Blog Yourself to Boss-Babe Status...

Use Done-for-You Content to Make THEM Come to YOU for a Specific Service or Expertise

Hey, friend! When it comes to your online coaching, consulting or other service-based business, are there areas of online business that you absolutely would love to be THE go-to expert in... while others, you can just pass up with a firm but kind, "Thanks, but no thanks?"

With all of the different platforms available, you can pick and choose the ones you'd like to be associated with. So if Pinterest is your jam, that can be the topic of your next best-selling course. Or maybe you'd like to build a rep for yourself in the area of priming one's LinkedIn profile for higher client conversions!

Here's how to blog YOurself as the go-to authority in one area of expertise using done-for-you content...


AND get Paid to Teach Others What You Know!

When it comes to streamlining purposeful content publishing, Coach Glue laps every other contender by miles. Their creative team packs BIG muscle - strategizing, creating and producing just like they were your very own.

And if you think about it, the fabulous writers and designers of Coach Glue really ARE your team. Because each and every day, they're rolling out new content that you can basically grab and go with, to suit your own purpose. You get to fancy this up any way you like. Put your name on it and point it to your own offers that your clients would love to get their hands on. Build a name for yourself in a specific niche. Use this content to make them come to you as the go-to authority!

Take their done-for you, business-building blog post 10-packs, for example. Those super-smart Coach Glue strategists have organized these so you can pick and choose what to publish based on what you want to attract more of.

Want your clients to see you as the LinkedIn client-getting expert? Then grab the handy "Using LinkedIn to Find New Clients" pack of 10 blog posts. Change the headlines, tweak the copy a bit. Set up a quick sales page of your own where people can sign up for your LinkedIn Makeover services. Publish the 10 blog posts, and link each one to that sales page. Now you're cookin'!

Leverage the very same blog post content by also copying it into an email template to share with your list. Remember to include that link for people to sign up! Do it again on social media. See how far you can stretch just ONE expertly crafted article to get you more signups and sales.

Coach Glue has BIG plans to bring you some irresistible deals on done-for-you content through the month of July.

So before you flip over in your poolside lounger and take another sip of your fruity and frosty beverage, take a look at these $27 bundles of 10 prewritten blog posts each.

Which of these categories would you like to become an expert in? Start building your content library around the topic. Easy and quick to set up, check this off in a single afternoon!

  • 10 Blog Posts on Book Authorship
  • 10 Blog Posts on Vision Boards
  • 10 Blog Posts on Using LinkedIn to Find New Clients
  • 10 Blog Posts on "The Facebook Package"
  • 10 Blog Posts on Client Getting Blog Posts

(There are more packages on the Coach Glue site)

"Buy now" opens a new window where you can peruse Coach Glue's 10-packs of blog posts for just $27 apiece.

I'm so glad you're here with me, mastering the tricks of how to work SMARTER, not harder in your coaching or consulting business!

Make it a profitable and productive month!
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