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Tips for Publishing Essential Oils PLR

Have you had a chance to use your essential oils content yet? If not, let me give you a little nudge toward productively putting the content to good use.

Here are a few ideas on what to do with the essential oils 3-part PLR content series:

PLR PACK 1: Essential Oils Q&A - the most commonly asked questions about essential oils. This is a perfect traffic driver to your blog. The content has been broken up into common phrases people might type into a search engine while looking for more information on oils.

Drive Traffic. If you set up each question as its own post, you can make the content unique by adding your own recipes and suggestions for uses.

Make an ebook. The other thing you can use the Q&A content for is as short report or ebook giveaway. Brand it with your logo and unique graphics, and add your special touches. Save as a PDF and then set it up as an opt-in incentive for people to sign up to your list.

Also, please don't forget to disclaim any essential oils tips you may be sharing online.

"This information is not intended as medical advice. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms of any kind, please consult with your physician." is my typical wording for this. If you work as an oils rep then you should check with your company to see what disclaimers they want you to include.

PLR PACK 2: Blends, uses and recipes (comes together with the Q&A pack). Here I wanted to point out that oils can be combined strategically to evoke a special mood, sensation, change in energy, or promote a specific type of healing.

Create a Printed Handout. I feel like this content that covers my Romance Blend, Sensual Blend, Cold and Flu blend and other "recipes" would work great as a handout that you distribute at your next Essential Oils party. (If it's an online event, you can pass out the PDF version of this mini e-guide.)

PLR PACK 3: 10 articles on 10 different oils
. Covers origin, uses, benefits, make-your-own instructions, cautions and concerns, and a disclaimer to place at the end of every article. Although this content was delivered in article format, I encourage you to take the content point by point. You can do things like have an Oil of the Week theme. So for example, with Rosemary oil, do this:

Publish the rosemary oil article on your blog with a sign-up form to attract more readers to your list.

Paste the same article into an email message and send to your subscribers.

Copy the first paragraph of the article into a Facebook post. Add a "read more" link to the article as it's published on your blog.

Break the article up into small bits of information. Publish each "factoid" along with a graphic image, on your Facebook group, with an invitation to attend your next Essential Oils Q&A Session or How-to Party.

Do this for every oil. Also take all 10 articles and paste them into an ebook. Have your graphic designer add beautiful images. Sell on your blog or social media page for a low price point, or offer as a giveaway for when people make their first oils purchase from you.

If this is the first time you're hearing about our Essential Oils Content deals, go here to check out what we have available:

Pack 1: Essential Oils Benefits and Uses: 10 Articles, 10 Oils, $10!

Packs 2 and 3: Essential Oils DIY Blends, Recipes and Uses PLUS BONUS Q&A Content

ALL of these Essential Oils Content packs are ESSENTIAL to your blogging and marketing effort. PLUS they're on SALE, so grab the discount today!

I hope this helps you make the best use of your Essential Oils content from Wordfeeder. Please stop by the Wordfeeder Original PLR Articles page to see what other types of content we have that might just be perfect for your blog and marketing. :) Thanks for being on my list and have a very PROFITABLE week!

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR