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Introducing Wordfeeder's Small Business Startup Guide PLR Pack 1 - the first in our ongoing series

Hi there, Dina of Wordfeeder PLR here with another superb PLR content offer for you to present to your readers. :) This one is our Small Business Startup Guide and I will be "feeding" it to you over the course of several, topic-specific PLR packs. It's perfect for the internet marketing, entrepreneur, creative freelance, and work from home audiences.

I'm kicking things off with Pack 1 in the Small Business Startup Guide PLR Series. This pack contains a total of 3,691 words, including the following:

• Intro: Step into the World of Entrepreneurship
• Signs It's Time to Start Up Something
• Questions to Ask as You Embark on Your Small Business Startup Venture
• Money Matters, and the Up-front Investment: How Can You Start a Business with No Capital?
• Before You Begin: Small Business Essentials
• Registering Your Small Business
• Tips for Consultants, Freelancers and Other Service Oriented Businesses
• What Will You Sell? Questions to Ask While Mapping Out Your Products and Services

I have much more business startup related content that I'm planning on adding on to this series. The end result of putting all the PLR together is a complete, comprehensive Small Business Startup E-Guide, and I encourage you to make it into exactly that if you think it's something your people would respond to and appreciate.

As with all of the PLR content I produce on Wordfeeder, I promise high quality information and exceptional writing. If you need more reassurance, here's a screen shot sample of exactly what you'll be getting:

Wordfeeder's Small Business Startup Guide PLR Pack 1 is just the beginning.

If you'd like to get your first taste of where I'm going with the Small Business Startup Guide PLR, then grab your copy of Pack 1 in the series. There is more content coming very soon, and I'm excited to get it out to you as soon as possible.

Originally $35.


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