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Over on Wordfeeder, I've packed up a set of 6 articles covering the basics of using PLR articles to grow a successful online business.

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You can use these articles in 2 different ways:

  1. To learn all about the immense value in publishing fresh and informative content (articles) on a frequent and routine basis (and get tips for doing this more quickly and easily)

  2. AND... to share this free content with your clients and your list so you can teach them as you learn while getting more business

What's in this FREE PLR Content Pack, Exactly?

First, I walk you through the step by step process of creating a web-ready article that contains all the key elements to attract your perfect client and increase traffic to your website.

Then, I share how to shift your mindset so you can produce more articles in far less time.

Finally, you'll learn how article sets can serve as the basis for ALL your website communication, including info products, marketable programs, and social media effort.

You won't even believe how much you can do with just one pack of web articles!

Here's exactly what's included in this 6-article PLR content pack with bonus intro and conclusion text:

So, with six full web articles PLUS an introductory page AND a summary of the piece... you have everything you need to publish this PLR on YOUR site, and teach your readers the value of using web articles to create ALL their client materials, website marketing, social media sharing, and more.

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