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"Hot Holiday Toy List of 2016" is Ready to Rock Your Blog

If you're looking to earn passive blog income from the million-dollar toy market this holiday season, listen up!

It's November 1 and the "Hot Toy List for 2016" has just been released. Parenting bloggers, mommy bloggers, toy enthusiasts, Christmas websites and others have a BIG, time-sensitive opportunity here.

We have just received word on what the predicted big sellers will be for the 2016 Christmas season. Keep in mind that there's a lot of room for passive income here, as the average amount spent PER CHILD on holiday/Christmas toys is $317. Yes, that's EACH child!

Ruth Pound of has just packaged up her annual Ultimate Hottest Holiday Toys of 2016 list.

It's not just a list, it's a ready-to-rock-the-Christmas season mega-bundle of high quality, blog-ready content that you can transform to fit your own blog or site, add your branding, and basically tackle this market faster than Santa's elves are cranking out toys at the North Pole.

So, if you don't feel like planning this campaign on your own, guess what? You don't have to because Ruth's already done it brilliantly for you.

Take Ruth's content pack and run with it. Just group the articles any way you like. Combine and turn into giveaways to entice your list. Break some up into small bits and bites to post each day through the holiday shopping season.

OH! And don't forget, if you want to earn from this, then you should probably know which are the best Affiliate Programs to sign up for – Ruth has included those in her Hottest Holiday Toys Mega Content Bundle too!

What's more, the Hottest Toys list is NOT a coveted secret. When you click the link from my page to Ruth's, you'll see the list for 2016, along with images that she's allowing the purchaser of said content to use freely in their sites and marketing. But I don't want to be a spoiler, so I'm just going let you check out Ruth's Hot Toy List straight from her mouth!

Ruth Pound's "Hot Holiday Toys of 2016" Mega Content Bundle Includes:

15 Toy Reviews from the Toy Insider Hot List
4 Related Articles
15 Hot Holiday Toy Images
15 Promotional Tweets
Toy Keyword Research Sheets

Plus these bonuses…
30 Bonus Articles
"Christmas Activities for Kids" PLR Report
Ruth's Hot Holiday Toys Affiliate Resource Guide for 2016
(a full guide with details of the hot lists, promotion tips, key dates and toy affiliate programs)
Are you as excited as I am to lay your eyes on these opportunities to earn money this holiday season?

Just think, the passive income you generate here could potentially foot the bill for your own holiday spending!

Grab the list from Ruth – the price is unbelievable for the sheer volume of content you get!

Happy Holiday Blogging, my friend. :)




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