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Everyone wants to know how to capitalize on Instagram and Facebook marketing. This is a multi-billion dollar industry that you can easily make a name for yourself in. How? With pre-written, list-building giveaways and paid products to teach people all they need to know. Alice has a hot new contact pack for you to get going on this right away. And best of all, it's on sale!

Check out the brand new, Instagram and Facebook Story Profits PLR pack from Alice today. It's just $17 for a whopper of a content pack that you'd pay thousands to have professionals create from scratch for you.

Sure, your people can go in blind trying to master the ins and outs of Instagram and Facebook. But why would they do that when you have all of this great information to make it simple and straightforward for them? Yes, it's a terrific deal on list-building social media marketing content. Below, find ideas for how to use it!

  • Grow your list with this high-target lead magnet. Kick things off by offering one of the reports or articles. Upsell to even more great information - it's already in the pack!
  • Turn it into a paid product. Easily charge admission for this high value, action-oriented content about social media stories.
  • Break it up into blog posts or other bite-sized content. Make a series of related posts to drive traffic. Guide them to sign up and learn more with one of the free report giveaways!
  • Share it on Social Media. Just grab bite-sized tips from the articles, add images, copy, and paste. Don't forget that learn more link. :)
  • Add it as a “starter kit” in your membership site. This high-value info is sure to attract new members and spark renewed interest from your existing members.

Just a few ideas to get you going, but now it's your turn to run with them.

Now Only $17 - Offer Ends Soon!

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