"Stress Free Easter" PLR Bundle - Now Just $17 for a Basket Full of Food Blogging Content

Easter planning can be stressful with all the other spring-time busy-ness that goes on… but it doesn't have to be for the people who visit your blog and read your emails. And guess what, Easter content planning doesn't have to be stressful at all! That's because Tracy and Suzanne have a pre-cooked selection of incredible quality content at an eggcellent price.

Here's what's included in this done-for-you Easter food and holiday prep pack of content with text and images: A Short Report, 5 PLR Articles, 8 Recipes plus Editable Ecover for "Stress Free Easter: Enjoy A Fun And Relaxed Holiday With Family And Friends".

Stress-Free Easter Report Includes…

Planning Easter Activities And Decorations Ahead Of Time
Hosting Easter Without The Stress
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Or Dinner?
Share The Joy – You Don't Have To Do Everything Yourself
It's Not Just About The Easter Bunny – A Short History
Dealing With Leftovers – Without Getting Sick Of Ham and Eggs

5 PLR Easter Article Titles Cover:

Enjoy A Relaxing Easter Morning With a Slow Cooker Breakfast
Stop Stressing About Side Dishes – Slow Cooker To The Rescue
Dying Easter Eggs In The Slow Cooker
How To Cook The Perfect Easter Ham In The Slow Cooker
3 Ways To Cook Up Ham Leftovers in The Slow Cooker

8 Kitchen Tested Easter PLR Recipes Are…

Easter Ham in a Slow Cooker
Dressed Up Green Beans in a Slow Cooker
Slow Cooker Whipped Potatoes
Slow Cooker Baked Sweet Potatoes
Slow Cooker Brussels sprouts
Slow Cooker Mac n Cheese
Broccoli Slaw Salad
Deviled Eggs Deluxe

The special report has images included right along with the text. There's even cover art for you to edit if you opt to use this instead of creating your own report cover.

You'll have plenty of time to set this up and start attracting Easter holiday planning seekers to your list… or offer inspiration to the people who are already signed up to hear from you.

Go here to read all the details and order from Piggy Makes Bank!


4 Great PLR Packs to Help Your Home & Family Readers Get Organized, Ditch Clutter, Create a Calm Space and Be More Focused

Need some done-for-you content to kick off a spring publishing theme of home organizing and de-cluttering? Here's a series of PLR article, email and social media post packages from one of my favorite providers, Piggy Makes Bank. Explore these packs and see what you can do to help your people to make ready for beautiful, sunny spring weather. In with the old, out with the new! Spring calls for a fresh start, and these specially written content packs can help you lead the way. Think of how many hours of labor, or paid help, you'll save with this content on your side.

Declutter Your Life Bundle

Includes a short report "The Psychology of Clutter," 10 articles, handy schedules and checklists, and recommendations for affiliate income by way of publishing this content. Article titles include:

1.    5 Reasons Why Decluttering Won’t Work
2.    Decluttering Methods of Minimalist Masters
3.    6 Rules of Decluttering
4.    How to Handle Decluttering Overwhelm
5.    How to Declutter an Entire Room in One Afternoon
6.    What Not to Do When Deciding to Declutter
7.    10 Tiny Decluttering Steps You Can Take Today
8.    50 Easy Items to Toss on Your Decluttering Journey
9.    Tangible Ways Decluttering Can Improve Your Life
10.    Gain Both Comfort and Cash When You Declutter

Head on over to Piggy Makes Bank and grab your content here.

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Home Organization in 30 Days PLR Articles

This pack features 30 short articles of approximately 250 words each. Possibilities include setting up as a "Clean Up Your Act for Spring" 30-day email autoresponder series and making an ebook for free download, to name just a few ideas.

If those two packs sound great for your home and family audience, think of how you could put them together with this third content package, also from Piggy Makes Bank. Together, you can make all of this content into a comprehensive ebook. Or, use some of the articles for the ebook, and others to publish in your blog and continue to attract new readers who may want to purchase the ebook or sign up for the autoresponder series. Go here to read what's in this pack and order in time for spring publishing!

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Improving Your Mental Focus PLR

Mental focus goes hand and hand with cleaning and organizing, and that's what spring is all about - making a new clean start! This PLR pack from Piggy Makes Bank includes 15 articles  of 400+ words each. Titles include…

1.    Why Mental Focus Is Crucial For Success
2.    Mental Focus In Business
3.    Mental Focus In Your Personal Life
4.    Find Out What You Need To Focus On
5.    3 Simple Focus Boosters To Keep You Sharp
6.    Tools To Keep You Focused Throughout The Day
7.    Mental Focus Works Like A Muscle… You Need To Train It
8.    Relaxation Is An Important Part Of Mental Focus
9.    Tight Deadlines Can Help You Focus and Boost Your Productivity
10.    Using The Pomodoro Technique To Keep Your Focus
11.    Encouraging Mental Focus In Others
12.    3 Tips To Help You Get On Track When You’re Losing Focus
13.    Trouble Staying Focused? This Might Help
14.    3 Major Focus Killers and How To Avoid Them
15.    How A Brain Dump Can Help You Focus
Oh, and you also get 5 social media graphics to make publishing this online super simple. Go here now to learn more and order

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Launch a 30-Day "Creating Calm" Challenge with PLR from PMB

Creating Calm is the final Piggy pack that I'd recommend if you want to generate new traffic, signups and sales around the topic of home organization, de-cluttering your personal space, and getting rid of mental clutter as well.

If you don't care for the phrase "Creating Calm" you could definitely work on a more creative title for your spring challenge. Or, you could even hire me to help you with this!

This package would be the perfect final touch in your spring home and family themed publishing. It's an all-inclusive content pack that includes everything you need to run an email challenge and take your readers with you to a clutter-free, calm-inducing physical and mental space where creativity can flow more freely. The included 30 articles, 30 emails, and 30 social media posts in this pack will set you up for success. So if you're already talking to your readers about decluttering and home organization, this is the logical next-step in improving one's life.

Again, everything you need to launch a 30-day Creating Calm challenge is right in this PLR pack. And… to make it even more simple, Piggy Makes Bank has thoughtfully included step by step instructions on how to run an email challenge. Once you have this helpful guide in your hands, you can use it over and over, first with this content, and then with other, themed packages of done-for-you content.

Visit this page to pick up your complete, 30-day challenge content package now.

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It's Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Season!

Don't Miss $10 off "30 Days of Keto Meal Plans" PLR

It's low-carb eating season, and your readers want the skinny on this amazingly popular diet that IS about eating bacon... but also a lot of other incredibly delicious AND healthy foods. Give them 30 days of Keto Meal Plans to guide them in their low-carb journey. More than 100 pages of content totaling 24,700+ words, is set up to easily create an ebook. Includes helpful tips, grocery lists, recipes that transform leftovers, restaurant recommendations, and much more. Just add your own images and branding and upload to sell via email. All included content comes with PLR rights to publish as your own!

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Done-for-You Yoga Course: Content: Easily Launch An Entire 30-Day Yoga Challenge for Just $44 - Expiring January 31, 2019!

Long to launch a yoga course, but you're just not up for the writing or content creation? Your 30-day yoga course is all packaged up and ready to run with!

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