Ain't No Shame in Upping Your Biz GAme... with The Client Onboarding planner from Coach Glue


Ask Yourself the Hard Questions, Then Take Swift Action to Improve Your Business and Get Closer to Earning Six or Seven Figures This Year.

(This is clearly a photo of business professionals asking the hard questions)

Hey, my coach or consultant friends... this is Dina at Wordfeeder PLR. I've got a few quick questions to help you get clear on what's working in your business and what isn't. Then I'd like to share with you a major business-boosting plan. It's basically guided help to organize your communication, streamline processes, add human helpers and create policies and processes that make doing business online EASY, fun, and satisfying for all parties.

All of this will work to increase your effectiveness in online business. After this necessary work is done, you'll have MORE time, MORE high-value goodies to offer your customers, MORE functionality and professionalism working to bring you more income. And the best part, you'll experience FAR LESS wasted time AND far greater profits once everything is in place. The time you get back after implementing this will allow you to create even more to help your customers and boost your bottom line!

Okay: Time for the Hard Questions:

  • How much time do you spend each day typing out questions to clients and courting new business by painstakingly writing individual plans from scratch?

  • How many customers do you think slipped away due to glitches in your systems, or lack of customer service any time you were away from the computer?

  • If you wanted to make money selling information products online, do you have an automated system in place for people to make online payments and receive their paid-for information instantly?

  • Do you manage your email list using a proper double-optin list manager? Are there sign-up forms on your site to ensure new potential customers are being added to your mailing list 24-7? Do you grow a list at all?

  • Do you have a source for reliable online business information -so you can make your strategic business moves and upgrades confidently, without wasting a lot of money and time on "trial and error" practices?

  • How much time do you spend each day doing everything yourself? If you have to calculate your true hourly income based on time spent doing repetitive tasks balanced with sales coming in... what would it be?

DIY Business Planning for Less than $100? Heck Yes, Sign Me Up.


So listen, if your answers to the above could be a tad embarrassing to confess out loud, OR if the truth of your business success just hit you hard... fret no more. You DO NOT have to fork over thousands per year for a coach to hand-hold you through your business development process just so you can turn around and hand-hold the next up-and-comer. This brilliant client onboarding planner comes from the business-savvy ladies at Coach Glue. They basically hand you everything you need to run your coaching or consulting biz like a true boss. What's more, the below planner is not only built for you to use, but you're free to turn around and customize it to help your clients get where they want to be as well. 

Client Onboarding Planner - NOW ONLY $37!

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (21 PAGES):

Step 1: Take Stock. Review your existing content. Is it organized? What templates, if any, do you use to streamline things like contracts, welcome emails and membership details? How do you find what you need when it's time to sign on new clients or launch a new program?

Exercise: Map Out Your Existing Client Onboarding Flow

Step 2: Think Like a Business. Stop playing Jane of all Trades! When you hand over those jobs that are better performed by competent helpers, you free up your own time to focus on big-picture, higher-yield projects.

Exercise: Identify Tasks You Should Not Be Doing and Make a Plan to Replace Yourself

Step 3: Find the Holes. It's amazing how just one poorly managed detail can let income slip through the cracks. Locate the trouble spots in your business so you can deliver an impressive customer experience.

Exercise: Review Emails, Help Desk, Social Channels, Phone Logs for Trouble Spots and Recurring Issues

Step 4: Invest in Solid Systems. Systems like an email manager, member software and more are within affordable and easy reach. This will greatly help you automate your entire operation - for more clients, more sales, and far less work!

Exercise: Make and Prioritize an Upgrade List

Step 5: Create a Policies & Procedures Manual. The people whom you entrusted in Step 2 need consistent policies and procedures to follow. This step frees up a ton of your time that would have been otherwise spend explaining things and making decisions on the fly.

Exercise: Create a Policy and Procedures Manual

Step 6: Build a Library of Copy/Paste Documents. How much time do you spend writing emails and documents from scratch? In step 6 Coach Glue liberates you from the daily grind and time-suck. Create communication templates to pop open and customize to each client in seconds.

Exercise: Develop a Documentation Library

Step 7: Cross Train Your Team. Sometimes workers get sick, go on vacations or have a family emergency they must attend to. Could your team members do each other's jobs if they had to?

Exercise: Identify Team Members for Cross Training

Step 8: Take a Cue From the Manufacturing Industry. Every process that can be automated or made more efficient will save you money and work to increase profits.

Exercise: Create a Continual Improvement Policy and Schedule

Ready to greatly improve your

client onboarding process?


Ready to do the work that takes your business into the six and seven-figure range?


Coach Glue's brilliant, 21-page planner will help you AND your clients get there - grab it for just $37, fantastic!


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