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Happy Thanksgiving to my US customers! It’s the time of year to stock up, when every PLR seller will run sales. But you also want a plan of action, so the content doesn’t sit and languish on your hard drive.

Gardening season is something to look forward to, and this is a great, perennial sub-niche for your home and family readers.

If you’re considering selling a gardening guide, I’ve got a resource for you to get toing on the project. LOTS of people, young and old, want to know how to garden but don’t know where to start.

Your simple plan would be as follows:

  • Collect gardening articles in folders on your computer or storage labeled by sub-topic (like growing tomatoes)
  • Gather images to post along with the article content.
  • Start publishing the articles in a section of your blog, or in a new gardening blog that you create.
  • Get a new mailing list going using a service like Aweber. Add a new list – gardening tips – and create a form to publish on your website.
  • At the end of each article you post, tell people to “take this info to go, with our new gardening guide on (whatever topic), coming this spring!
  • Get a nice Canva ebook template.
  • Add the same articles (plus some new ones) to the pages of the template along with images.
  • Add other elements, like a planting timeline, gardening design blank pages or gardening journal pages.
  • Add a cover.
  • Add your branding, and upsells to the back.
  • Turn into a PDF.
  • Set up as a product to sell.
  • Launch this spring!

I’ve used Kitchen Bloggers’ gardening articles to create ebooks from, and they’re very good. The best strategy it to target a specific area and zoneĀ  Your readers want SPECIFICS. Not just “how to grow strawberries,” but “How to Grow Strawberries in Zone 8 (and whatever your state is).”

So, if you tune your blog’s SEO to reflect your target area, and add important, location-relevant details to the content while deleting anything that doesn’t apply, you’ll be using these articles to their full potential.

Definitely change the TITLES, and the first paragraph if you plan to share these on a blog. For an ebook, they don’t need to be edited as much if that’s not your wish. But of course, if you choose to edit, they’ll likely be better if you do it right.

Here are the Kitchen Bloggers gardening article packs with private label rights. Your coupon code this week for half off all their content sitewide, is KB_ThanksYou and you get to use it multiple times. I think it’s four times but I’m not certain.

Actually I may have given you the wrong coupon code. Try this one if that one doesn’t work:


Just try to use it as many times as you want, and see if it works.

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Thank you for your support of my freelance writing endeavors this year. Relax today… you’ve likely earned it!

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