Loneliness Workbook in Canva with Private Label Rights

Life coach needing done-for-you content? Loneliness has become a global epidemic despite the seemingly endless opportunities for connection on social media.

Loneliness impacts confidence, mental health, friendships, and can lead to depression if not addressed.

The great irony of loneliness is that nearly half of the world’s citizens report experiencing significant feelings of loneliness… which means that they are far from alone in their perception and emotional state.

As a life coach, you can guide the world’s lonely people to a healthier, happier outlook.

Use our exceptional quality coaching workbook package in Canva to assist you in your good work.

This content was carefully researched, written, designed and packaged to use as an affordable shortcut in your coaching business.

The Overcoming Loneliness Workbook PLR pack from Wordfeeder includes…

  • Canva template with self-help advice inputted
  • MS Word doc of same content
  • Bonus articles to post in your blog
  • Loneliness images to use in your marketing

Ideas for How to Monetize this Done-for-You Coaching Workbook

  • Use the material to help clients work through their personal challenges
  • Offer the Loneliness workbook as a paid digital product for download via email
  • Coach on the topic of Overcoming Loneliness in your next group coaching workshop (virtual or in-person)
  • Offer the Loneliness workbook as an opt-in gift to attract new clients to your list

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