PLR FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Private Label Rights Content

What is PLR?

"PLR" stands for "private label rights content."

What can I do with PLR?

You can download it for free, or for a low price, and publish it as your own, under your own name.

Am I allowed to edit PLR content?

Yes - once paid for, the content is yours to change however you like. In fact, the more you change it the more original the content will become and the less likely you will be caught sounding like someone else.

What's the best way to edit PLR if I don't have time to rewrite it?

Well, you really should edit it. So if you can't do that yourself, hire someone else to edit it for you. Barring that, you can take shortcuts. Change the headline to sound like something you would say. Add a splash of pizzazz. Changing the order of the main points, inserting lively headers and subheaders for each section, editing the first sentence... all help to make the PLR sound more like YOU and less like, well, PLR!

Why is PLR so much cheaper than hiring a copywriter or ghostwriter to create articles for you?

PLR costs less because it's sold as a "product" - again and again, to many different people. Of course, if you can find a relatively new source of PLR then it's less likely that a lot of people will purchase the article pack that you intend to buy.

Can I buy PLR and then resell it as PLR?

No. The term for this type of content is "Master Resell Rights." So if that's what you want to do, Google MRR "Master Resell Rights Content".

What other rules are there about buying and using PLR content?

Most PLR sellers would like you to remove their name from the content. This ensures that it becomes *yours*.

What ways can I use PLR to save money/make money?

Oh, so many ways to use PLR content! Turn it into blog posts, website articles, newsletter articles, ebooks, member site ecourses, workshops, videos, podcasts, special reports... the list goes on and on! Offer PLR content as a freebie to have people opt into your list. Offer a different pack to sell in ebook format via your sidebar. Set it up as an autoresponder. Get a bunch of PLR packs on one topic, and make it into a giant, comprehensive ecourse to sell. Turn that into a coaching program. The list of ideas just never ends! With PLR, you save SO much work and time... and in the end, you make money.

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