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Hello, niche website managers, coaches and content publishers

A lot of people put a website up and then ignore it. They either don’t bother adding fresh content, or they ONLY post on Facebook. It’s NOT a good idea to use Facebook as the only mouthpiece of your business. Why?

  • Some people aren’t on FB.
  • People get distracted on social media and don’t take action
  • Facebook is configured to keep users ON their website.

    EXAMPLE: You may have noticed the new annoying link alert that they copied from TikTok. It asks “This link goes to an unfamiliar outside source. Do you really want to leave?” or something like this. It’s designed to scare people. Maybe we should all REVERSE disclaim that with each post we share. “YES YOU SHOULD CLICK THE LINK, OUR SITE IS TRUSTWORTHY.”

Know what else I’ve seen lately that’s interesting? A lady who publishes recipes now has a little standard blurb she uses, she says “Tell everyone you saw this recipe posted here first” or something like that.

I think that’s funny, because no one but her cares… AND… recipes are just constant riffing on the same ways to cook, each time with a new spin. So there never really is an “original” recipe, and I think that about IDEAS, too. 😉

Anyway, you made a website to help people doing what you love, and part of your plan should be to grow your list by offering freebies and putting up lots of niche-specific blog posts. Wordfeeder creates content for you to be able to do that.

It’s time to freshen up for spring publishing.  Have you thought about your content marketing strategy?

  • If you’re a Business publisher, make a lead magnet that teaches people a few steps on how to, say, give their website a facelift (just one of many examples
  • If you’re a Health or Weight Loss publisher, it’s time to start prepping for bathing suit season! People want recipes, workouts, inspiration.
  • If you publish Home and Family content, spring cleaning is on the minds of many. Easter will be here before you know it. This is the standard prep.
  • What about life coaching and self improvement? You could post about clearing out old mental baggage… freshening up your outlook and such.
  • Wellness and simple living publishers, get people looking your way with some great spring recipes using essential oils!

Guess what? Wordfeeder has ALL the content for you to make info downloads, blog posts, social media updates, ebooks and more

Use Canva, WordPress, your email list manager and your fave platforms to crank out the content and get more people looking, clicking, signing up and buying.

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