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Hey, my busy blogger friends. Dina from Wordfeeder here. Occasionally I make YouTube videos describing the latest PLR Deals, what's coming up in the way of new content packs, what's included in Wordfeeder's done-for-you courses, and how to do various things when you're running a small business online.

Here's the latest from my Wordfeeder PLR video collection on YouTube. I know these are small. If you click the 3 dots (...) you can open up the video in a new window. Thanks for tuning in!

Back to School 2019 Greetings, and Heads-Up for Our New Yoga PLR, coming soon.   Sign up for our list to be notified of when this content breaks.
Smart Phone Mindfulness PLR. Mindfulness is all about navigating the tech!   Learn more and order on the sales page here.
How to Shrink Images in Wordpress - just a little homemade tutorial   Liked this tip? Get more helpful tutorials and articles.
How to make an ebook from PLR using MS Word   Go here and sign up for more free advice.
List building, explained. It's how you make money with your online business.  
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What's in the Love Your Tribe PLR Pack of Done-for-You Life Coaching Content?   Liked this sneak peek at what you get? Order on the sales page here.
Marriage/Relationships PLR Articles - sneak a peek inside this done-for-you content pack   Make an ebook from this content to sell or give away. Comes with free bonus images: order here.
Natural Cures for Insomnia PLR, look at what's inside this done-for-you content pack   You get articles, images and social posts with this one. Learn more on the sales page here.
"How to Reduce Stress Levels by Planning and Living a Life that You Love" PLR Coaching Course Sneak Peek!   We create beautiful online course drafts for you to make an ebook or email autoresponder series. Edit and brand this and sell it as your own!
Yoga PLR 30-Day Challenge, teach them yoga via inbox!  
Health coach, this can be yours to sell an email course or host in your online group for 30 days.
What's in the Brandable Believe in Yourself Empowerment Course with PLR rights?  
Loved this preview? Order here and you can brand and sell this asap!
Self Care for Small Business Owners PLR: HOT topic with the work-from-home crowd
Set this up to sell an ebook, or offer as an opt-in gift.
How to Make Money with a Low Carb or Keto Diet Blog, tips and tricks  
Hate videos? Me too. Read the article instead.
Make money with a member site, either instead of, or along with client coaching hours  
Here's a helpful crash course in using aMember to run a monthly membership.
This was me warming people up to the brand new Stress Management PLR course.  
Still a ton of mileage left in this done-for-you coaching content.
This was an essential oils PLR sale that I ran for the holidays in 2016. We have since added a ton more PLR on this HOT topic.  
Here's one of our basic Essential Oils PLR Q&A content packs to make an ebook, share on social, or print out for a workshop!
One of my first videos... covers how to turn PLR articles into an ebook that you can sell or give away to grow your list.
Here's the article version of this advice, in case you don't enjoy watching videos.

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