Copywriters and Ghostwriters, Get Paid to Write Web Articles

  • Wondering how you can earn money online by writing articles?
  • Tired of working for copywriting clients, and all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into this?
  • Heard about PLR (Private Label Rights Content), and how you can earn easy money from it?

Yes, I'm a writer and I sell PLR online

I, too, wrote copy for large corporations, and small business clients on the web.

I was overjoyed to be doing this full-time from the comfort of home. I was paid generously by many, many kind people.

But once I became a parent, things changed. Mainly, I didn't have time to court new business and uphold my standards of excellence in serving clients.

And also, the market changed as well.

When I poked around to see what the "internet marketing people" were up to, it seemed that many people were no longer shelling out big bucks for copywriting help (and frankly I can't say I blame them!).

Instead, do you know what they were doing? Buying pre-written articles (PLR content), and using these articles to fill up ALL their marketing materials to turn around and sell as info products on their websites!

So, with this in mind, I set out to research everything I could on PLR content. I read the rules for buying it and using it, as well as learned what type of content people were actually buying.

If you want the full disclosure on all of this, then visit my website. But before you go down the PLR rabbit hole, I wanted to just grab you while I still have you here.

I'm looking for article writers to join the Wordfeeder team.

Several years ago, I hired a team of writers to help produce content for clients who needed higher volumes of it.

This was pretty cool, and so helpful to have support... but also time-consuming for everyone involved.

Between trying to make the writers understand what the client needed, and then going back and forth with drafts, then invoicing the client, getting payment, and paying the writers... it was a lot.

And that was back in the days when I didn't have a family to take care of!

So that's why, if you're a busy, work-from-home writer mom like I am, then you may appreciate the new and different approach I'm taking.

Today, at Wordfeeder, we sell web articles as a product, and not a service.

That means more than one buyer will purchase the same content, to edit, brand and sell or share as he or she likes.

The price of one article is MUCH lower than paying a copywriter by the hour to write and edit content that will belong exclusively to one client and no one else!

BUT, since so many people can purchase the same package of private label rights articles... the income potential on that one pack can be a lot!

If you're interested in one day selling PLR content on your own website, then you could view this as a golden opportunity to learn the ropes.

So why not start by signing up for our Free Access Content Membership at!

You can use this opportunity to totally spy on me as I grow an amazing PLR business online. :)

And who knows, maybe you'll get paid to write articles for our customers!

THANKS for reading. Looking forward to networking with you soon.