Essential Oils PLR Publish-and-Profit Project: It's Free, It's Fun. You In?

Hey, friends! Dina from Wordfeeder here.

Essential Oils has been a consistently popular and sought-after topic with the natural health and home remedies crowd, and popularity is only increasing with time. Let's face it, people are becoming more and more aware of aromatherapy and how just a few drops of a single oil, or a combination of several of them, can so drastically impact one's health and well being for the better.

Let's Get Started Publishing Essential Oils Content TODAY

I was thinking that if you already have essential oils content in your files that you haven't gotten around to publishing, maybe you need a little support to get you motivated. And even if you have NOT yet bought the content needed to make some bank in this burgeoning niche... I've got the content for you, too! I just put a whole bunch of essential oils PLR packs on sale, so catch the savings if you're in the market for some high quality content to publish and profit from.

Within this MS Word document that's free to download, you'll find a nice, long list of essential oils products that go perfectly with the type of essential oils article and tips content we offer here on Wordfeeder. (Or even if you bought PLR from another seller, that's cool... our list of Amazon products will definitely come in handy!)

Which Essential Oils Amazon Products Will Work for Your Natural Health Readers?

Another thing: I've mentioned before that if you're a rep for DoTerra or Young Living, Wordfeeder's essential oils content will be especially helpful for you to grow your business, get more visibility and make more sales. Well, I don't want to limit to these companies at the exclusion of other great brands.

Not every member of your audience wants to join a membership or attend essential oils parties (though many do!). I'm on your target market list after all. I trust companies like Now Oils and others that I find on Amazon, and I buy my oils through them. You'll find some of my favorites in the links that I'm including in the free resource document that's available when you download using the sign-up form at the bottom of htis page.

So again... what I've done here is compile a list that includes some key products for you to link to and share photos of, throughout your essential oils blogging, newsletter emailing, and ebook creation effort. They include:

Essential Oils Diffusers and Humidifiers. Essential oils are probably best known for their ability to cleanse the air and leave a fresh scent that can alter the mood of your home while delivering aromatherapy benefits to the body. No oils collector would want to be without a high quality diffuser. Some also offer a humidifier feature!

Essential Oils. Individual bottles of all the most commonly used oils. I chose popular brands that I have purchased and enjoyed personally.

Essential Oils. Blends for specific purposes. Bug repellent is a good one for the upcoming spring! Relaxation blends are also highly sought-after.

Essential Oils Bulk Packs. Your readers can save a lot on smaller bottles. This can be good if they're just getting into oils, and would like a sampler pack.

Carrier Oils. If your readers blend essential oils, then you know it's important to have a base for things like homemade skincare oil mixes. Carrier oils will need to be ordered in bulk, with amounts comparable to a typical bottle of olive or coconut oil that you might use for cooking. Some examples include almond, coconut, jojoba and olive oil.

Dark colored bottles. Your readers' essential oils and blends need to be protected from light. Direct their attention to an array of amber and blue bottles in varying sizes and quantities. Some with droppers, others with spray pumps… all very key to serious oil blend makers!

Cosmetic containers. Perfume roller bottles, lip balm tubes, and small tins for balms and moisturizers will be well received by your MYO essential oils skincare and homemade household cleaners fans.

If you like the current essential oils PLR packs, I will create more related content for you to publish and profit from!

If this list of Amazon products is well received, I can work up some descriptive and informational content that you can publish beside each one. If that sounds like a great project that you'd like to get in on, let me know via email after you sign up and access your document of Amazon links. I will go ahead and create a new essential oils content pack and set up a sweet introductory price on it.

For now, please enjoy this complimentary download containing tons of Amazon links for high quality products that your essential oils enthusiasts will absolutely love! And then, get to content creating, blogging and selling.

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THANKS for purchasing PLR content from Wordfeeder. I hope you find value in this excellent quality essential oils content that I've created for you. And THANK YOU for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!




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