WHY 35K+ Coaches Love Glue, and Why You Should RUN There if You Want to GREATLY Increase Your Monthly Income While Working FAR Less!

Teach 3 New Topics Each Month! Done-for-You Coaching Planners, and Brandable Online Course Material Can Be Yours for ONE Low Monthly Fee

Hey, friends! I was just viewing/listening to a video that Melissa and Nicole shared about how to turn their monthly Teach Your Tribe packages into residual income. I just want to say that man, these ladies leave no stone unturned. They give you EVERYTHING you could possibly need to make content publishing a success with their packages on your side.

You Can Have All That Content to Brand as Your Own... Saving THOUSANDS on What You Would Have Paid a Writer to Create It from Scratch Every Month.

As Melissa aptly pointed out, NO WRITER would charge so little for the sheer volume of high quality teaching content that they put out in each of their Teach Your Tribe packs. In this current offer, you get 3 Teach Your Tribe content packs per MONTH to turn into paid courses and brand as your own. The cost is $97 per month.

I mean really, what could you get for $100 per month if you hired a writer? She might spend a few hours making ONE article for your blog... or setting up the bare minimum of a newsletter issue for you to send out, AND you'd still be doing the bulk of the promotional work.

Coach Glue offers $97 per month for THREE new teachable packs every month... well, I can't think of a better reason to JUMP on their monthly membership.

Plus... their content is just so darned good. The information is SO valuable, the topics are SO compelling and motivating. They provide SO MUCH information for the price. AND, the extras that come with each pack, even the smaller, individual planner packs that can be as low as $19, are outstanding. 

What Holds YOU Back? Let Me Guess.

So, what's the one thing that could stop you from going hog-wild and buying all their best content to creat income streams from? I'm going to venture a guess and say... not knowing how to set it all up to sell.

Well... NO worries there. I'll share with you a screen shot from my hard drive. This is ALL the BONUSES that come with just one 20-page package of Coach Glue content. EACH document contains a recommended tool AND instructions and tips for how to set it up. Absolutely brilliant... the completeness of all of this just astounds me.

Even if you know nothing about selling online courses, you will receive instant help, guidance and tools, even with your very first purchase from Coach Glue, no matter how small.

This is what "the BONUS PACK" TYPICALLY LOOKS LIKE WHEN YOU BUY CONTENT FROM COACH GLUE. It Can Run You less than $20 for a beautiful bundle of profit-producing, content gold

(Yes, that's what I said. This is ONLY the Bonuses!)

Time for You to Get Smart, Coach, and STart WAlking Your TAlk.

Visit Coach Glue's site and shop around for something wonderful to share with your fans and followers. I guarantee that whatever it is will be far MORE than you ever expected, and you will DEFINITELY learn something as soon as you download your content.

To your success and prosperity!

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR

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