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Hi, friends! This is Dina from Wordfeeder here. Have you thought about how you're going to find the time to write blog posts and connect with your readers via email this holiday season?

I've dreamed up a fun activity that we can do together via email. It'll help us all be more productive and profitable together!

We're Banishing Holiday Stress... One Article at a Time.

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Each holiday stress article will cost $1 (yes, one dollar!) and the first one (attached to this offer) is FREE! Word count for each article will be about 600, give or take. I will charge a bit more for longer articles. Quality is excellent, as always.

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Make this a list-growing endeavor. Just create a quick landing page asking folks if they'd like to join you for a Holiday Stress Busting series via email. Put a signup on there. Invite them to sign up, and then they'll receive a helpful article each time you publish again.

Again, to recap:

1. I publish an article and notify you. (I will be doing this about 15 times over the holiday season. You'll be notified each time.)

2. You purchase the article for a dollar or two as you like.

3. You email the article to your list, and/or publish it on your blog with a cool graphic. (You can edit the title, the body text, or none of it. Up to you.)

Here's a Sample of the Free aRticle:


Here's a sample of the "Holiday Stress Survival For Introverts" article:

Sample of "A Little Spontaneity Goes A Long Way for Holiday Stress":

Sample of "Married Christmas":

More Holiday Stress Articles Are Coming!


Follow Along With Wordfeeder Via Email. Here's a rough draft of More ARticles to come:

1. Holiday Stress Survival Tips for Introverts - 1,400 words, RELEASED
2. How Much is Too Much Holiday Fun? Setting Limits During the Busiest Time of Year so We Can Enjoy More and Stress Less - 929 words, RELEASED
3. Holiday Stress Coping Skills and Great Ideas for Busy Working Moms - 549 words, RELEASED
4. Self Care Rituals to Unwind During the Busy Holiday Season - 1090 words, RELEASED
5. A Little Spontaneity Goes a Long Way for Holiday Stress 1,300 words, RELEASED
6. Take the Stress Out of Christmas Shopping RELEASED
7. "Married Christmas": Coping With Spousal Stress This Holiday Season - 1,808 words, RELEASED
8. Finding it in Our Hearts to be Kind This Holiday Season - 822 words, RELEASED
9. How to Ease Family Stress Around the Holidays - 710 words, RELEASED
10. Holiday Stress Tip: Stop Comparing Yourself to Crafty Moms on Pinterest
11. Outlets for Your Holiday Stress: Knitting, Crochet and Crafts to the Rescue
12. Holiday Happy Hours and How to Dodge the Aftermath
13. Lower Your Holiday Expectations, Reduce Your Stress Levels
14. Keeping Cold and Flu Germs Away This Christmas
15. Essential Oil Holiday Blends to Ease Stress and Make Your Home Smell Amazing

UPDATE: I have now added holiday images that you can publish along with these articles. These are free images to publish however you'd like. I tried to find images that show people enjoying themselves and relaxing - avoiding stress - during the holidays/chilly season.

Here's a screen shot of the images you'll receive in this pack.

The Image Pack is just $9 for 34 high resolution images.

The Holiday Stress Images pack is available at checkout, when you click "Sign Up" at the bottom of this page.

Some great ideas for using the images:

  • Add to your "Stress Free Holidays" Ebook and offer as a free giveaway, or low-cost product to download via email.

  • Add one article and one image to an email autoresponder series that you set up for people to receive after a low payment (or for free after they sign up to your list)

  • Publish each image along with a single article, plus any relevant Amazon product links and of course your Adsense ads, in an individual blog post that you share on social media for more clicks.

  • Turn some of the images into branded headers and social media images to share. Or, just post them without text, on social media along with the blog posts's lead-in and a "click here to learn more" call to action with link.

  • Use the images to make a video slide show of tips based on the holiday stress articles that you purchased!

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