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I think it's safe to say that people everywhere are searching the web to find answers to their commonly asked questions about essential oils.

The list of questions we answered includes:

Can I use essential oils to ward off cold and flu germs?


What is the Thieves oil blend and where can I get it?


I can't afford organic essential oils. Are "regular" (non organic essential oils) harmful?


I want to make my own essential oils at home using garden herbs. How do I do that?


What are some good shortcuts for mixing my own essential oil blends on the cheap?


Can I put essential oils directly on my body?


I've heard that some people drink water infused with lemon oil, for its health benefits. Is this true?


What's a great, essential-oil based recipe for a cleaning spray?


Which essential oils help with insomnia?


Should I add peppermint oil to my bath water for a sunburn?


Can essential oils harm or burn my skin?


What is a carrier oil?


Should I put essential oil on the bottoms of my feet, and if so, why?


What can I use essential oils for?


Which essential oils invigorate and stimulate?


Which essential oils promote relaxation and restful sleep?

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