Health and Wellness DIY Bio Writing Helper – Downloadable Questionnaire

  • Do you work as a health coach, naturopath, holistic health practitioner, yoga instructor, personal trainer, nutritionist, or other type of health & wellness professional?

  • Are you struggling to write the content on your About page and social media profiles?

  • Do you find yourself derailed by writer's block, and an inability to narrow it down to just a page of content, maybe less?

Struggle no more! Bio-writing help and guidance is here.

My name is Dina and I'm a seasoned copywriter. I've helped hundreds of health & wellness professionals extract the essence of what makes them awesome, and put that to work in the About pages of their website and other places where they can be found on the web.

I can help you do the same!

As a health and wellness expert, you want a website bio that showcases your expertise and credentials. It should also communicate your deeply held personal values and commitment to good health practices.


Your website bio for the holistic health field should:

  • Convey a strong connection to nature and respect for the planet

  • Express sensitivity and empathy toward others

  • Chronicle your career highlights and certifications which are of key importance in this field

  • Convey aptitude within your specific niche (herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, holistic medicine, reiki, other)

To help you develop a health and wellnes bio that's short enough to be web-friendly but long enough to be effective, I've broken down the project into manageable parts.

Part 1: A compelling lead-in
Part 2: "Your story" - trace your steps on the path to this career
Part 3: How you're different, and who you help
Part 4: Your career highlights and credentials
Part 5: A few personal details
Part 6: Call to action and contact information


I've also comprised a series of questions.

This part is key! Your responses will help you face and conquer the often daunting task of composing your holistic health bio, so you can stride right through this stuck phase of your marketing creation, and move on to building your list.

From there, you'll begin attracting clients and earning money via the web, which is your whole purpose in doing this!

Are you ready to tackle this project that you've been avoiding for so long, and finally write a health and wellness bio that gracefully yet succinctly sums up everything you are to the people you help?

Great! Come and get your Bio Writing Questionnaire

Your file will be delivered via an email that comes from JV Zoo. The file will look like this, but you'll be able to read it of course.

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THANK YOU for supporting my freelance career. Cheers to you in yours!

-Dina from Wordfeeder Copywriting and PLR Content