How to Monetize Your Holiday Stress Blog Articles Using Done-for-You Content

Wondering what's the best way to monetize holiday stress articles that you publish this December? Wordfeeder has a fantastic done-for-you stress management course that's already written and ready to go. It's available in the checkout area of the $1 Holiday Stress Articles sales page. You can grab it along with your free holiday stress article and other holiday content goodies.

How to Monetize: Create a sales page of your own featuring the stress management course for purchase. Link to the sales page, and add a lead in and call to action, at the end of every blog post. Also do this in the sidebar of your blog or website. Don't forget to promote the course each time you contact your list via email with a fresh holiday stress article. Finally, share social media teasers that lead back to the articles on your blog.

Visit this page to download free and low-cost holiday stress articles for a dollar or two each, and grab the stress management course right now.