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Master SEO, Drive Mad Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Are you afraid of SEO? Think it's over your head, something only the geekiest of the tech geeks know? Many people assume that SEO involves complex algorithms, or that they must pay for it in order for their websites to be found. None of this is true. You can search engine optimize your site yourself, for free, simply by publishing really good, detailed content in just the right way.

Search engine optimization wasn't always a "thing." In fact, long ago when the web was new, people simply created websites and then search engines came around to crawl their content. This was/is necessary so that the search engines know how to categorize the site. But people didn't rely on so-called SEO experts to tune up their websites. They just published great content. And that really worked!

Why do we need SEO?

Think of the internet as a massive reference book. Every book has an index in the back of it. When you need to find something, you go there to search for a word or phrase. The web works the same way. So if you're publishing pages of information on your website, crawlers will come around wanting to categorize your site for a certain topic.

This is why the homepage of your site is actually a file named "index." Search engines index the information there and then proceed to run through the links to other pages on your site. They eventually get to what's known as the deep content pages of your site. Deep content pages contain a single article. On a blog, the deep content would be your individual posts.

Drive Targeted Traffic Using Organic SEO

If you want to drive targeted traffic to your site, then create content that talks directly to the people you're trying to attract. Really, the best way to do this is to set up a series of questions that your ideal reader/buyer would want to know the answers to. Then, you develop page after page (or post after post) that answers each one in detail.

Words and phrases are a big part of successful SEO. They call these keywords, which makes them sound kind of special and techy - but they're actually just words. You really do want to use the most basic or popular terms that would be searched by your target reader.

So for example, if you're a copywriter trying to sell copywriting courses, you'd choose words and phrases that aspiring writers would respond to. Things like "active voice in writing," "copywriting course," (hopefully you have one ready to sell), "how to write with energy," "how to create powerful headlines." These are things that aspiring copywriters would search for more information on.

Each one of these words or phrases would be incorporated into a SINGLE article that teaches all about said technique, or shares more info about the course. Next, you'd want to make sure your keywords are placed in all the right spots to help the specific deep content page of your site get found.

Be-seen areas where you should tuck those keywords and key phrases here and there include:

Other search engine optimization techniques have come in and out of fashion as the web has evolved. Some of these, like meta data, are now obsolete as speedier forms of communication such as blogs and social media take front and center stage.

If you want to brush up on which SEO strategies are still in use, you can always head over to Google or your favorite search engine to research the topic in greater detail. However, the best policy on getting your website found really does seem to be sticking to simple terms that ordinary people would use when searching your industry, and placing those terms in high visibility spots like page titles, headlines and subheads.

Other factors that will help you gain higher placement on the SERPs (search engine results pages) include:

So, why use specific strategies, techniques, and tactics to help you move to a more prominent spot on search engines? The higher you are on the results page, the higher your ranking will be and the more targeted leads you'll get.

Need a blog? I've got a great reference for you. Shannon offers custom Wordpress installation at a very reasonable price. She'll get you in the driver's seat so you can start driving targeted traffic to your new online business in no time. She also offers logo development services at an affordable rate.


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