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Hottest PLR-Selling Ecourses for You to Learn from the Online Business Masters

Hey, my professional writer friend, wanted to share a hot tip from Alice Seba, queen of PLR, that just sailed into my inbox.

Alice has been content-slinging since 2006, when I was working my fingers to the bone for copywriting clients, having never even heard the term "PLR." Boy, did I miss out the first time around! Thankfully, the land of prewritten content thrives on, and Alice is still one of the kingpins ;) of PLR. This time, she's paving the way with her comprehensive training course packs, and teaching people how to profit online from video. BUT, biz-savvy Alice hasn't left PLR in the dust, being a seasoned professional who still has an active hand in this market as well.

Alice spoke at the Best Seller's Summit this year, and she has published a transcript of her Q&A session on PLR Selling in 2018. Her talk addresses many questions newbies have about getting into the PLR selling business. You can listen in or read the transcribed version right here on her site.

Alice and her business partner, Ron Douglas, have created a comprehensive ecourse called Content Cash Flow that can get you on the fast-track to PLR selling success. Not only do they offer a ton of insider information, but they also give you templates and worksheets - everything you need to get started selling PLR content right away. There's too much for me to list, so just visit the link to learn all the juicy details of what's included.

If that's too much for you all at once, there are other, less committal options for mastering how to sell PLR on the web - like my Article Selling Secrets ecourse for PLR newbies. I'm reviving the coupon code for that, so if you type in HAPPYBIRTHDAYDINA you should still be good for the discount! Offer expires April 9, 2018.

My friend Keisha, too, has a PLR selling pack that may be of help you in your quest for knowledge. What's even more awesome is that after you learn from this, you can turn around and sell it as PLR!

Or, if you need support around launching a member site on aMember where you can sell PLR content to repeat buyers, then check out "aMember Tip and Hints" Crash Course from Wordfeeder.

Finally… there's Kelly and Lynette's series of video tutorials for launching a member site using aMember software - you can get started on your new member site ASAP, with them hand-holding and guiding you via video instruction every step of the way!

Happy learning and making moneyyy!!


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