Sneaky Tricks for Boosting Sales on a Membership Site Like Amember

Do you use Amember or another, membership-based website to sell information products, content, images, or something similar?

If so, then you probably want to get your hands on these sneaky, must-have tweaks to help you sell more while working less:

Log in as yourself. Create a membership for yourself and log in every so often. Take a look at the back end from the perspective of your customer. Can you find everything okay? To understand the user experience, you must first live it.

Get a friend to test it out next. Have them make a purchase which you can refund later. Ask them how it went. Did the correct payment options come up? Did the emails come through? Was the product delivered? This is a great opportunity to fix any errors before presenting your products to the real world, who won't be so forgiving!

Post each product to any and all categories that apply. For example, if you've created a copywriting tutorial that also works for the category of ghostwriting, then don't forget to label the product under both of these headings. You'll increase your exposure and likelihood of making a sale.

Set up autoresponder emails to alert buyers to similar products that they may want to purchase. It's true that it's easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. We all know this. So that's why it makes so much sense to give your recent buyers a little poke and say, "Hey... if you liked that, you may love this, too!"

Set up similar products to show up in sign-up forms. You'll be able to designate in your form whether one or multiple products will display when people click the link and get ready to make a purchase. Try to choose items from the same category or a related one. This is a lot like the impulse purchase shelves at your grocery checkout line!

Massage the language a bit. As functional as your membership site may be, it could have been written by people for whom English is a second language. Check all the template emails and reword if necessary. Fix grammar and sentence structure first. Then, punch up the messages to sound more like you and the voice of your brand.

Take time to set up the affiliate area. Affiliates will be the lifeblood of your online business, so it's worth setting up clear instructions and making links to each product in your member area. Make it easy for them to grab the information and go. And be sure to convey an inspiring and motivating message that makes them want to go out and pitch your products to the world!

Thanks for making it to the end of this article!

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