How to Earn Money as a Writer on the Web in 2017

Hey, Dina from Wordfeeder here.

Are you a freelance writer, scratching your head and wondering what's the best way to earn money from your writing skills?

Do you happen to manage a freelance writing website or blog, but maybe you're tired of chasing after clients and haggling on prices all the time?

I wanted to share a cool, writerly concept with you. It's called Private Label Rights content, and you can earn money by creating and selling it on your blog and via social media.

I will confess that I "missed the boat" on this one, leaving a ton of potential earning on the table for years... all because I just had no idea what a thriving niche this is.

How to Sell Your Writing to Internet Marketers and Small Business Owners

If you want to sell your writing to the internet marketing and online business owner niches, then you have to package it in a different way than you're probably used to.

You likely think of copywriting as a service. This is where you write some content for ONE client, who then pays you to own the content, at a respectable going rate for copywriters.

Well, PLR is a little different. With PLR selling, you first dream up or tap into a niche. The niche should be something that 1. web searchers would be interested in learning, and 2. that internet marketers would want to develop into blog or website that earns them passive income.

Next, research the details on your chosen niche. Then, write a set of related articles covering various aspects of the niche in detail.

Then, package up the content in a Word and/or text document. Market it to people who want to earn money by creating niche websites.

What I'm saying to you is that people who build websites don't have time to create all the content from scratch. That's why they'll be looking to you to buy the content.

How is PLR content different from writing copy for clients?

It's different because the PLR is sold as a product and not a service. You'll put a pack of articles up on your website for sale. Then you'll create a sales letter where people can click a button to buy them and download the files instantly.

The articles you wrote will (hopefully) be sold to MANY customers, not just one. The customers are then free to take the content and do whatever they like with it.

(If you sell PLR content, encourage your clients to EDIT the articles to look and sound like them. It's better for everyone this way.)

How can you learn to sell PLR?

There are a few basics that you need to master if you want to sell private label rights content on the web. These are:

Basic blogging or HTML website creation using a program such as Dreamweaver

Search engine optimization (basically, putting keyword phrases in your page titles and H1, H2, H3 etc. headlines)

Building a list using paid software such as Aweber, then learning how to effectively market to your list via email communication

Mastering an instant download product such as E-junkie that works in conjunction with PayPal

Creating sales pages where people can read about your product and then make an instant online purchase

I already know about all that stuff, Dina. So what next?

If you already know all of the above, you may want to jump ahead in your PLR selling endeavors. So, consider setting up a membership on your site where people can join for free, then log in for access to both free and paid PLR content packages.

If all of this sounds overwhelming, don't worry. I was overwhelmed a little bit, too. But don't you know, there's a whole world of nice writers like you and me out there, and they're all selling their content to eager internet marketers.

And the SMART ones are building their lists so that they can cross-promote PLR packages written by writer friends. Like you.

An example of how PLR selling works:

Fictitious writer Betty Buckley writes an article pack on Cat Communication. She puts up a sales page and begins promoting it.

Betty Buckley also launches an affiliate program so that other writers (like you or me) can sign up and tell people on THEIR list that she has this awesome cat content that they should buy.

When your list members buy the content, you make, say, half the sale on Betty's PLR content. So, it stands to reason that the bigger your list, the higher your earnings.

Also... maybe Betty decides to sign up for YOUR list as well. So then YOU create a content pack on, say, using essential oils to ward off colds and flu.

Betty announces YOUR new PLR release to her list. A bunch of people from there buy it. She makes half the money on your sale. But it's earnings you wouldn't have had without her having promoted you to her people.

So now, because the two of you teamed up, you BOTH earn money leveraging the power of your writing skills AND your people connections (meaning, your list).

So, are you ready to start selling PLR?

Who knows... if things go well, maybe we could team up and promote each other as affiliates.

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