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Our 2017 Small Business Startup Guide PLR Pack 3 covers Your Website or Blog. It's the THIRD pack in our ongoing Small Biz Startup Series

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JUST RELEASED! Wordfeeder's Small Business Startup Guide PLR Pack 3: Your Business Website or Blog

Hi there, this is Dina of Wordfeeder PLR. I just finished uploading installment 3 of our ongoing Business Startup PLR series. It's all about "Your Business Website or Blog."

If you've been picking up my comprehensive, ebook-ready, blog-ready and ecourse-ready business PLR content covering Small Business Start-up How-to, then you definitely will want to get your hands on this pack. Any of your readers, whether they are aspiring entrepreneurs or want work-from-home or freelance tips, will appreciate the tips, step by step advice and small biz how-to offered in this and all of the other packs I've uploaded to our member site.

Our Small Business Startup Guide ebook content now has a PLR Pack 3 -Your Business Website or blog, and all they'll need to know about how to get one.

This pack contains a total of 3,600+ words, including the following:

• What Kind of Website Should You Have?
• What is a Blog and Why Would You Want One?
• Why Isn't Your Blog Getting Found, and What You Can Do About It?
• Navigation is a Big Part of Your Website's Success
• Tips for New Business Bloggers
• Best Web Hosting Companies
• HTML Website Creation: Your Options
• Basic Page Structure of Your Company Website

More Small Business Startup Ebook Content is Coming Soon!

I have much more business startup related content that I'm planning on adding on to this series. The end result of putting all the PLR together is a complete, comprehensive Small Business Startup E-Guide, and I encourage you to make it into exactly that if you think it's something your people would respond to and appreciate.

As with all of the PLR content I produce on Wordfeeder, I promise high quality information and exceptional writing. If you need more reassurance, here's a screen shot sample of exactly what you'll be getting with this PLR pack:

Wordfeeder's Small Business Startup Guide PLR Pack 1 is just the beginning.

If you'd like to get your first taste of where to go with the Small Business Startup Guide PLR, then grab your copy of Pack 3 in the series. There is more content coming very soon, and I'm excited to get it out to you as soon as possible.

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