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Health Coach PLR to Motivate Your Readers

Are you a health coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, or other type of health and wellness expert in need of really good PLR health and wellness content for your website, blog, and online programs?

These thoroughly researched and thoughtfully crafted content packs contain information that you can put straight to work for your business. Just pop open the documents, edit and add your own branding, then post to your blog or offer to readers in the form of a free or paid e-course.

Blast the Fat: Weight Loss PLR Articles

Zumba Dance PLR Content - Get Moving on This Great Offer!

10-Minute Meditation for Focus and Success PLR Pack from Alice Seba's List Magnets

Gluten Free Living from MasterPLR

Solve Their Most Embarrassing Health Ailments - Downloadable PLR Content

Great price on Coffee PLR Articles - 5 Total Plus Images

High Quality Breastfeeding Articles Address the New Mommy Niche

FREE "Natural Mom PLR" - Breastfeeding Q&A Content

Get FREE Health & Wellness Content from Wordfeeder - An Essential Oils Q&A


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April 28, 2017: PLR Articles for the Billion Dollar Weight Loss Industry NOW ON SALE

Teach your fitness audience to Blast the Fat! A hefty bundle of weight loss PLR articles.

Profit-wise, you have everything to gain when you grab this ready-to-publish weight loss PLR bundle from Dee Power and Brian Hill. PLR pack includes 12 articles and 6,000 words. In easy-to-use formats such as ebook-ready articles, social media posts, emails and Tweets.

Topics covered: fat burning foods, foods to boost weight loss, losing belly fat, low carb and Atkins dieting, drinking water to lose weight fast, "think your way thin" and more.

Content pack is being offered for a deep discount until May 5.

Click to learn more and get the deal while it lasts.


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April 3, 2017: Get Moving on Your Blog Traffic With Zumba Dance PLR Content

I love fun fitness content, and so will your audience when they discover zumba articles and images on your site.

BuyPLRToday is running a nice offer on Zumba PLR articles and photos.

Dance on over for a great deal on content to fill your blog and ecourses! Click the below link to see what's included and buy in time for spring workout season.

Get Your Zumba Dance Content from BuyPLRToday


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March 22, 2017: PLR Health and Wellness Articles on How to Meditate

A Great Deal on Alice Seba's Meditation PLR Pack

Your health conscious readers want to meditate for better focus, more peace and less stress. Teach them how in this package of pre-written meditation content from List Magnets.

Includes a PLR report, cover graphics, checklists and more.YES, you can and should change this content to make it uniquely your voice and brand!

If you hired a copywriter to write this report and a designer to create the cover graphics, it'd likely cost you thousands. This content is currently priced at just $27.

Click here for more info, and to order

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March 16, 2017: Educate your readers with Gluten Free PLR Articles

"Gluten Free Living" Articles from Master PLR

Think your audience would appreciate pre-written tips on gluten free living? For those troubled by Celiac disease, allergies, thyroid problems, and even neurological conditions like autism... gluten free living articles may just be the info they're searching for!

MasterPLR's handy article pack of Gluten Free Living Content is ready for you to download, customize and put right to work on your website and online marketing.

Present as a course. Offer as a free or paid ebook.

This well-prepared and well-presented gluten free living website content is being offered for a very nice price.

Click to learn what's included, and buy now

Pre-Written Content to Solve Their Most Embarrassing Health Problems

Here's the ultimate PLR pack: Embarrassing Health Niches.

I can't think of a more ready-to-buy audience than people suffering embarrassing health problems.

From halitosis to herpes, the most shameful, embarrassing, icky and uncomfortable health ailments are addressed in this high quality bundle of PLR articles from Tiffany Lambert.

If you ever wanted to tap the highly lucrative embarrassing health problems market, this PLR pack of content will give you a great head start.

Click to learn what's included


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Feb. 27, 2017: Wake up to Coffee PLR

A Big Old Scoop of Coffee PLR

Here's a great topic for just about any audience: coffee! Piggy Makes Bank has packed up 5 coffee articles, 20 coffee recipes, 5 product recommendations and 21 custom PLR images from their very own photographer.

You can't beat the price of this coffee PLR with wide appeal. Use coupon code COFFEECOFFEE to get some sugar aka a sweet deal.

Feb. 20, 2017: High Quality Breastfeeding PLR Articles

Reach out to the expecting mother niche with well written PLR articles on breastfeeding

We have some never before released content - breastfeeding advice for beginners. Check out the low price on this breastfeeding article pack.

These 9, e-book-ready articles can be branded and customized to your company's look and feel. Or, offer as an e-course. Add some great affiliate product links and you're good to go.

BONUS GIVEAWAY: 4 additional "Q&A" articles on breastfeeding are included with purchase!

Grab your low-priced, high quality breastfeeding content

Feb. 19, 2017: FREE Breastfeeding PLR Content

Looking for some high quality breastfeeding PLR content to publish on your natural mom blog?

Wordfeeder has a 4-page content pack covering the basics of breastfeeding. This well-written PLR content is listed in Q&A form and addresses the most commonly asked questions of mothers who are learning to breastfeed.

Pick up your FREE breastfeeding Q&A content right here


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Feb. 16, 2017: FREE Health and Wellness PLR Content Download - Essential Oils Q&A

Come and get a Health and Wellness PLR Freebie from Wordfeeder

Essential Oils Q&A for your blog, newsletter, and social media shout outs.

It's still cold and flu season, people. That means natural mamas, health gurus and others have essential oils questions that they need answered...

Get your FREE Essential Oils PLR Content for the Health and Wellness crowd.

Older PLR Content: These deals may or may not be active. Click each sales page link to check!

365 Days of Health Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic and Sales

Ruth Pound's running a Fitness PLR Fireside Sale!

Healthy Fats to Keep You Full - WOW! Price for all this great PLR content

Lean Protein for Weight Loss" PLR Article Pack

PLR Pump's "Freebie Pack" of Outstanding Alternative Health & Fitness Content

The Mother Load of Health and Wellness Content for Your 2017 Web Business Building Plans!

Yoga Content and Infographics (for health and fitness companies, yoga instructors)

Meditation Articles (for yoga instructors, holistic health practitioners, naturopaths)

Feb. 12, 2016: 365 Days of Health Tips

"A Year of Daily Health Tips" PLR Web Content Pack

What would you do with 365 days of health tips if you had them? How about turn them into an e-course? Print out a calendar to sell or give away? A tip a day on your blog? These and more creative health and wellness marketing ideas can be executed with ease thanks to 365 days of Health Tips from List Magnets.

You can get this awesome, 7,496-word health and wellness PLR content pack for the bargain price of $14.95 through the weekend!

Click now to enjoy the savings and walk away with some awesome, useful content.


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Feb. 6, 2017: Fitness Content Fireside Sale

Get 3 Fitness PLR Packs for the price of one - Limited Time Only

Ruth Pound's just announced a fireside sale to celebrate her 7 years of selling PLR. Here for all you health and wellness and fitness experts are 3 of her best picks for high quality fitness themed PLR packs.

Check out what's included with this awesome fitness PLR, and grab those unbelievably low prices!!

Bathing suit season is on the way ;)

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Jan. 25, 2017: Hot Health & Wellness Topic

"Healthy Fats to Keep You Full" is geared toward fitness-focused folks on your health and wellness list. Here's a high quality PLR content pack for you: 10 articles, 10 social media, 10 emails. From one of my favorite providers, Piggy Makes Bank!

Start using your Healthy Fats to Keep You Full themed content to drive more traffic and sell more programs now


January 3, 2017: Weight Loss Themed Articles

New Year's resolutions and fitness and weight loss articles go hand in hand, don't they! Here's a great topic from your readers hot off the press from Piggy Makes Bank: Lean Protein for Weight Loss.

Fitness Experts, Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches, your audience will perk up to this timely topic that comes just after the food-focused holidays!

Grab your Lean Protein for Weight Loss website content and work it into a New Year's health and fitness program that works with your brand, your style, your unique advice and your audience.


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PLR Pump's "Freebie Pack" of Alternative Health and Fitness Content

You can imagine my excitement at discovering PLR Pump's extremely high quality and well-presented alternative health website content. I'm getting ready to share some of their links with you. For now, check out this freebie they're offering to new members. All you have to do to GRAB your FREE alternative health and fitness PLR is sign up using your email address!

Get Your Hands on the Alternative Health & Fitness "Freebie Pack" from PLR Pump


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Older PLR Content Links (these may be expired but check by clicking first)



The Mother Load of Health and Wellness Content for 2017

365 Days of Website Content for Health and Wellness Experts

All Private Label Content brings all you health gurus a special deal on a HUGE package of website and blog content that will jump-start your website earnings in 2017.

Check out their 365 days of website content that's being offered at the WOW! price of just $50. I can't even believe they're offering this much for this price. Go check it out, read the article titles and buy now!


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YES! Here's Some High Value YOGA Website Content

I can't hold back my excitement at finding pre-written, high quality yoga content that also includes professionally done infographics.

It's pretty obvious that you can't do much with yoga articles unless you have helpful images to pair them with. You could pay thousands to hire a yoga expert to pose for you and have photos taken... or, you could utilize this handy yoga content pack from Master PLR!


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Nov. 17, 2016: We have Meditation Articles!

Meditation is something that most health and wellness readers want to know more about. Think of what you can do with pre-written content covering this topic of widespread curiosity. Yoga instructors, health coaches and even therapists can do so much with this website content pack covering Meditation. Edit it, brand it, make it your own! Ommmm....

Learn more about what's included in the Meditation Content pack from


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Nov. 15, 2016: Paleo Diet PLR Articles

The paleo diet returns us to the "caveman" way of eating but the articles are anything but caveman-like. We've got a great, ready-to-use Paleo Diet content pack to present in your blog, as an e-course, or wherever you'd like to feature this hot health and wellness topic.

The Paleo web content pack includes 10 articles, 10 tweets, and bonus info graphics. Make your blogging life easy, and offer a special paleo segment to your readers today!

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Nov 6, 2016: Essential Oils PLR Content

**HOT TOPIC for cold and flu season!**

Essential oils are a majorly researched and discussed topic among the natural mama and holistic healing audiences. If you're an oils distributor or are simply looking for a hot holistics niche to share with your wellness readers, this essential oils PLR content pack is perfect.

The Essential Oils PLR pack includes 10 articles, 10 Tweets and 2 infographics. Turn into an e-book, e-course, blog teaser, or all of the above! Click here to purchase and download.


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Nov. 6, 2016: "Grow Your Own Salad Indoors" PLR Content Bundle

Here's a profitable micro niche for the winter: growing salad veggies right in your own kitchen!

Your health-conscious audience will appreciate the timely topic of how to grow salad indoors with this article pack that you can whip up into a healthy-eating blog series or topic for your gardening website. There's a full serving of indoor salad-growing content here, from articles to an ebook to recipes for salads and dressings, to product reviews to social media tweets.

Click here to read what's in the bundle, and buy now!


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Oct. 31, 2016: "30 Days of Plant-Based Eating" Content Pack

Plant based diets... it's what people want to read about! Many of us have a friend who's gone vegan and never looked or felt better. Many know about the inhumane treatment of animals, or are in poor health and wish to change. And some whose kids have allergies want to explore plant-based eating as a new way of providing nutrition to their families. This is your health & wellness audience, so pay attention!

If you're a health and wellness coach or online expert, then this info will be of great interest to your readers. Check out this "Plant Based Diet for 30 Days" Content Pack that's available to buy in ready-to-use or customizable form for your site, blog, courses and workshops.

Link opens to a new window on


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Oct. 30, 2016: Emotional Freedom Techniques BONUS Content Pack

Are you an EFT Expert? GREAT news... your Emotional Freedom Techniques (or Tapping) Content Pack is already written and waiting for you to personalize!

What a joy to discover that your work's already been done for you. This bonus pack of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) content is ready for you to add your own examples, branding and images, and put right to work attracting visitors to your company blog or website. The EFT Bonus Content Pack contains the following articles for instant download to your computer:

Each of the above articles comes in 3 different format for your convenience. YOU ALSO GET:

eBook and cover graphics
Professional infographics
Pre-written Tweets

To learn more about this really exciting EFT content package, click this link (page opens to


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Oct. 30, 2016: LIMITED TIME ONLY DEAL on the "Stress and Your Health" Deluxe Content Pack

The holidays are coming and it's a time to feel stressed. Whether you're bugging about weird relatives, shopping crowds, money, or lack of time, there's a lot to talk about when it comes to stress. Grab the attention of the health and wellness market with this ginormous content pack focused on stress. Add your own branding and images, and put it to work attracting more readers and fans!

The "Stress and Your Health" deluxe bundle pack is available for an unheard of price! Includes 24-page ebook, 15-page special report, 10 articles, graphics AND keyword research. Coaches and wellness experts, get your stress content pack now

Link opens up to a new window on


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October 2016 Trending Niche: Clean Eating

Click here for the Clean Eating PLR Bundle

Here's a GREAT deal on the following themed bundle package: Cleaning Eating 101: Kicking the Junk Food Habit in 30 Days

Package includes:

Quantities limited. Get yours here for a great price!


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Trending NICHE: Big Smoothie

Click here for the Big Smoothie PLR Bundle

Smoothies are big right now. Get your content into the health craze and start earning with Big Smoothie PLR.


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Trending NICHE: Intermittent Fasting

A Short Report, 20 PLR Articles plus Editable eCover & Alternate Title Options for “Intermittent Fasting”

Intermittent Fasting Short Report Includes 20 PLR articles

Intermittent Fasting E-book, Short Report, Opt-in Report, Article Bundle Includes 30 articles, 20 social media posts and 10 affiliate products

Intermittent Fasting MEGA Bundle EBOOK, SHORT REPORT, OPT-IN REPORT, 30 ARTICLE BUNDLE, 20 Social Media posts & 10 affiliate product recommendations

Intermittent Fasting Presell Reports Bundle includes 4 Presell Reports


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Sugar Detox PLR

Sugar Detox PLR - 10 articles on Sugar Detoxing. Perfect for the weight loss and fitness crowd! Turn into a free download ebook, paid e-course or just publish on your blog for some starter traffic.


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