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Coach, Help Yourself to Wordfeeder's PLR for Self Development.

The self-help niche is always in demand as people the wide world over look to the internet to solve their most pressing personal problems and better themselves. Whether it's improving relationships, setting goals, the power of positivity, or any other niche, you'll find the latest self-help content for easy instant download right here at Wordfeeder! Use it in your self improvement websites and marketing materials. Coaches especially will appreciate the low-priced content offerings found here!

Grab This Powerful Productivity Content for Your Blog - 5,250 words in all!

Dead Simple List Building in the Self Improvement Niche

Self Improvement "Top 10s" PLR Content to Make Info Publishing Easy and Fun

Teach Them How Transform Your Life with the Art of Mindful Living PLR Content Pack

"Declutter Your Life" PLR Bundle for the Self Improvement Niche

FREE Home Organization Tips PLR Content

Valentine's Themed PLR Web Content to Run a Quick Blog Series This Week

Write about "Friends Who Bring Out Your Best Self" - PLR Content Now on Sale until Feb. 7


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April 10, 2017: Productivity Strategies PLR

5,250 words of Productivity Tips Blog or Ebook Content at an Unheard of Price - 58 Tips Total

A Wordfeeder original! This PLR content was created with the busy, working mom in mind. Whether she owns her own business, juggles a corporate career with family life or even does all three... she's your ready target reader! Most busy moms can really use some productivity tips and tricks to "make room for the best while managing the rest."

This productivity PLR content would make a great e-book opt-in giveway or low-priced info product. OR, you can break up the list of tips into articles that contain 5 to 7 tips each. Use them as an e-course, or publish on your blog to drive more traffic your way.

It's up to you what to do with this awesomely helpful Productivity PLR Content. Buy it now for just $37!


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April 6, 2017: Grow Your Self Improvement List This Year with a Tip a Day from List Magnets

365 Self Improvement Tips - Grab your Self Help PLR for a Great Price

Alice Seba, the queen of list-building, has an awesome content pack for you to collect more email addresses and make more sales. It's her Self Improvement 365 Tips private label rights content pack.

She's offering it for a special price that won't last. So grab your rights to this content and you've got something to share every day in your blog for the next year!

Click here to find out what's in the content pack and for how much

March 24, 2017: Makes a Great Self Improvement PLR Ebook

Alice's 10-Pack of "Top Tens" Self Improvement Lists is on Sale Until March 27

The self improvement niche never runs dry. People will be forever hunting for great tips on how to set goals, live more productively, be happier and make time for the things they enjoy most.

Alice Seba's set up another great offer for Self Improvement Top Tens content, good through March 27, 2017. A high-five to Alice's team for making this content easy to grab and run with.

You can read all the article titles and buy on this page

Brand it, monetize it, publish, and profit!


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March 7, 2017: Teach Them "How to Transform Your Life"

The Art of Mindful Living PLR Content Pack from White Label Perks is the perfect done-for-you content to present to your coaching clients.

This instant-download content pack includes a 5-post blog series covering...

The Benefits of Mindful Living;
Mindful Living Alert: 4 Warning Signs You're Living Life on Autopilot;
Why You Struggle with Living on Autopilot;
The Mindful Way to Deal with Frustrations and Problems;
4 Ways to Start Living Mindfully Right Now.

Along with these articles, you also get 10 beautiful social media graphics and 30 pre-written social media blurbs.

What a great self improvement blog content pack for just $27!

Learn more and order here

Feb. 21, 2017: "Declutter Your Life" Spring Cleaning PLR Pack for the Self Help Niche

It's that time of year. Spring cleaning is on the minds of most everybody, especially your website visitors!

Thank goodness for the Declutter Your Life PLR Pack from Piggy Makes Bank.

In this one handy PLR content pack on home organization, you get everything to put your website on autopilot to earn some good cash.

The Declutter Your Life PLR bundle includes a Short Report, 10 Articles, Handy Schedules + Checklists, PLUS Affiliate Program Recommendations.

Get it now for just $17 when you use Coupon Code GETORGANIZED. Offer good thru midnight on Wednesday 2/22/17!

BONUS OFFER: Buy now, and get an additional 30 articles for just $10 when you order "Declutter Your Life" PLR.
Limited Time Only Offer, click to order now.

FREE Home Organization Tips Content for YOU

Expertly written home organization PLR content to present to your self help readers

Wordfeeder has a 3-page series of home organization tips PLR content that goes nicely with this burst of warm weather we've been having.

Spring is coming... let's get it together! Share these awesome, free home organization tips with your readers when you jump on our list.



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Older Offers on Pre Written Content - Some May be Expired, Please Check the Links

Hot Niche! Love and Relationships-Themed PLR

Talk About Love on Your Website This Week

Valentine's Day themed website content could be the attraction factor for your website this week and next. PMB just announced a perfect PLR pack called "Romancing Your Significant Other." Brand it to your self-improvement site, mommy blog, relationship site or even mental health blog if you spin it just right.

PLR Bundle on Love includes 10 articles, 3 social media graphics and a brandable cover if you wish to create an ebook from it!


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Feb. 5, 2017: "Friends Who Bring Out Your Best Self" PLR Content Pack

5 Blog Posts on Positive Relationships

Talk to your business or self improvement audience about how to surround yourself with friends who uplift, encourage and bring out your best self!

Kelly and Sam are offering a low price that expires on Feb. 7. Click here to read the article titles and check out which graphics come with this nicely priced 5-article series from White Label Perks.


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Feb. 2, 2017: A Great Topic for Your Coaching and Creatives Audience

"Networking for Introverts" 5 Blog Post Content Pack

Here's an awesome theme for your business coaching clients and fans, especially if they're artsy or sensitive types: Networking for Introverts.

This 5-post blog series comes with 10 high quality graphics to entice people to read via your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Check out the topics covered with "Networking for Introverts", now only $27 for the entire pack of articles AND graphics.


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January 11, 2017: Bio Writing Questions for Coaches

The Coach's DIY Bio Writing Helper is here!

Are you a business coach gripped with writer's block? Fret no more. The Coach's DIY Bio Writing Helper from Wordfeeder has everything you need to create a professional coaching bio for your website's About page, gues blog posts, and ALL your social media profiles.

Learn more about this downloadable questionnaire from a seasoned copywriter that will get you unstuck and sailing through your bio writing project in no time.

Grab it now for just $10!


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Jan. 9, 2017: Bullet Journaling Content for the New Year

Productivity Content to Share With Clients: a Done-for-You Bullet Journal

Here's a fun productivity project to offer your coaching clients or host in a workshop: the bullet journal. The trendy bullet journal serves as an inspirational yet practical tool for self improvement that emphasizes goal setting and goal achievement.

PMB has a done-for-you bullet journal that can be used as-is, or branded with your own additions to supplement your coaching materials.

Great price on Bullet Journaling content! Learn more at Piggy Makes Bank.

Jan. 9, 2017: Self Help Webmasters, Pick Up Some Goal Setting Content

NEW RELEASE! Short Report, Workbook, 10 Articles, 10 Social Media Posts and 3 Promotional Graphics on Setting & Reaching Goals

As always, the start of a new year has everyone wanting to turn over a new leaf. Resolutions, productivity and goal setting prove common themes and search terms. So give your readers what they want! This set of high quality articles, social media posts and graphics from Piggy Makes Bank covers goal setting and goal achievement in detail.

Visit PMB's site to learn more about what's included with their awesome, goal setting website content pack that you can snap up and present to your readers straight away.

Jan. 4, 2017: New Year's Content for Your Fans: "Paying it Forward in 2017"

Searching for web content to inspire your self improvement readers in the New Year?

White Label Perks has just released a great topic for the times: Pay It Forward for a Fabulous New Year

Just think of the potential to present this to your coaching clients, fans and followers on social media, via your email list and all those must-be-seen online hangout spots. Kick off 2017 on a super-positive and optimistic note. You'll love this high quality , Paying it Forward-themed website content that's all packed up and ready to go!

PS: I haven't looked at the price, but Kelly and Sam always have great offers going on, so check it out!

Nov. 16, 2016: How to Deal with Toxic People

Now here's a hot trending topic: Toxic people, and how to deal with them in life and business. Who doesn't want relief from negative people?

Think of the possibilities for creating a workshop, paid e-course, new blog articles and so much more, based around this universally common theme that's currently trending online. Whether you call them narcissistics, energy vampires, or some other term that's unique to your niche, we've got a totally reworkable and brandable content pack that can be the basis for your next e-course!

Click here to learn what's included in the Toxic People and How to Deal With Them content pack from White Label Perks.

Nov. 9, 2016: People are Crying and They Need Your Healing: Articles on Depression

Offer your depressed readers a downloadable whitepaper, e-guide, e-course or other type of reference to help ease their pain and suffering.

Wordfeeder has access to thoroughly researched, high quality articles on depression to edit, brand and make your own.

The Depression Articles Mega-Pack allows you to offer an extended, in-depth series in the interest of helping others. Check out what's available in this low-priced, high-value bundle pack of website content covering the highly-searched topic of depression.

Oct 30, 2016 - More Adult Coloring Pages for Coaches and Creatives to Share With Your Tribe. Makes a great Opt-in Giveaway

Love-themed Coloring Pages content at a price you'll love! Designer Kelly McCausey has created a bare-bones Adult Coloring Pages content pack to brand and share with your audience. Adult coloring books are big right now! Why not offer this beautifully designed set of love-themed coloring pages as a workshop addition, a stress-relief activity, or to help creatively inspire your team. Click here to order your Adult Coloring Pages "Love themed" content pack.

Includes 14 pages total - 2 untitled, the other 12 are labeled with sweet, loving sentiments. Pages opens up to

Oct. 27, 2016 - Here's a Fresh Idea if You're List-Building as a New Coach, Consultant or Counselor

Adult Coloring Pages Opt-in Offer - Now at a Reduced Price

These days, it takes a fresh creative approach to nudge people to opt in to your list. If you're a new coach, creativity consultant, or an expert in the self improvement or stress management industry, then you'll appreciate this unique opt-in offer that's all packaged up, priced to sell, and ready to share with your readers.

Check out Adult Coloring Pages, designed by Kelly McCausey. Previously sold on, this 12-pack of unique coloring designs is ready for you to add your own branding, unique cover page, and send out as a free-giveaway or sell to your audience.

These beautifully designed coloring pages can also be added to your stress management or creativity workshop, for an activity that your clients can participate in. Four pages are untitled, and the other 8 contain inspiring messages of empowerment.

Color me inspired. GREAT opt-in idea, GREAT price! To learn more, click here. Page opens in a new window to a site called White Label Perks.

30 Days to Happiness Content Now Available

Oct 21, 2016: Invite your readers to take the "30 Days to Happiness" Challenge! This ready-to-go deluxe PLR content pack includes 30 articles and 30 emails. Some sample titles include: "Stress Kills Happiness - Easy Ways to Destress," "Build a Support System of Happy People Around You," and "Fighting Against Our Brain's Bias to Negativity."

This self improvement deluxe article bundle is PERFECT for the coaching crowd or for your self improvement blog. It's all packed up in a zipped folder and ready to repurpose in the form of motivational articles that your readers and clients will love. Rebranding in your own writing voice and unique examples can only enhance the already excellent content!

Present the "30 Days to Happiness" challenge to your coaching fans, email subscribers and clients! Click the link and download now. Opens in a new page on PiggyMakes

Pursuit of Happiness E-book Content on Sale Now

Oct 17, 2016: Grab your instant download of the Pursuit of Happiness" Ebook and Journal. If you've ever dreamed of offering your readers an e-guide covering the pursuit of happiness, now's your chance to hit the ground running with this project that's already been done for you. The Happiness E-book content pack includes:

Rebrand with your own logo, photos, and even your own writing style. The more you change it, the more it becomes your own - but yet this ebook still can be offered in an as-is state, with just your logo and branding added, as an incentive to sign up for your list.

Another option is to break up the 20 pages of content and publish as stand-alone articles on your blog, and/or emails to your happiness-seeking readers!

Learn more about the Pursuit of Happiness Ebook and Workshop Content over at PiggyMakesBank!


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