Seasonal Ebook Sales to Keep Income Streams Flowing All Year Long

Hey, blogger friend! Do you sell ebooks or ecourses? My gardening ebook sales have kicked up again because we are approaching gardening season here in the northeast. People are getting restless, waiting for the warm weather and dreaming of putting those peas in.

I just opened my email to see a couple of ebook sales come in this morning. I launched my gardening website and ebook a few years back. I worked hard on this project, researching zone-specific planting instructions to create an entire planting guide's worth of information. Then I set it up to sell on e-junkie, and I also published a gardening website offering helpful articles designed to drive traffic. I worked hard to write and publish the articles all through the active growing months.

My site is location-specific, niche-specific, and season-specific. So it gets a lot of targeted traffic, and that's what I wanted to talk to you about.

It occurred to me while looking at the new sales that had come in this morning, that each spring and early summer is when I get my income spikes from this effort. So like I said, I set this all up a few years ago, and it continues to yield.

If you have experienced creating niche sites, then you probably know what I'm talking about. It feels great to make some money out of nowhere, doesn't it! So now my next thought is… if you sell ecourses and ebooks like I do, have you found a way to make the products season-specific?

Suppose that you, too, have a gardening ebook up for sale on the internet. But what if you also had a Christmas crafts website, a local Summer Fun website that offers a Travel and Entertainment E-Guide for purchase, and an e-cookbook of comfort foods for fall and winter?

That would round out your ebook income streams nicely, and you'd have 4 ebooks to profit from all at different times of the year. Then, when those months were approaching, you could kick up promotions, put more related blog posts out there to get traffic coming in, remind your list about your ebooks for sale, and offer price breaks.

This is what I envision when I write PLR packs that you end up buying! So, are you doing it? I sure as heck hope so.

Here's an awesome, open source program to help you create a professionally designed ebook:

Hope you're having a profitable and productive week!

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