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Ready to accelerate your coaching or other type of expert business into six or seven figures and beyond? Kickstart your biz, attract your perfect clients, and start conducting business with your whole, beautiful soul. You and your clients can work on it together. Wonderful, done-for-you coaching content and prewritten workshops like the ones we share here make it all possible!

NEW Teach Your Tribe Package: Destress Your Business - HOT for Spring & Summer!

Hey, so what's stopping you from putting your coaching courses on autopilot when you re-brand Coach Glue's done-for-you content like this brand NEW Teach Your Tribe package with private label rights to sell as your own?

"De-Stress Your Business" comes at the perfect time for summer's fast approach. I can definitely speak for your people when I say that summer vacation from school bring its share of anxiety for busy, work-from-home moms who have their own businesses to run.

Of course, your clients who hold boss-mom status want to be available for fun, summer activities while the kids are home. But they also know that the money must keep on coming. Nothing like enjoying a day at the pool or beach, when those worried thoughts come creeping in… who's running my business if I'm not?

The Destress Your Business Teach Your Tribe package will teach your business owner audience exactly how to crawl out from under that giant to-do pile and save their own sanity as they set their profits on autopilot and finally watch their business soar.

So here's what your readers will get from you when you grab this done-for-you content package to launch this as your own:

The Step-by-Step Script Covers: (22-pages)

Welcome to the Webinar:

Topic Intro: 7 Ways to Destress Your Business for More Happiness and Profits

Training Content:

Step One: How to Make Every Day Your Best Day Ever

Step Two: Top 5 Best Ways to Stay Focused (and Avoid Client Drama!)

Step Three: The Secret to Developing Good Work Habits

Step Four: The Biggest Myth About Saying No to Clients

Step Five: 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stay Glued to Your Laptop

Step Six: Why Outsourcing Will Save Your Sanity

Step Seven: The Single Best Way to Destress

PowerPoint Slides for Your Webinar

52 PowerPoint Slides to Present this Content through a Webinar, Workshop, or Recorded Videos

Here are all Templates Included in This Package:

Worksheet (9 pages, 762 words)

4 Week Calendar (21 pages, 851 words)

Action Checklist (6 pages, 816 words)

Resource Directory with Links to Tools & Resources (9 pages, 1527 words)

21 Ideas Blueprint (8 pages, 2040 words)

Plus, You’ll Also Get Instant Access to 3 Additional Packages for FREE: ($591 value)

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Smart Phone Mindfulness - NEW Done-for-You Coaching Content! $10 Off Savings for You

Be one of the first to offer guidance and insights on an extremely important and timely topic: Smart Phone Mindfulness. Ever wonder how people are really supposed to put mindfulness into action with phones constantly vying for our attention? Well now you have content to help your readers address this so they can live their best life while using smart phones to cultivate happy, healthy relationships and more.

This brand new, never-released content pack is perfect for you to turn into a 2-week email course, add images and make into a beautiful ebook download, share privately in your coaching group, add as a resource to your member area, publish as individual blog posts, paste snippets into social media, or all of the above and then some.

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Coach, Launch Your Next Ebook or Course with This Beautiful, Insightful Content on Your Side

"Love Your Tribe" RElationships PLR Articles & Journal Prompts - 7,000+ Words!

Audiences: Coaching, Self Help, Psychology, Mental Health, Relationships

Titles include:

1. What's a Tribe?
2. The Importance of Having Your Own Tribe
3. JOURNAL IT: Questions to Ask as You Ponder Your Tribe
4. What Makes Your Tribe Special
5. Why Your Family May Not Qualify as Belonging to Your Tribe
6. Be Empowered by Your Tribe
7. JOURNAL IT: Remembering the Value of Your Tribe of Friends
8. How Can Friends in Your Tribe Show Support for Each Other?
9. JOURNAL IT: Recall the Support of Others
10. Thrive with Your Tribe During Times of Transition
11. The Importance of Face-to-Face Connections with Your Tribe
12. Seek and Find Your Tribe
13. Leverage Your Tribe to Help One Another
14. Accomplish Amazing Things With Your Tribe on Your Side
15. Does it Take a Village?
16. JOURNAL IT: The "Village" Concept in Action
17. New in Town? Where to Find Good Peeps to Add to Your Tribe


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