Brand New, On Sale! Keto Diet Pack from Master PLR

Featuring Keto Diet for Diabetics, Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting, and Much More, Crammed into this High Quality, High Volume Pack that's Just $14 for one week only

Keto bloggers, a new publishing season is coming. Will your low-carb and keto diet blog turn up for all the right web searches? It just might with this beautiful, brand new Keto Diet content on your side. 

Our friends at Master PLR have just come out with a brand new content package that's on sale for 7 days, starting Monday, August 12 and ending the following Monday. They're my favorite producer of health and wellness content due to the expertly crafted infographics and carefully researched articles that are included with every content package they offer.

The best thing about the keto content in this pack is that it's slanted for a few different audiences/purposes. "Keto for Diabetics" will definitely land more new subscribers on your list, as will "Keto and Intermittent Fasting" (my husband did this, by the way, and yes I think he's too skinny now - so it WORKS).

You're not going to believe how much incredible private label rights content they've managed to include here. You have everything you need to set up an ebook to sell, offer informative report as a freebie to grow your list. Launch 15 new blog posts using the included articles. And much more! The entire package of 9 modules is just $14 for a limited time only.

Ketogenic Diet & Intermittent Fasting PLR - 7 Day Special

Module 1: eBook - "Keto Diet for Diabetics" - 4,465 words, 28 pages. Formatted, disclaimer, introduction and conclusion added and fully illustrated!

Module 2: eCover Graphics - Many styles, JPG and PNG Formats, Plus PSD File.

Module 3: Report - "Intermittent Fasting and Keto"
- 2,668 words, 17 Pages. Formatted, disclaimer, introduction and conclusion added and fully illustrated!

Module 4: eCover Graphics - Many styles, JPG and PNG Formats, Plus PSD File.

Module 5: Squeeze Page and 'Call to Action' Graphic

Module 6: 15 x High Quality Articles on "Ketogenic Diet"

Module 7: 15 x Social Posters - Perfect for sharing to all the social media platforms! JPG, PNG and PSD files included.

Module 8: 15 x Social Media Snippets
- Ready to use, just add your link!

Module 9: Infographic - Professionally designed infographic! Perfect for uploading to Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!

Want to know more? View screen shots of the actual content that you'll receive. Take a gander at their high quality graphics and professionally presented ebook content. Read article titles. There's so much potential in this brand new, done-for-you content covering Keto for Diabetics, Intermittent Fasting and Keto, and a plethora of commonly asked questions about the keto way of life that are covered in 15 unique articles.

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NEW! FREE 22 Keto Images - Download Yours from Wordfeeder Instantly when You Sign Up for Our Free PLR Membership & Mailing List

Need stock-free photos of delicious meats, nuts, cheeses, avocadoes, smoothies, and other keto-friendly foods?

Wordfeeder released a beautiful done-for-you package of keto meal plan content earlier this year. Were you someone who purchased this package of recipes? If you still need images to match what was offered, we now have this nice pack for you, and I'm giving them away for free!

Here's a screen shot of the included keto images:

Also, get ready for some brand new, special keto PLR coming soon from a trusted friend of Wordfeeder. Like all of the content we present here, this is sure to be a fantastic deal!

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Food Bloggers, Looking for Some Well-Done Meat PLR?

Your Grilling and Meat PLR Content is Ready for Publishing

Wordfeeder has your next project draft already written. I JUST finished putting the final touches on our All About Meat content package of 8400+ words. This is PLR, so you can sell as your very own ebook!

Okay, That's great and all. but what is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights content. Ever hear of private label wine? You get to buy the wine, then put your own brand on it to resell. Well, our content is just like this. Not as wonderful as wine, but you could be enjoying a glass or two instead of slaving over the computer researching and writing this from scratch.

Read exactly what's in our brand new All About Meat PLR for you to publish and share with your audience of low-carb lovers and grillers alike.

Learn more! read all article titles, Q&As, and product recommendations here.

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Brand New! Low Carb Summer Grilling Recipes PLR. Make an Online Cookbook for your Low Carb Readers!

Delicious, grilled meats and fresh, healthy sides are the theme of this PLR written content package geared toward your health-conscious, low-carb readers. Go here to learn what's included in this done-for-you low-carb package of 19 recipes that you can edit, add images, and publish as your own!

You'll receive PLR rights to sell or give away an ebook or online series (blog or email) featuring the recipes as well as a list of included articles. Add your own photos, test and enjoy the recipes, share and profit from publishing. Now you're cooking!

Click the below button to purchase instantly. Or, learn more on the sales page, where you can read more details, take a gander at the writing sample, and order. You'll also be added to our Wordfeeder Daily PLR Deals and Tips email list. You'll receive plenty of excellent quality, FREE PLR, downloadable from the top menu of your member area, just for signing up!

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30 Days of Keto Meal Plans - Brand New plR Ebook Content on Sale

It's low-carb eating season, and your readers want the skinny on this amazingly popular diet that IS about eating bacon... but also a lot of other incredibly delicious AND healthy foods. Give them 30 days of Keto Meal Plans to guide them in their low-carb journey. More than 100 pages of content totaling 24,700+ words, is set up to easily create an ebook. Includes helpful tips, grocery lists, recipes that transform leftovers, restaurant recommendations, and much more. Just add your own images and branding and upload to sell via email. All included content comes with PLR rights to publish as your own!

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NEW! Tiffany Lambert's Keto Diet Success Articles

Hey, my keto publishers! I just got ahold of a link to Tiffany Lambert's Keto Discovery Pack with PLR rights to publish these articles wherever and however you like. So if you're gathering up articles on the ketogenic diet to help you get more targeted traffic and more signups so you'll have more people to market info products to... then you'll definitely want to grab this package of high quality articles from Tiff. She's good, fast, and her writing always goes right to the meat of what's important.

Here's the list of articles that Tiffany's created which address commonly searched questions about the Keto Diet. Now's a great time to get this content up and running on your blog if you want to drive more signups and offer some fantastic memberships, recipes and more to your readers:

Keto Diet Success includes the following articles:

1. Five Reasons Why Keto Is a Top Diet Choice – 429 words
2. Plan Ahead for Success on Your Keto Diet – 440 words
3. What’s the Difference Between Keto and Low Carb? – 452 words
4. How Many Carbs Can You Have on a Keto Diet? – 418 words
5. What Should Your Macros Be on a Keto Diet? – 441 words
6. How to Avoid Falling Off the Keto Diet Wagon – 404 words
7. Testing Options for Ketosis Confirmation – 447 words
8. How to Plan Meals on a Keto Diet Plan – 428 words
9. Tips on Eating Out on a Keto Diet – 401 words
10. One Big Myth About the Keto Diet – 423 words
11. Watch for Hidden Carbs on Your Keto Diet – 433 words
12. What Is the Keto Flu and How Do You Avoid It? – 422 words
13. Where’s the Best Place to Shop for Low Carb and Keto Foods? – 463 words
14. Why Tracking Is So Important on a Keto Diet – 426 words
15. What Is Bulletproof Coffee for Keto Dieters? – 425 words
16. Sugar Alternatives for Keto Dieters – 464 words
17. Is Keto Unhealthy for Your Heart? – 469 words
18. Top Keto Snacks to Help You Avoid Carbs – 498 words
19. How to Get More Electrolytes When You’re on a Keto Diet – 454 words
20. Can You Eat Fruit on a Keto Diet Plan? – 456 words

To grab this fantastic package of high quality, done-for-you keto content, go here.

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"30 Days of Low-Carb Lifestyle" PLR Content and Ketogenic Dieting Tips: It's Never Been Easier to Lanch a 30-Day Keto Event!

I worked hard researching this PLR ketogenic diet content for you to share in your blog, make ebooks, create an autoresponder series, grow your list and make money.

This private label rights package of content is yours to edit and publish upon receipt of purchase. It's 37 pages long and contains 13,666 words total, broken up into 30 articles. One article per day for 30 days is the perfect month-long keto diet and low-carb lifestyle training crash course for you to profit from online. If you already purchased Wordfeeder's first keto content pack, then you'll definitely want to follow up with your list and share this one next.

Go here to read all of the article titles, read a writing sample, and get more ideas on how you can profit online by setting up this informative content to sell or share.


PS: It's tough to stand out in a competitive niche such as low-carb weight loss. That's why I've included an extra bonus for you. A series of e-course names/headlines to pick and choose from. Or, soak up these ideas as an inspiring brainstorm to come up with your own unique name. Grab your free headlines right from the "30 Days of Low-Carb Lifestyle content" sales page now. :)

NEW Keto Recipe Pack

So, here's something helpful to share in your keto diet blog, send to your list of keto and low-carb readers, or publish in an ebook along with keto dieting how-to information.

Trish from KitchenBloggers has a pack of keto recipes WITH photos that are ready for your keto readers to consume with gusto.

Her original, kitchen-tested keto recipes with private label rights include:

  • Garlic Herb Roasted Chicken
  • Boneless Stuffed Pork Chops
  • Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps
  • Super Easy Crisp & Crunchy Broccoli Slaw
  • Loaded Avocado Baked Eggs
  • Sausage Soup with Peppers & Spinach
  • Keto Pepperoni Pizza
  • Easy Wedge Salad with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

As a born foodie, just reading this is making my mouth water. And if your readers are anything like me, they'll be inspired for keto cooking after getting a view of Trish's beautiful, original photos. You can see the keto PLR recipes and photos for yourself on this page.

Keto and Low Carb  PLR Content

My husband lost 40 pounds on the Keto Diet and I wrote keto and low carb PLR articles based on his experience. Teach your low carb learners using this keto and low carb niche starter PLR pack!


Huge Value Low Carb Diet PLr pack from Master PLR

Master PLR is offering a beautiful Low-Carb Diet PLR pack:10 articles, 10 Tweets, ecover graphics and 10 pro quality social images... PLUS check out that giant infographic!

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Basics of the Keto Diet from Piggy Makes Bank

The newly released "Basics of the Ketogenic Diet" from Piggy Makes Bank includes 10 articles, 1 short report, 10 autoresponder emails
10 social media posts. Go and get it while the getting's good!

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"Try Before You Buy" - Free Keto Breakfast Recipes for Download

Feed your food blog with Wordfeeder. I've whipped up these free low carb breakfast recipes for you to share. Find tons more FREE and low-cost, high quality PLR in your Wordfeeder member account as soon as you log in! It costs nothing to sign up and you can unsub any time.


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