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Hey there, Dina from Wordfeeder here. I have a brand new, beautiful set of high quality articles covering the topic of living an authentic life. Do your clients want to live their best life? Of course they do!

Our topic for this month's latest release is Emotional Healing- and it is so very needed at this time.

Are you using the internet for its greatest purpose -- to connect with the minds and hearts of others in our universal quest for happiness?


Wordfeeder is pleased and proud to bring you the very best in private label rights content. I'm Dina, and my writer friends and I work hard every day creating high quality articles designed to uplift, encourage, teach, support and guide.

YOU can be all of those things and more to the people who need your wisdom. It's easy and affordable to take the content that we create for you, add your own good thoughts, and make it your own to share or sell.

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It definitely will with this high quality PLR positive pysch content on your side. These ideas will be greatly welcomed by your subscribers, clients, fans and followers.

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What's in this pack of 15 ARticles?


"Strive for an Authentic Life"- 7500+ words total


  1. What Does it Meant to Live Authentically?
  2. Why Is It Important to Live an Authentic Life?
  3. What Can You Work on in Support of Being More Authentic Each Day?
  4. What Are Examples of Inauthenticity?
  5. How Does Life Pull Us Away from Our Authentic Self?
  6. Discover Your Authentic Self to Begin Living Your Truth
  7. Get Clear on What's Important so You Can Live Your Best Life
  8. How to Attract People Who Bring Out Your Most Authentic Self
  9. What Aspects of Your Life Can You Work on to Bring More Authenticity?
  10. Hone Your Best Qualities so You Can Live an Authentic Life
  11. Rid Yourself of Habits that Don't Serve You, Live Your Truth
  12. How Does Authentic Living Increase Happiness?
  13. Why Does Living an Authentic Life Increase Emotional Wellbeing?
  14. Teach Your Children the Importance of an Authentic Life
  15. Exercise: List Your Priorities and Goals in Support of an Authentic Life

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As an ebook that you share to grow your list. An opt-in gift is a common way to get more people interested in you and what you do.

As PDF ebooks that you sell under your own brand name.

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