NEW 52 Images for Christian Entrepreneurs - Private Label Rights Content

I just got word that Daily Faith PLR has released a brand-new package of 52 Inspirational Images for Christian entrepreneurs. This goes perfectly their prior pack that you may have already picked up, which was the 52 Weekly Emails for Christian Entrepreneurs.

I actually don't have a direct link to the sales page where these high quality, low priced images live. However, you can see them as the first choice right on the Daily Faith Homepage here. The image to click is right there, top left!

Now is definitely a perfect time to grab yourself a big bundle of 52 inspirational images to inspire and delight your audience and grow your Christian readership.

These can be used any number of ways, in addition to pairing with the aforementioned pack of content. Social media, newsletter publishing, blog posts, and emails all attract more attention when you've included an image that gets people peeking and pondering.

Take a gander at the beautiful images created by Kelly, Sam and Avery now!

In fact, if you do not use images to get more eyes on your content, you are probably being passed over by lots of distracted people! So this economically priced package really is ideal, not to mention you'd pay a designer thousands to create this for you from scratch. PLR is extremely user friendly, and makes the pocketbook very happy as well!

Once again, the 52 emails for Christian Entrepreneurs live on this page.

And the homepage can be clicked through to the brand-new, 52 images pack.

Thanks for tuning into the awesome offers on done-for-you content that we share at Wordfeeder. Have an amazing and blessed day.

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR

52 Weekly NOtes for Christian Entrepreneurs

Kelly and Tish of Daily Faith PLR have just released a brand-new, done-for-you content pack containing 52 weekly notes for Christian Entrepreneurs. How are Christians different from other business owners?

  • They might pray or ask God's counsel before making a fairly  major business decision.
  • They might choose to conduct business ethically, with respect to high morals.
  • They might consider Godly ways to show love and give back to society as a business entity.
  • They might actively seek to do business with people who also live and do business by Christian principles.

This brand-new content package contains 52 concise and to-the-point notes for Christian entrepreneurs. It will be perfect to supplement your existing email newsletter content. If you're ever pressed for time or fresh out of ideas but want to reach out and connect with readers, these short and sweet email notes will be perfect. They'd also work great as a blog post per week for an entire year!

7,534 Total Word Count - Christian content with private label rights to sell or share as your own.

Your coupon code to save $10 off this content is NURTURE and it expires Wednesday, June 20!

Click "Buy now" to be transported to a page on Kelly and Tish's site where you can learn more and order.

"30 Days of Forgiveness" Devotional Content Pack from Daily Faith PLR

Searching for inspiring Christian content to share in your devotional or Christian blog? Do you publish a faith newsletter? Kelly and Tish at Daily Faith PLR have a rebrandable content package that's perfect for you to share. Thankgiving and Christmas are the time
of year to reflect, forgive, and cherish friends and loved ones. This pre-written package of faith content will make publishing simple for you.

Devotional Titles include:

  • Choosing Compassion
  • Love Is Kind to You
  • Facing Grief
  • Build a Bridge
  • A Heavy Load
  • Finding Freedom from Hate
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • Who Is This Man?
  • Redeeming Failures
  • The Love Itself
  • Welcome Home
  • Loving Boundaries
  • Carried to Jesus
  • The First Martyr


"Buy Now" opens up to a page on Kelly and Tish's site where you can learn more and order.


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