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Wondering what the "hot" (or should I say cool) topic of summer's going to be? For your home and family, home improvement, simple living and seasonal readers, it's window air conditioners.

Think about it, with an estimated $3.8 billion in revenue projected for the year 2020 (yes, that's NEXT YEAR), this is one seasonal topic of interest that's not going away! And you know the very first place they're headed for information, troubleshooting, price comparisons, parts replacements, cleaning tips and general information, is Google. Will your blog show up with answers? It will if you grab this amazing done-for-you package of content covering Window Air Conditioners 101.

You can't go wrong with a conversational tone that combines general information, instructions, helpful recommendations, and a bit of realism. That's what this pack of Window Air Conditioner PLR content is all about. Make it into an ebook, create a download for your readers to have in exchange for their email address. Or, publish as individual blog posts that contain your affiliate link to images and descriptions of top selling products. (I've even included a list of A/C related Amazon products right in this pack.

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New for Summer 2019! 9,000+ words of "School's Out!" Survival Guide Ebook PLR for Busy Moms on the Go - Best Quality, Done-for-You Content

Our PLR content is the perfect way to get new signups on your list, share tips via email, set up blog posts to monetize, pull snippets for social media sharing, and more. This would run you hundreds to have prepared exclusively for you by a professional copywriter.

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Patio Planning PLR / Outdoor Kitchen Articles - Nice Price, HOT Summer Topic!

This pack of PLR (private label right) articles from April is just waiting for you to turn it into blog posts, or a short ebook to give away in exchange for new signups.

Here's the list of articles in April's Outdoor Kitchen pack that's just $10.95

• How to Choose the Right Barbecue Grill (435 words)
• Benefits of Using a Smoker (438 words)
• Basic Elements of Setting Up an Outdoor Kitchen (435 words)
• Choosing the Right Location For an Outdoor Kitchen (501 words)
• Countertop Options For Your Outdoor Kitchen (445 words)
• Consider These 4 Outdoor Cooking Options (443 words)
• Ways to Add Storage to Your Outdoor Kitchen (463 words)
• How to Get Protection From the Elements (436 words)
• Choosing the Best Kitchen Flooring (435 words)
• Prefab VS Custom: Which is the Better Outdoor Kitchen? (444 words)

These will be popular, especially if you pair the text with really nice images. In fact… I may go looking for related images, so if you buy this through my link I'll hook you up with the free images I find. But you have to email me, otherwise I won't know if you order these, as names don't come through.

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