Getting in on the TikTok Business Action: It’s Time

Hey y’all, Dina here. Been investigating TikTok and I think now is the time to get in on that.

I have this whole theory on social media / the web in general. My theory is that it’s like any emerging industry where if you hit it just right you can make amazing connections and really ride the crest of the wave.

TikTok is at the point where the most creative and industrious people are moving in to use the platform and it’s not crowded by junk yet. And the platform is not so developed that the developers would be up to the phase where they are working on self gratuitous ways to keep people there like Facebook is.

That’s why Facebook has become so annoying and TikTok is incredibly awesome right now. TikTok is exploding with talent at the moment and if you’re looking for a new platform to be seen on as well as connect with new peeps I would definitely start showing up there.

I’m seeing all kinds of talented people there. In fact, I learned more interesting things and saw more people sharing really cool stuff, knowledge and skills, in two nights looking at TikTok videos than I have posting stuff on other platforms in 3 years.

I’ve got to get better with my video skills… I don’t even know how to splice a video properly. Oh and I’ve only run into like two people doing dance moves and they were just dancing while making food so it was almost like they were me anyway 😂.

If you’re curious as to how business friendly TikTok is, they’ve got lots of tools to help you master the basics of video creation. I just haven’t delved in all the way yet due to being busy.

They also have an option to upgrade to a business account instead of personal. You are not obligated to do anything extreme here, all you have to do is click a button and then your account becomes a business account and that allows you to link to your website URL. Which you definitely would want to do if you’re spending all that time posting content on TikTok as a business owner or creator or someone with a side gig of any kind.

Okay enough speculation about TikTok. Go ahead and get yourself an an account. You’ll be on your way to having fun creating and sharing videos!

Disclaimer. The person that I have screenshotted and placed as the feature shot of this blog post is not affiliated with Wordfeeder. She was someone who showed up on my TikTok feed who I thought looked fun. 🙂