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I'm currently working on a highly popular topic that works across multiple niches, including parenting, mental health, holistic lifestyles, life coaching, self-help, wellness, technology, and more.

The topic is Smart Phone Mindfulness. We all use smart phones, and we all know the stress and counter-productivity that occurs when we over-use smart phones. So this is what we'll be addressing for your readers who want to get better at managing their lives while NOT becoming a slave to the technology.

Smart Phone Mindfulness - New Content Being Created as We Speak!

Here's a list of tentative titles for this pack. I'm thinking this could work well as an ebook download that you can share or sell. Another option is to publish each article individually. Whatever use you come up with for this content is sure to be profitable, not to mention enhancing the lives of others.

Smart Phones and Stress
How to Streamline Your Smart Phone so You're Not Always On It
7 Tips for Staying Present for Your Friends & Family When Smart Phones Are Near
Physical Side Effects of Technology Overdose
Smart Phone Addiction and How to Stop It
Teaching Kids to be Present and Not Attached to Their Phones
7 Reasons to Not be Connected to Technology All The Time
How to Make Others Feel Important, Special and Loved While Using Your Smart Phone
The Importance of Technology Breaks
Relationships Suffering? 5 Tips for Changing Bad Technology Habits and Getting Along Better With the People Around You
Communication Chaos and Why It Happens
You Rule the Technology, Not the Other Way Around
Feeling Stressed? It Might Just Be Technology Overload
Setting Rules for Smart Phone Use at Work and at School

Here's a sample of the content in production, for you to start thinking of great ways to put this to use!

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