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Breathe in Better Health 7-Day "Pranayama" Breathwork Challenge - Self Care, Stress Management Theme

(This was recently on sale but it's back in case you missed it!)

6,000 words total

This content pack includes:

  • Email 1 intro
  • Email 2 intro
  • Email 3 intro
  • Email 4 intro
  • Email 5 intro
  • Email 6 intro
  • Email 7 intro

Article Titles Are:

  1. Breathing for Relaxation, Stress Relief and Better Health
  2. Health Benefits of Breathwork
  3. What is Diaphragm Breathing?
  4. Breathtaking Statistics
  5. The Science of Breathing
  6. Ancient Wisdom of Breathing
  7. Breathe with Confidence: Learn Victorious Breath
  8. Breath Counts Help You Breathe Stress Away
  9. The Balanced Breath
  10. Benefits of Breath Holding
  11. Square Breathing for Instant Calm
  12. Get Playful with Bumble Bee Breath
  13. Learn Breath of Fire to Increase Energy


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How to Greatly Reduce Stress Levels by Planning and Living a Life that You Love


8,566 words total

"How to Greatly Reduce Stress Levels by Planning and Living a Life That You Love" - Done-for-You Online Course Content

WHAT YOU GET: 8,566 words of Stress Management Ecourse Content including 18 Articles plus BONUS 14-Part Worksheets Section

1. Intro
2. Sources of Stress
3. Signs of Stress
4. How to Release Stress in the Body
5. Ways to Correct Stress Caused by Technology Dependence
6. Stress is Different for Everyone
7. Identify Your Stress Triggers
8. Taking Steps to Reduce Daily Stress
9. Stress Reduction: Do It for Your Health
10. How to Greatly Reduce Stress by Planning and Living a Life That You Love
11. Stress in Your Career, Job or Livelihood
12. Tips for Reducing Stress at Your Job
13. Relationship Stress
14. Tips for Reducing Stress in Your Relationship
15. Stress in Your Home and Family Life
16. Tips for Managing Family and Household Stress
17. Assess and Reassess Your Life; Reduce Stress by Doing a Clean Sweep
18. Too Many Choices for Kids

BONUS Stress Reduction Worksheets Section

1. Identifying Sources of Stress at Home
2. Questions to Ask
3. Steps to Manage Stress at Home
4. Identifying Sources of Stress in Your Job or Business
5. Questions to Ask
6. Steps to Manage Stress in Your Job or Business
7. Identifying Sources of Stress in Your Relationships
8. Questions to Ask
9. Steps to Manage Stress in Your Relationships
10. Identifying Sources of Stress in Your Social Life
11. Questions to Ask
12. Steps to Manage Social and Extra Curricular Stress
13. My Stress Triggers Are…
14. My Commitment to Stress Management - Technique

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"Spring Cleaning for Your Soul" 15-Day Email Challenge


(This came with the 2020 Life Coach Monthly, so you may already have it. Log in and find out.


9451 words total

Includes the following titles:

  1. Day 1:
    Article: Freshen Up Your Perspective
    Journal Exercise: Put a Fresh Spin on Your Self Talk.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 2:
    Article: Lighten Up Your Outlook.
    Journal Exercise: Go to the Light.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 3:
    Article: Clear Away Worries.
    Journal Exercise: Let Go of Worry.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 4:
    Article: Purge Your Regrets.
    Journal Exercise: Address Regrets, Then Let Them Go.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 5:
    Article: Clean Up Your Chaos.
    Journal Exercise: Replace Chaos with Comfort.

    Day 6:
    Article: Scrub Away Guilt.
    Journal Exercise: Be Free From Guilt Today.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 7:
    Article: Buff and Shine Your Attitude.
    Journal Exercise: Spring Clean Your Attitude.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 8:
    Article: Organize Your Mental Clutter
    Journal Exercise: Clear Your Mind
    Set Your Intention

    Day 9:
    Article: Simplify your Schedule.
    Journaling Exercise: Set Rules for How You Plan Out Your Days, Weeks, Months.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 10:
    Article: Make Room for Gratitude.
    Journaling Exercise: Take Time to Be Grateful.
    Set Your Intention

    Day 11:
    Article: De-Clutter Your Relationships
    Journal Exercise: Prune Away What Isn't Working in Your Relationships
    Set Your Intention

    Day 12:
    Article: Cleanse Your Soul
    Journal Exercise: Unburden Your Soul, Set Your Spirit Free
    Set Your Intention

    Day 13:
    Article: Plant the Seeds for Positive Change.
    Journal Exercise: What Seeds of Change Will You Plant?
    Set Your Intention

    Day 14:
    Article: Nurture Joy in the Small Moments.
    Journaling Exercise: How Will You Nurture Meaning into Your Moments?
    Set Your Intention

    Day 15:
    Article: Repurpose Your Life
    Journaling Exercise: Spring Ahead
    Set Your Intention

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Transform Your Yoga - 30 Day Challenge PLR


9,283 words total

Table of contents covers the following articles...

• How Does Yoga Increase Confidence in Your Body?
• Consider the Basic Postures of Yoga and How these Fit into Your Daily Life
• Seek and Find the Yoga in Everything
• Yoga is Natural Movements and Postures, but Consciously Better
• Yoga in the Garden
• Yoga in the Car
• Yoga at Your Computer Desk
• Yoga with Your Morning Routine
• Yoga with Your Kids at the Park
• Why Do We Procrastinate Doing Yoga?
• What to Do When Yoga Gets Boring
• More Ways to Liven Up Your Yoga Practice
• How to Make Yoga a Daily Habit that You Look Forward To
• Make Room in Your Busy Schedule for Yoga
• Yoga: Am I Doing This Right?
• Get the Most from Yoga Class Without Becoming Dependent on the Teacher


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Peaceful Summer 10-Day Journaling Challenge PLR Content


8,455 words total

EACH Day includes one article, 1 exercise, 1 journal prompt and 1 intention.

For a FULLY immersive experience that is just as good as if you offered 10 days of one-on-one coaching on how to create a more peaceful life.

Contents include...


Day 1:
ARTICLE: Peacefulness Comes from Within
Stretch your way to peaceful feelings.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 2:
ARTICLE: Finding Peace in Nature
EXERCISE: Make your way into nature today, and be inspired by the peace that it brings.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 3:
ARTICLE: Be the Peace Maker
Practice living peacefully, yet with purpose.
Be a peace maker even when you disagree with others.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 4:
ARTICLE: Simple Pleasures Bring Us Peace
Rediscover the joy of simple, peaceful pleasures.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 5:
ARTICLE: A Time for Quiet Reflection
Find peace in the poetry of Mary Oliver.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 6:
ARTICLE: Breaking Bread Together Peacefully
Practice being peaceful around the table.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 7:
ARTICLE: A Peaceful Response (to Stress and Conflict)
Practice Choosing the Peaceful Response.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 8:
ARTICLE: Peace in the Garden
Plant the seeds for peace in your own life.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 9:
ARTICLE: What Does it Mean to Have a Peaceful Heart?
Seek a peaceful heart.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 10:
ARTICLE: Ordinary Ways to Invite Peace into Your World
Make time for peace.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Closing Remarks

Also includes bonus images with purchase!


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"Let's Get Healthy" 10-Day Social Distancing Weight Loss Challenge PLR


9900+ words total

Day 1: Can Social Distancing Help with Weight Loss?
Your Challenge: List 5 Simple Habits to Change on Your Path to Better Health

Day 2:  Why Being Around Other People Makes it Harder to Lose Weight
Your Challenge: Set 5 Simple Weight Loss Goals This Week

Day 3: Less Trips to the Store Means Less Temptation
Your Challenge: Plan Healthy Choices for Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip

Day 4: Social Distancing Means More Time to Menu Plan
Your Challenge: Give Your Favorite Recipe a Healthy Makeover

Day 5: Just Add Vegetables: They Keep You Healthy
Your Challenge: Add 2 Veggies to Each Meal You Serve Today

Day 6: Social Distancing = More Time for Exercise
Your Challenge: Pick a Workout and Commit to Doing It

Day 7: Together at the Park, Keeping 6 Feet Apart
Your Challenge: Get Outside and Move

Day 8: Smaller Portions Means Fewer Trips to the Grocery Store
Your Challenge: Healthify Leftovers, Stretch Your Meals

Day 9: Social Distancing and Emotional Eating: Rise Above the Struggle
Your Challenge: Grow in Awareness of Your Emotional Eating Tendencies

Day 10: Being Healthy Means a Stronger Immune System
Your Challenge: Check In With Your Healthy Habits


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"Believe in Yourself" Empowerment Course (This is not a 30-Day Challenge)


17,000+ words (no, that's not a typo)


What Does It Mean to Believe in Yourself?
Were You Offered the Gift of Healthy Self Esteem?
JOURNAL IT: Assess Your Self Worth
Why is Self Esteem Important to Achieving Your Goals?
The Purpose of This Course

Part 1: Cultivating a Healthy Self Esteem

JOURNAL IT: Self Esteem Reality Check
Empower Yourself! Validation is the Key, But Where Do You Get It?
Examples of Validation
Who Matters in the World of Personal Validation?

Part 2: Getting to Know Myself All Over Again

Your Strengths
Your Skills
Your Education
Your Personality
Your Likes and Dislikes
JOURNAL IT: Rediscovering YOU
Tending the Garden of Your Spirit
EXERCISE: What Satisfies You?
Searching for More Meaningful Life Experiences? Try These Activities

Part 3: Setting Boundaries: Deal Breakers, What You Will or Will Not Tolerate

What are Boundaries?
Powerful You: Erect Boundaries
JOURNAL IT: Define Your Boundaries
Boundaries at Home
Boundaries at Work
Boundaries in Your Business
Boundaries in Your Social Life
Boundaries in Intimate Relationships

Part 4: Find Your Tribe

Who's In Your Tribe
Your Tribe Lifts You Higher
Where to Find Your Own Tribe

Part 5: Potent Practices for Living Your Best Life

Self Care: Your Health Matters
You've Got Friends (and You Can Have a Social Life, Too)
Become Your Own Personal Advocate and Cheerleader
Exploring Creativity: Take the Plunge, and Do Something Amazing
Make the Most of Your Mornings
Getting It Together so You'll be Ready for Anything
How to Actively Utilize Your Free Time Instead of Being a Passive Bystander in Your Own Life
EXERCISE: Make Two Lists

Part 6: Empower Yourself! Set and Achieve Goals in Every Area of Life

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting 101
Your Work Goals
Your Health Goals
Your Relationship Goals
Your Creative Goals



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"Relieve Stress, Relax and Be Fully Present" 30-Day Challenge PLR


19,440 words total

Includes the following titles:


Day 1: 5 Simple Gifts to Give Yourself First Thing in the Morning that Will Carry You Through the Day

Day 2: 5 Simple Habits to Help You Be Better Prepared

Day 3: How Doing Nothing Can Actually Help You Accomplish More

Day 4: Grow in Patience; Invite More Peace, Say Goodbye to Stress

Day 5: Stress Relieving Activities to Do While Stuck on Hold

Day 6: Stop Procrastinating, Be Less Stressed

Day 7: Go from Chronically Late to Always On Time or Even Early

Day 8: Cut Down on Caffeine, Lower Stress, Improve Relationships

Day 9: 5 Ways to Say No Without Coming Off as Rude or Mean

Day 10: Stressed About Life? It's Not So Bad. A Gentle Reminder to Count Your Blessings

Day 11: Practice Being Assertive: Say What You Mean, Ask for What You Want, Don't Get Stressed

Day 12: Stress Less: 5 Instances When It's Better to Be Alone

Day 13: 5 Habits to Help You Be More Present in Everyday Moments

Day 14: 5 Steps to Simplify Your Life

Day 15: 5 Easy Yoga Poses to Help You Relax

Day 16: 5 Changes to Make that Will Help You Sleep Better

Day 17: 5 Simple Tricks to Help You Breathe into Relaxation

Day 18: 5 Practices Get to Know Yourself so You Can Begin to Live the Way You Want

Day 19: 5 Simple Ways to Add Love to Everything You Do

 Day 20: 5 Tips for Increasing Empathy to Deepen Your Connections with Others

Day 21: 5 Simple Ways You Can Work on Your Appearance So You Feel Great About YOU

Day 22: 5 Uplifting Replacements to Sub in for Your Negative Self Talk

Day 23: 5 Tips for Adding Variety to Your Life on the Weekends

Day 24: How to Stop Multi Tasking for the Really Important People and Things

Day 25: 5 Tips for Practicing Forgiveness Every Day

Day 26: 5 Fun and Easy Ways to Work Exercise into Your Daily Routine

Day 27: 5 Herbs to Add to Your Nightly De-Stressing Routine

Day 28: 5 Ways to Ease Computer Related Stress

Day 29: 5 Tips for How to Worry Less and Enjoy More

Day 30: 5 Relaxing Routines to Add to Your Evening Wind-Down


BONUS ARTICLE: 5 Ways to Feel Better When You're Stressed


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30 Days to a More Optimistic You Positivity Challenge PLR - Days 1 through 30

Article Titles and Related Journaling Exercises for Each Include:

Day 1. Trying on an Attitude of Gratitude
Day 2: Accentuate the Positive

Day 3. Slow Down. Take Time to Appreciate
Day 4. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Day 5: A Cup of Self Reflection
Day 6: Give Thanks for the Simple Pleasures

Day 7: Hard Times Help Us Appreciate the Good
Day 8. Nourish Your Soul
Day 9. Surprise Gifts from Unexpected People and Places
Day 10. Celebrating the Moments Between the Moments
Day 11. To Be Positive and Present, Take Your Cue from a Child
Day 12. Appreciating the Wisdom of Our Elders

Day 13. Grateful for Your Family in All Their Beautiful Imperfection
Day 14. Commune With Nature

Day 15. Grateful for Your Powerful, Miraculous Body
Day 16. Grateful for Your Powerful, Amazing Mind
Day 17. Special Needs Folks Remind of What's Really Important
Day 18. Grateful for Creature Comforts

Day 19. Honoring Your Mother and Father
Day 20. Challenge Yourself to Live in the Present Moment
Day 21. Ode to the Bountiful Harvest
Day 22. Grateful for Friends Near and Far
Day 23. Happy About Your Life's Work
Day 24. Celebrating Beautiful Differences

Day 25. Appreciating Other Cultures
Day 26. Beautiful Music Makes Life Worth Living
Day 27. Your Inner Child is Calling
Day 28: In Awe of Our Precious Planet
Day 29. Heart and Home
Day 30. Be Grateful for Friends
Closing Remarks

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