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  • Are you tired of having to write articles week after week, month after month?

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  • Do you really want a content shortcut that's almost like having your own busy writing helper, cranking out drafts for you to make ebooks, blog posts, emails and courses from?

By now you must know the formula for making money with a blog and email list online:

  • Publish interesting, useful content that gets you found.
  • Attract signups to your list with a compelling free giveaway.
  • Create helpful information products such as ebooks, courses, planners, workshops, email challenges, videos, and other great things that your readers would want to purchase as an affordable alternative to, OR a supplement of, coaching and consulting services.
  • Rinse, repeat.

If you know you need an ongoing source of fresh business content to accomplish the following tasks... then we've got your ticket to success.

Routine blog post publishing

Newsletter creation

Social posting

Ebook development

Email challenge creation

Coaching package creation

Course launches

Video creation


No More Struggling to PIece together fresh articles or reuse the same old, tired marketing tips...


Wordfeeder's Business PLR Monthly Membership Delivers 15 Awesome Articles, Each and Every Month

It's time you got serious about transforming your blog or website into a moneymaker. Wordfeeder has the prewritten content you need to check off your most important publishing tasks, each and every week!

When you sign up for our monthly PLR membership at a flat rate of $11.97 per month, here's what you get:

A total of 15 brand new, done-for-you articles. That's technically one article each day for a month - that's 15 days to drill down intensely into a topic of interest that your audience will love to learn more about.

(And search engines will love the fresh information, too!)

Here's how the monthly membership works:

ONE (1) MS Word document containing 15 articles will be added to your member account during the first half of the month.

You also get instant, constant access to our many PLR freebies that we routinely offer!


Our Business PLR Content Membership is LIVE and Includes a Variety of Articles in the Following Niches:

Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
List Building
Social Media Marketing
Selling Info Products
Hosting an Online Membership


Your online business PLR articles are available for instant download.


November Articles Set 2: Your Business Financials: Knowledge is Power Which Equals Profit – PLR Articles – 15 Total - AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

  1. How to Break Down Your Business Expenses for an Accurate Financial Projection
  2. Why Bother With Business Financials?
  3. Don't Just Track Your Dollars… Track Your Hours, Too.
  4. Invest Time Now, to Gain Financial Momentum Later
  5. How to Estimate Your Gross Monthly Income
  6. What Should an Online Business Owner Know About Income Calculations
  7. How Does Your Mission Statement Help Generate Profits for Your Business?
  8. Let's Work on Your Company Mission Statement
  9. Determining the Problems of Your Customers, and Designing Products to Meet Those Needs
  10. Making Outsourcing Work for Your Bottom Line
  11. How to Avoid Letting Your Business Life Encroach on Your Personal Time
  12. Internet Income for Your Small Business, and What That Means for Your Tax Return
  13. What to Do About Fake Reviews and Junk Content Obscuring Your Search Engine Results as a Small Business Owner?
  14. Is It Time We Business Owners Began Policing Fake Reviews and Fluff Content Online?
  15. How to Financially Survive as a Small Business Owner When Life Gets in the Way 


November Articles Set 1: Using Video Content to Drastically Improve Search Engine Rank and Increase Your Company's Visibility Online PLR – 7800+ words total - RELEASED AND INSIDE OF YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT.


Titles Include:

  1. The Shift from Articles to Video Content Online
  2. Getting Serious About Your Video Production on the Internet
  3. Are You a Video Personality Type?
  4. Online Solutions for Camera-Shy People
  5. What Kind of Video Content Should Your Company Publish?
  6. What Topics Can You Address in Your Company Videos?
  7. Branding and Graphics: Getting it Together for Pre-Video Production Purposes
  8. How to Make a Quick and Good Video Slide Show for Your Business
  9. Using Video Creation Software to Develop Video Content for Your Business Website
  10. Let's Create a Simple Video Using the Video Software on Your Computer
  11. Don't Forget to Brand and Market in Your Video
  12. MP4 File and Upload to the Web
  13. PowerPoint Gives You Total Control of Your Video Slide Graphics
  14. Converting PowerPoint Slide Shows to .MP4 Video File Format
  15. Optimizing Your Videos on YouTube


October Articles Set 2:


The Content Game: Sourcing, Creating, Sharing and Selling Content Online - PLR Content - 7300+ words NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT

Includes the following:

  1. Intro
  2. What Kinds of Digital Products Can You Sell?
  3. Private Label Rights, Commercial Rights
  4. Where to Get Content to Sell Digital and Print Products via the Internet?
  5. Where to Find GIFs and Memes Online
  6. Meme Q&A: So Many Memes, So Little Time
  7. Where to Find Inspirational Photos Online
  8. Public Domain Images
  9. Creative Commons Images
  10. What is Attribution?
  11. About Stock Photos
  12. Editorial Use Only
  13. Fair Use – What is It?
  14. How to Download Fonts to Your Computer
  15. How to Make Money Selling Printables Online
  16. What is PLR Content and How Can You Profit by Sharing It?
  17. What Are Commercial Rights?
  18. PLR Articles and How to Profit
  19. Best Websites for PLR Articles
  20. How to Make Money By Uploading and Sharing Photos Online 

Writing Sample of the Content



October Articles Set 1:

Small Business Success Tips - 15 PLR Articles - 8400+ words total (that' a bonus gift of 1400 extra words FREE!) - Now Available Inside Your Paid Member Account

  1. Improve Your Business With These Helpful Tips
  2. How to Turn Your Biggest Business Competitors into Your Most Profitable Collaborators
  3. Business Insta-Boost: Connect With and Help Others in Challenging Times
  4. The Importance of Testimonials for Your Business – and How to Get Them
  5. Sage Advice for Small Business Owners
  6. How to Stretch a Dollar in Your Business
  7. Easy Ways to Give Back to Your Community as a Business Owner
  8. Dodge Naysayers so You Can Be Your Best in Business
  9. How to Avoid Becoming a Slave to Your Small Business
  10. Utilize the Power of Technology to Grow Your Business
  11. It's EASY to Get a Website. Here's How to Set Yours Up for Success
  12. Your Hours = Dollars: How to Save Time as a Small Business Owner
  13. Farm Out Business Tasks, and Free Up Your Time to Create Income Streams
  14. Cultivate Positive Business Relationships, Even When Things Go Wrong
  15. Fun Gifts to Give Your Business that Keep on Giving 

Screen Shot of the Written Content

September Articles Set 2: Launch a Mom Biz PLR: Now Live in Your Paid Member Area!

  1. Intro
  2. What Type of Mom Business can You Launch?
  3. Tips for Moms Who Want to Launch a VA (Virtual Assistant) Business
  4. Can a Coach be Your Perfect Mom Biz Opportunity?
  5. What Type of Coaching Can a Mom Offer with Her Home-Based Business?
  6. Can a Mom Make Money Selling a Course Online?
  7. How Does Passive Income Work? Mom Biz Ideas to Bank on
  8. How Can a Mom Generate Passive Income Via Blogs and Other Online Means?
  9. Specifics on How to Make Money Online
  10. Let's Talk About Pay-Per-Click Income
  11. Can a Mom Make Money from Home by Posting Product Recommendations?
  12. What Type of Coaching or Consulting Packages Can You Offer in Your Online Mom Biz?
  13. How to Write Instructional Course Materials to Sell in Your Mom Biz Online?
  14. How to Get the Word Out About Your Mom Biz
  15. Get Into the Mom Biz Mindset and Prepare Yourself for Swift Success 


September Articles Set 1: Should You Go Into Business With Your Family?

  1. Intro: Should You go into Business With Your Family?
  2. What Types of Businesses Work Well as a Family Owned and Family Operated Enterprise?
  3. Pros and Cons of Going into Business with Your Family
  4. How a Family Business is Not Like a Regular Business
  5. Signs You Might Be Successful With a Family Business
  6. Tips for Teaming Up in a Family Business
  7. How to Save Time and Money in Your Family Owned Business
  8. Cultivate a Mindset of Generosity in Your Family Owned Business
  9. How to Cut Down on Energy Use and Related Costs for Your Family Business
  10. Going into Business With Family? Set Yourself Up for Long Term Success
  11. How to Set Boundaries in Your Family Business
  12. When Things Go Wrong in Your Family Business
  13. How to Fire a Family Member from the Family Business
  14. How to Extend a Family Feeling to Non-Family Members of Your Family Business
  15. What to Do When Underqualified Family Members Come Looking for Work in Your Family Business

Screen Shot of the Content - Writing Sample

August Articles Set 1: "Maximize Your Content Production" - 15 PLR Articles - now available inside your member account

Here's what you get:

  1. Best Practices for Managing Email Marketing and Email Newsletter Campaigns
  2. Basics of Sales Funnel Creation to Sell Products, Time Your Messages and Create Upsells and Downsells that Increase Profits
  3. Tech Based Solutions to Publish More Content in Less Time
  4. Move Past Problems that Prevent You from Getting Your Content Marketing Tasks Completed
  5. What to Do on a Low-Response Day in the Life of Your Business
  6. Passive Income Ideas that Work to Increase Your Profits
  7. Turn Competition into Collaboration in the Online Business World 


July Articles Set 2: Maximize Your Content Creation for More Exposure, Increased Credibility and Explosive Business Growth PART 1 - 10 PLR Articles - 7300+ words total - now available inside your member account

  1. Intro
  2. Best Methods for Kicking Off Your Content Marketing Effort
  3. Simple but Highly Effective Ways to Organize Your Content for Easy Conversion to Profit-Generating Products
  4. Shifting into a Constant, Content-Producing Mindset
  5. Economical Ways to Post More Content in Less Time
  6. Form a Team of Helpers to Alleviate the Burden of Having to Post a Ton of Content Daily
  7. Develop a Content Publishing Strategy that Attracts More Readership and Gets You Real Results
  8. Quickly and Effectively Produce Learning Materials that Other People Will Pay For
  9. Writing Techniques to Help You Craft a Strong Message that Gets People Looking, Clicking and Buying
  10. Pricing Psychology and Why It's Key

July Articles Set 1: "Creating a Course in Teachable" - PLR Content - 8K+ Words Total

Here's what's included:

Part 1:  Intro to Teachable

  • Reasons to Love Teachable
  • Features of the Teachable Course Creation Platform

Part 2: Course Creation FAQ (see below):

  • What will your course be comprised of? How will you package all of your vast knowledge into a learning format that is easy for students to follow
  • Will Teachable give you the option of creating more than one course? What if your course material isn't enough to fit into a single series of lessons?
  • Where will my online course live? Will people be able to access it directly from my website? Or will I have to direct them to another online location?
  • So if my course lives on Teachable, how do my students find their way to my learning area on the Teachable site?
  • Will I get to name and brand (style) my courses on Teachable, so that students get the flavor of my unique company and image?
  • How do students access their course that they pay for (or sign up for free) from me on Teachable?
  • How will I communicate specific details about the courses that I sell and run on Teachable?
  • What if I run some classes online from Teachable for a while, but then decide that I want to take a break from hosting courses? Can I do an "open and closed enrollment" type of initiation into the course?
  • How many students can sign up for and take my online course at one time?
  • Will students be required to log in all at the same time and take the course? Or can I set this up so that each person who purchased the course will be able to work on it at a time and place that suits their schedule and preference?
  • What is the difference between a course and an ebook?
  • What types of learning materials can I offer with my online course?
  • I have branded my website to a certain color scheme and font/logo selection. Will I get the option to customize the look and feel of my Teachable courses?
  • How will I know if a student or students has/have signed up for my course on Teachable? Will I receive an alert?
  • Can I integrate my Teachable course emails with a third party email software such as Aweber or InvisionSoft?
  • Will I be able to utilize the help of a virtual assistant or team of VAs to assist with the creation of, uploading, organizing and setting up courses to sell on the Teachable platform? If so, how does this work?
  • What is the membership and pricing structure for a course creator to enroll in on the Teachable platform? In other words, what do I get at specific membership levels?
  • How good are Teachable's course creation and management training materials?
  • What if I'm not ready for the up-front-investment in teaching a course online?
  •  PART 3:  Step by Step Course Creation Using Teachable Software
  • Step 1: Sign Up for Your Free Trial
  • Step 2: Choose a Name for Your Teachable "School"
  • Step 3: Create Your First Course on Teachable
  • Step 4: Select a Structure for Your Course
  • "Template Info"
  • "How to Use This Template"
  • Teachable - Creating the Mini Course
  • What are "Lectures" in Teachable?
  • "Lecture 1" - What to Write
  • "Add File"
  • "Add Text"
  • "Add Images"
  • "Add Quiz"
  • "Add Code Example"
  • "Add Custom Code"
  • "Add Upsell"
  • "Test Your Learning"
  • Pricing Your Teachable Course
  • Free
  • One-Time Payment
  • Subscription
  • Payment Plan
  • "Drip" option
  • The Comments Feature
  • Coupons
  • "Bundle Contents"
  • Reports
  • Certificates
  • Niche-Specific Ideas for Creating Courses in Teachable: (Art, Business Coaching, Cooking/Culinary, Crafting, DIY, Finance, Gardening, Holistic Healing, Home and Family, Life Coaching, Relationships & Self Help, Self Improvement, Writing)


Here's a screen shot of the content so you can get an idea of the quality:

June Articles Set 2: Adapt Your Business or Start a Side Gig During the Quarantine" -15 ARticles Total - NOW LIVE INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

    1. The Importance of Adapting Your Business
    2. How to Get a Business Loan
    3. Adjust Your Attitude Around Outsourcing
    4. More Ideas on How to Get Comfortable With Outsourcing
    5. Seek and Find Reliable Service Providers
    6. How to Take Payments as a Sole Proprietor
    7. Kick Off Your Email Marketing Campaign: Yes, It's Time
    8. Love to Write? Turn Your Skill into Mad Money
    9. How to Improve Your Daily Communication Habits as a Business Owner
    10. 6 Common Mistakes People Make with their Business Content on Facebook
    11. 6 Tools to Put in Place to Take Your Business to the Virtual World
    12. Good Habits Will Help You Become a Virtual on the Fly Biz Owner
    13. Be Bold - When it Comes to Your Business Don't Wait for Further Instructions
    14. What Are the Best Ways to Pandemic Proof Your Business?
    15. What to Talk About in Your Emails to Customers
  • Here's a screen shot of the content so you can get an idea of the quality:


    June Articles, Set 1: Online Marketing Essentials for 2020 - NOW LIVE INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

    Titles include:


    1. Best Practices to Consider with Email Marketing
    2. Creating a Business Plan Outline
    3. Creating a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Business
    4. Elements to Creating High-Converting Headlines
    5. Getting Traffic from Twitter with These Top Tips
    6. Learn to Blog and Stick With it
    7. Mistakes Business Owners Make
    8. Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Online Business
    9. Should You Use a Free or Paid Merchant Account
    10. Social Marketing Simplified with These Tips
    11. Staying Committed to Your Online Business
    12. Tips for Getting Free Traffic to Your Website
    13. Tips for Increasing Landing Page Conversions
    14. Using Facebook Live to Engage Your Audience
    15. Validating Your Niche by Researching Competition

    May Articles Set 2: POEM Formula: Digital Marketing Insider Secrets - 15 ARticles, 9200+ words, Now Live in YOur Business PLR Member Area

        1. What Does a POEM Have to Do With Your Digital Marketing?
        2. Three Digital Marketing Essentials for Your Biz: Earned Media, Paid Media and Owned Media
        3. Types of Paid Media
        4. Owned Media is the Springboard for Everything Else You Do Online
        5. Email Marketing Makes the Money Come: Now Get the Steps to Success
        6. No, Not Just Your Facebook Business Page - Your Website, Too!
        7. Setting Up Your Owned Media Online: First Things First, Get a Website or Blog
        8. Owned Media Setup Phase 2: Now You Need a Mailing List
        9. Quick Guide to Get Going With a Database of Email Subscriber
        10. Are Your Website Visitors Slipping Through the Cracks? Here's Why
        11. From Content Marketing Mess to Publishing Success: Tips for Managing Your Owned Media on the Web
        12. Working on Your Earned Media Goals Online
        13. Advanced Owned Media - Creating a Membership Site
        14. Owned Media is Where Your Marketable Products and Services Live
        15. Where to Source Content Online to Use in Your Paid, Owned and Earned Media?


    May PLR Articles, Set 1: "DIY Digital Marketing Tricks to Pump Up Your Profits" - 15 PLR Articles, 7K+ words 



    1. Create a PayPal Tip Jar for Your Blog or Website
    2. How to Make a Donation Button for Facebook
    3. Staying Motivated With Your Online Business
    4. How to Make Sure People Reach Your Website When You Post a Group of Photos on Your Facebook Business Page
    5. How Long Should Your Facebook Business Posts be in 2020?
    6. A Banner Year… for Understanding Banner Sizes on Your Blog and Social Accounts
    7. How to Search Optimize Your Blog in 2020?
    8. Why Should You Still Grow an Email List in 2020?
    9. Basics of How to Quickly Make Beautiful Graphics in Canva
    10. How to Capture Facebook Live Visitors so They Stay in Touch With You
    11. How to Sell Ebooks Online as a Legit Side Hustle
    12. How to Create an Ebook to Sell Online Fast
    13. Smart Strategies and Shortcuts to Thrive in Online Business
    14. Stop Paying Thousands to Writers and Designers - the Content is Available to You
    15. Smart Ways to Be if You're Growing a Business Presence Online

    Here's a Screen Shot of the Writing:

    April Articles Set 2: Using Communication Templates to Streamline Your Business and Save You Countless Hours, Dollars and Headaches - Now available in your paid member account.

    1. Using Communication Templates to Streamline Your Business and Save You Countless Hours, Dollars and Headaches
    2. The Importance of Connecting With Customers from Day One
    3. When Do Your Customers Need to Hear from You?
    4. What Should You be Communicating to Your Customers?
    5. Where Does Customer Communication Go Wrong and How Can You Stop This From Happening?
    6. How to Communicate Less Yet Convey More to Your Customers
    7. Why Are Communication Templates Key to Your Success as a Small Business Owner?
    8. What Should You Streamline in Your Customer Communication?
    9. Create Your Own Business Communication Template: Customer Information
    10. Create Your Own Business Communication Template: The Welcome Packet
    11. Create Your Own Business Communication Template: Frequently Asked Questions
    12. Create Your Own Business Communication Template: Project Review
    13. Create Your Own Business Communication Template: Next Steps
    14. Create Your Own Business Communication Template: Final Review and Wrap-Up
    15. Create Your Own Business Communication Template: Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Screen shot of the content:


    April Articles, Set 1: Getting Started With Selling on Shopify - JUST RELEASED!

    Get Started With Selling on Shopify - 18 PLR Articles - 7200+ words total

    1.     Getting Started With Selling on Shopify
    2.             What Can You Sell on Shopify?
    3.             The Shopify Try Before You Buy
    4.             Shopify Pre Screening: Are You Ready to Start Selling Online?
    5.             Selecting a Shopify Monthly Plan
    6.             Initial Setup of Your Shopify Storefront
    7.             Taking Payments on Shopify
    8.             Create a Shopify Menu of Your Products
    9.             Setting Up Your Domain Name or Storefront Link on Shopify
    10.           How to Set Up Basic Company Pages on Shopify
    11.           How is Shipping Handled on Shopify
    12.           Managing Product Details on Shopify
    13.           Set Quantities on Shopify
    14.           Customer (Contact) Management in Shopify
    15.           Promoting Your Shopify Store Online
    16.           Order Processing on Shopify
    17.           Next Level Shopify: Partnering with Third Party Sellers Means Hands-Off Profit Generation for You
    18.           Supply Chain Concepts Explained

    March Articles, Set 2: Now available in Your Member Area


    How to Make Your Small Business Internet-Selling Ready - Fast! - PLR Articles - 15 Total, 8300+ words

    "How to Make Your Small Business internet-Ready - FAST!" PLR Articles - 15 Total - 8,300 words

     With private label rights to publish as your own. Article titles include:

    1.             How to Make Your Small Business Internet-Selling Ready - Fast!
    2.             What Are Information Products and How Do They Fit With Your Business?
    3.             How Can Your Knowledge Help People Solve Their Problems?
    4.             Rate Your Niche Potential: Where Do You Fit In?
    5.             You Don’t Have a Company Website and You Need One Fast. What Now?
    6.             You Do Have a Company Website but No One Can Find It. How to Fix This.
    7.             What Types of Products Can ANY Business Owner Sell Online?
    8.             How Can Your Physical Business Morph into an Online Selling Machine?
    9.             What Systems Should You Put in Place to Start Selling Online?
    10.           What's the Best Way to Start Collecting Leads Online?
    11.           You Need an Information Giveaway to Start Growing Your List. What Should It Be?
    12.           You Need Constant Content for Your Website, Social Media and Email Marketing. Where to Get it On the Cheap?
    13.           What About Affiliate Income? How Does That Work?
    14.           How Should You Price the Info Products That You Sell Online?
    15.           Package Your Offerings Around the Sentiments of the Day



    March ARticles, Set 1: "Email Newsletter Success Strategies" - 15 PLR ARticles - 9K+ Words  - RELEASED AND INSIDE OF YOUR Paid MEMBER ACCOUNT!

    Titles include:

    1. Getting Started with Your Company's Email Newsletter
    2. Email Newsletter FAQ
    3. Email Newsletter Creation Tips: Crafting Your Inaugural Issue
    4. What's The Difference Between Email Marketing and an Email Newsletter?
    5. 5 Tips to Help You Send Out a Better Email Newsletter
    6. Tricks for Getting Your Newsletter Read and Responded To
    7. How Long Does it Take for an Email Newsletter to Convert to Paying Customers?
    8. How to Improve Your Email Newsletter Open Rate and Engagement
    9. Make Company News a Part of Your Marketing Campaign
    10. Getting Your Email Newsletter Read and Bringing In New Business Each Month
    11. 7 Points of Contact in Your Email Marketing Copy
    12. How to Write a Quick Press Release to Share in Your Email Newsletter
    13. Features to Look for in an Email Newsletter Management Service
    14. Fun Themes to Include in Your Email Newsletter
    15. How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Email Newsletter?

    writing sample so you can get an idea of the quality:

    February Articles Set 2: "How to Make Money with a Membership Site" PLR - 15 Articles Total, Now Available inside Your Paid Member account

    Content includes:

    1. Intro
    2. Can Your Current Product or Service Based Business Model Work as a Member Site?
    3. What Else Can You Offer With a Membership Site?
    4. How Does a Membership Site Make You Money?
    5. How Can a Coach Expand Their Profits By Creating a Membership Site for Their Clients to Join?
    6. What Types of Perks Can You Offer Customers With a Membership Site?
    7. How Does a Membership Site Logistically Work?
    8. How to Attract New Signups to Your Membership Site
    9. Got Membership, Need Content: Where to Source Your Member Materials from?
    10. What Type of Tech Know-How Do You Need to Run a Membership Site?
    11. What Types of Memberships Can You Offer?
    12. How Does Running a Membership Site Differ from the Product- or Service-Based Business Model?
    13. Quick Tips on Managing Affiliate Sales via Your Member Site
    14. Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Membership Website
    15. Essential Tech Tools for Running a Membership Site

    Here's a sample of the content:


    February Articles Set 1: RELEASED: "Get More Done in Your Small Business" Time Management & Productivity PLR Articles - 15 Total, Now Inside Your Member Account

    Article Titles Include:

    1. Intro
    2. To Get More Done in Less Time, Set Business Goals that Support Your Personal Goals
    3. How Do You Use Your Time?
    4. Time is Money, so What's Your Hourly Worth?
    5. What Do You REALLY Want to Accomplish in Your Business?
    6. Effective Ways to Tackle Time Management in Business
    7. Calendars and Lists Help You Check Off Business Goals
    8. Business Goals and the Big Picture
    9. Take Back Control of Your Time
    10. Be Realistic About How You Spend Your Billable Hours
    11. Procrastinating Business Tasks Comes Back to Bite You
    12. How to Quit Wasting Time Online
    13. Stop Wasting Time in Your Small Business: Tips for Productive Communication
    14. How Not to Let Telemarketers Waste Your Time
    15. Stop Customer Service Reps Who Waste Your Time
    16. Business Owners Have No Time to Argue

    Here's a Writing Sample:


    JANUARY ARTICLES SET 2: "Launch a VA Business in 2020" - Available Inside Your Paid Member aCcount

    1. Should You Launch a Virtual Assistant Business?
    2. Is it Worth It to Try and Work from Home?
    3. Pros and Cons of Working from Home
    4. What's a Virtual Assistant and Can You Be One?
    5. Do You Need Credentials to Be a Virtual Assistant?
    6. Set Up Your Home Office
    7. Assess Your Work from Home Skills
    8. Working from Home Might be For You If…
    9. Determine Your Virtual Assistant Service Offerings
    10. How to File Your Taxes When You Work from Home
    11. Why Running an Email List is Key if You Work from Home
    12. Free and Low Cost Programs for Virtual Assistants
    13. Tips for Work-Life Balance as a VA
    14. Passive Income Ideas for Virtual Assistants
    15. How to Get Clients If You're a VA


    JANUARY ARTICLES SET 1 RELEASED! "Copywriting and Design Must-Haves in 2020" - 9K Words Means You Get 2K Extra Words at NO Additional Charge

    Article titles include:

    1. Copywriting and Design: STILL the Keys to Improving Your Website's Performance
    2. Copy and Design: The Dance of Persuasion
    3. The Right Fonts for Your Website's Design and Copywriting Message
    4. Common Web Design Mishaps to Watch For
    5. How to Get Customer Testimonials that Rock, and Are Totally Legit
    6. Using Metaphors to Tell a Story in Your Marketing Copy, and Do It Brilliantly
    7. Wake Them Up With Your Web Copy
    8. Copywriting Strategy: Use Your Words to Connect With People
    9. Why Write Your Website's Homepage Last?
    10. A Foolproof Method for Writing Website Copy
    11. How to Become an Authority in Your Niche
    12. Write Better Sales Copy
    13. Capture the Voice of Your Brand
    14. Sidebar Suggestions for Your Site
    15. Mastering "Economy of Words" in Your Writing

    These articles are available for instant download from your member account when you sign up at the bottom of this page.

    December Articles, Set 1 Released: "Website Marketing in 2019 2020: Get Your Company Out Front"

    1. Get a Business Website: Basic First Steps
    2. How to Get Your Website Found Online
    3. What Should Your Business Website Pages Consist Of?
    4. Marketing Your Business Website on the Web
    5. Why It's Important to Collect Email Addresses via Your Website
    6. Your Email Newsletter - Planning and Execution
    7. What to Include in Your Company Emails to Customers and Signups
    8. How to Get Testimonials from Your Customers
    9. Simple Website Improvements to Help You Convert More Sales
    10. Marketing Your Business on Facebook
    11. What Does Branding Mean for Your Online Business?
    12. Planning Your Company Newsletter Around the Seasons
    13. What Kinds of Articles Should You Publish on Your Company Website?
    14. Info Products Make a Nice Side Stream of Income for Your Website
    15. Steps to Selling Info Products from Your Company Website


    December Articles, Set 2: "Facebook Business Strategy: What You Need to Know for 2020" - RELEASED

    1. The Importance of Marketing Your Business on Facebook
    2. Why Get a Business Facebook Page
    3. Stand-Out Elements of Your Facebook Business Page
    4. Tips for Getting Your Business Noticed on Facebook Groups
    5. Benefits of Running Your Own Facebook Group
    6. Ideas for Keeping Your Facebook Group Active
    7. 6 Conversation Stokers to Use on Your Facebook Group
    8. Create Your Facebook Company Banner - Steps to Success
    9. What to Know About Paid Ads on Facebook
    10. How to Get People from Facebook to Your Website
    11. How to Run a Special Sale on Facebook
    12. Simple Steps to Creating Eye-Catching Graphics to Post on Facebook
    13. Do Memes Work? When to Use them for Business
    14. Avoid These 5 Conversations on Facebook as a Business Owner
    15. Easy Ideas for Running a Facebook Based Business Event

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    November 2019 ARticles, Set 1: RELEASED!


    Blogging for Profits: How to Turn Your Hobby or Interest into Online Income - 15 Articles, 8K+ words

    Here's what's included:

    1. Why Create a Hobby or Special Interest Blog?
    2. How to Know if Blogging will be a Fit for You
    3. What Types of Skills Do You Need to Have as a Blogger?
    4. Ideas for a Fun and Interesting Niche Blog
    5. How to Make Your Blog Exciting and Sticky
    6. Blog Monetization Preliminary Steps
    7. What to Know About SEO?
    8. Where to Get Content for Your Blog?
    9. DIY Programs to Know as a Blogger or Website Owner
    10. How an Email List Makes You Money
    11. How to Claim Online Income on Your Federal Taxes
    12. How to Set Up Automated Ebook Sales
    13. Using Pinterest to Get More Clicks and Sales
    14. Setting Up YouTube to Make Passive Income
    15. How to Do a JV (Joint Venture) Online


    November Articles, Set 2 Released:

    "Set Up a Killer Affiliate Program" PLR

    1. Convert Your Affiliate Mindset: From Competitive to Cooperative
    2. Affiliate Marketing Preliminaries
    3. What Types of Information Products Lend Themselves to Affiliate Marketing?
    4. Who is Most Likely to Buy Through Your Affiliate Links?
    5. Where to Find Affiliates to Promote Your Products
    6. Best, Most Reliable Affiliate Software
    7. How to Transform Your Virtual Services into Affiliate Products
    8. Putting Your Affiliate Sales on Autopilot
    9. Automating Your Affiliate Emails
    10. Paying Your Affiliates
    11. Affiliate Cautions, Scams and Fraudsters
    12. Lead Times for Your Launches
    13. What's an Email Swipe and Why Is It Important to Your Affiliate Sales?
    14. What to Do if Your Affiliate Program is a Flop?
    15. How to Set Up Special Sales for Special Affiliates


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