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Ready to accelerate your coaching or other type of expert business into six or seven figures and beyond? Kickstart your biz, attract your perfect clients, and start conducting business with your whole, beautiful soul. You and your clients can work on it together. Wonderful, done-for-you coaching content and prewritten workshops like the ones we share here make it all possible!


Winning With Meditation for Entpreneurs - Done-for-You Coaching Content Now $50 Off

Do you work with clients who want to focus on productivity, mindfulness and healthy work-life balance for their businesses? Most people who run online businesses have an awareness of, and a constant striving for, all these things. And truth be told, focus remains one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner. This is where meditation comes in, and these days, not just the "woo woo" crowd is getting on board with the power of meditation to help improve your performance and get bigger, faster results for your business.

So, if you've been searching for something of value to promote this fall, the "Winning With Meditation for Entrepreneurs" could be a win for both you and your clients. This is one of the most recent, talked-about topics among high profile success moguls like Oprah Winfrey. Best of all, Coach Glue knows that peeps want terrific teaching materials… so this Teach Your Tribe rebrandable content package that covers Meditation for Entrepeneurs comes to you at a discount using coupon code 50 at checkout.

Just so you know, if you scroll to the bottom of their sales page and start the purchase process, it will appear that the workshop is going to register at full price.  Just type in 50 in the area that says promotional code, and the price reduction will calculate into the total before you officially make your payment.

The  Step-by-Step Webinar/Teleclass/Workshop Script Covers (21 pages, 5649 words)

  • Worksheet (8 pages, 673 words)

  • 4 Week Done-for-You Calendar (21 pages, 2098 words)

  • Action Checklist (10 pages, 1148 words)

  • Resource Directory with Links to Tools & Resources (8 pages, 1353 words)

  • 21 Ideas Blueprint  (7 pages, 1380 words)

  • 48 PowerPoint Slides to Present Your Content through Webinars, Classes, and Workshops

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