Series for you to present to your online followers. I'm excited to deliver this high quality self development content to you. :)

Why a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge?

I've run a "30 Days of Blogging" challenge in the past, and had a lot of fun doing it. Back when I did this, I was trying to help people master the art of driving more traffic to their blogs by publishing great, high quality content. My online event received some very favorable response. People got to know each other, and we all learned about each other's businesses. Every person in the group blogged daily and shared the fruits of our labor. Friendships and business relationships formed. Bonds grew, and so did trust in each other. It was a terrific effort, and I'd do it again and advise you to do the same.

Only this time, social media makes running a 30-day challenge easier than ever.

How Will a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge Benefit You and Your Readers?

People want to spread good feelings, but they don't know how. The world can be harsh at times, especially with thoughtless comments flying on social media and the controversy of a hyped up media world. And yet, most people are intrinsically good, and remain that way. It's time to accentuate the positive and find the good that lives inside all of us. A 30-Day Gratitude Challenge can bring out the best in all of us.

Establish yourself as a force for good. What a perfect way to spread your love and leave a positive imprint - by running an event that helps everyone aspire to see and know the beauty and preciousness of the world all around us. Not to mention growing closer to the kind and giving people who live in it.

Drum up excitement about your business. You started your business hoping to make an impact. And it's not easy, but that's what makes this all so gratifying. Whether it's offering something of quality, delivering value in a very customized and unique way, teaching a specialized skill, or preserving an age-old tradition despite the advances of our modern, convenience-driven world... you know you want to be out there front and center. Running a 30-day challenge can help put you on the map.

What types of niches does an Attitude of Gratitude event lend itself to?

The "Attitude of Gratitude" theme lends itself to any number of specilialized online niches. This includes but is in no way limited to...

  • Coaching and personal development
  • Counseling and relationships
  • Healthy living, natural healing, wellness
  • Business development, small biz startup and work from home
  • Home and family, Local communities
  • ...anything else you can think of :)


What's Included in Wordfeeder's Attitude of Gratitude PLR Pack 1?

This PLR pack includes 6 articles and 6 exercises to present to your list. It's the first content pack in Wordfeeder's "Attitude of Gratitude" 30-Day Challenge. Word count is 3,519. Perfect to send in an autoresponder series of emails, post each day in your social media groups, and publish on your blog. 

  • Attitude of Gratitude - Day 1. Trying on an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Attitude of Gratitude - Day 2. Accentuate the Positive
  • Attitude of Gratitude - Day 3. Slow Down. Take Time to Appreciate
  • Attitude of Gratitude - Day 4. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
  • Attitude of Gratitude - Day 5. A Cup of Self Reflection
  • Attitude of Gratitude - Day 6. Give Thanks for the Simple Pleasures


Here's a sample of the content if you're curious as to the quality of the writing and information:


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