September 17, 2021

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What will be included in the full self-help ebook PLR package?

Word or text document of 15 high quality articles covering the topic of Reverse Aging in Mind, Body and Spirit

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This isn’t ordinary PLR.

I don’t mean to brag, but Wordfeeder’s content is REALLY strong writing. I’ve also managed to hook up with an expert design professional from my corporate days. So your content will be exceptional, and your readers will honestly LOVE having this information.

What’s the topic of the self-help ebook?

The topic of the ebook will be Reverse Aging in Mind, Body and Spirit and I am very excited to offer this to you at a special introductory price! We’ve never offered a formatted Canva template with the written content already placed and ready, so I’m excited!

Who in your self-help audience might need this information?

  • Married and single people facing the “midlife crisis”
  • Empty nesters who need some direction on what to do with their newfound free time
  • Middle-aged people who are ready for a fresh perspective and who want to retain their youthfulness
  • People in their 40s and 50s interested in preserving their health and longevity
  • Middle agers who may be thinking about launching a business or making a career change
  • Anyone who finds value in maintaining a youthful, energetic approach to living

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Help me beta-test the new Canva ebook product.

Wordfeeder has never offered Canva files before, so I’ll be in a testing phase when I offer this from the Wordfeeder member area. If any glitches happen, please communicate with me about them via email so I can fix! You’ll get a special coupon for helping me out!

This is a ready to go digital product that you can brand and sell as your own.

You will literally have to do almost nothing to set this up as a product. Just pop in your branding, upload to your selling area, write up a quick sales page and you’re on your way to selling an ebook!

I will be announcing the release of this most excellent quality ebook content very soon!

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