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Hi, I'm Dina. My Writer Friends and I Have So Much To Teach You About Pre-Written Content and Done-for-You Online Courses!

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E-books and e-guides. It's up to you how long or short you want your ebook to be. With pre-written content, it's super simple to add or delete chapters as needed. You can develop a comprehensive e-guide that you charge a premium for, then create free, smaller reports that give readers a taste of what's to come.

Blog posts and website articles. When the content's already researched and written for you, it only takes a short time to pop done-for-you articles into blog posts. An active blog that's updated frequently drives targeted traffic your way. So you'll always have new subscribers coming into the fold who already want what you sell!

Newsletter and email marketing content. With private label rights articles at the ready, you can choose from a wide selection of tips, hints and how-tos to educate your reader on any given topic. Put your name on this content, edit as needed, and publish in your monthly newsletter to create a connection with readers and drive more ebook and ecourse sales.

Done-for-You Ecourse Content, Workshops and Coaching Planners. These are the big ticket content purchases that, while you may need a bit of fundage up front to get started, are still much more economical than shelling out thousands for a copywriter or ghostwriter, editor or VA. You will ONLY hear about top-notch, first-rate coaching content providers here on Wordfeeder.

Done-for-you tips, social media teasers, Tweets and even high quality images. I will even hook you up with trusted designers who know their way around the web and have done-for-you image packs. The web's competitive in 2018, and you'll need these short bits of information content to get heads turning your way. Lead people to your list and your product sales pages with a "read more" link.

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FREE Coach's Brainstorm: 43 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Coaching Ecourse


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FREE Ecourse Creation Tutorial for Coaches and Experts


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