Run a Self Help Course from a Password Protected Area of Your WordPress Blog: Here’s How. Also, 40% off Life Coach, Psych PLR!

Hey, Coaches and Experts! Never have launched a course online but you want to offer this to your list? If you use WordPress, you can do this very easily right from your blog.

Here’s what tools you’ll need to make it happen:

  • You should have an email list or group of social media followers.
  • You should have a WordPress blog that you know how to create posts in (or have your VA set this up)
  • You should have 15, ready-to-go, topic-related articles (can be 7 if you want to run a week-long course or challenge instead). The articles should all be focused on helping your readers learn something new, solve a problem or both.
  • You should have PayPal set up so you can take payments

TIP: Make sure that each person who signs up for your course is added to a private list of contacts or a group. Have them sign up for a unique email list in your list manager such as Aweber. You can add them manually. Just make sure they confirm their subscription so you can communicate with them about the course. Or, as mentioned, put them all together in a private Facebook group so you can communicate about the course to them as needed.

How to Set Up the Course from a Password Protected Area of Your WordPress Blog:

WordPress lets you password-protect a blog post. You can set this up right in the individual post content area. Publish all 15 articles from one of the below topics, as 15 stand-alone blog posts. (Or you can do 7 posts if you want to run a week-long challenge.) Type up a short journal exercise for clients to try out, at the end of each post. Make each blog post private and set up a password.

Next, let your list know that you’re running a special blog challenge. Once they PayPal you, provide the login/password so they can view those private posts and do the exercises. Each day, give them the link to another, password-protected post in the challenge. (You can set this up as an autoresponder series, or just email them every morning. Up to you!)

Easy peasy, affordable and useful to your clients AND you get paid to help people.


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