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Wordfeeder Warmly Invites You to Explore Our Business PLR Monthly Membership

  • Tired of having to write content all the time?

  • Unimpressed with the usual, run-of-the mill PLR?

  • Want a business content shortcut that's like having a personal writing assistant, cranking out drafts of ebooks, blog posts, emails and courses?


You Need an Ongoing Source of Business Content. Here it is... Done For You!

Routine blog post publishing

Newsletter creation

Social posting

Ebook development

Email challenge creation

Coaching package creation

Course launches

Video creation


No more struggling to piece together fresh articles or reuse the same old, tired marketing tips...

Wordfeeder's Business PLR Monthly Membership Delivers 15 Awesome Articles, Each and Every Month

When you sign up for our monthly PLR membership at a flat rate of $11.97 per month, here's what you get:

A total of 15 brand new, done-for-you articles. That's 15 days to drill down intensely into a topic of interest that your audience will love to learn more about.

Here's how the monthly membership works:

ONE (1) MS Word document containing 15 articles will be added to your member account during the first half of the month.

You also get instant, constant access to our many PLR freebies that we routinely offer!

We'll even email you the best deals from our favorite content providers

Our Business PLR Content Membership is LIVE and includes a variety of article topics...

Business Building
Productivity and Time Management
Leadership and Team Building
Digital Product Creation
Affiliate Marketing
Email Marketing
List Building
Social Media Marketing
Selling Info Products
Hosting an Online Membership

Your online business PLR articles are available for instant download.

Here's what we've released in 2022 and 2021. You get everything listed here, for immediate download from your member account!

June 2022: Time-Saving Tech Tips for Your Online Business - 14 PLR Articles or 8K words. NOW LIVE

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. One Massive, Time-Saving Action to Take as You Start Your Business: Prepare to Build Your list
  3. Another Huge Time-Saver: Take Precautions to Avoid Being Blacklisted as a Spammer
  4. How to Collect Email Addresses and Build Your List in Less Time
  5. Save Yourself Major Time and Headaches by Adding a Subscriber Form to Your Website
  6. Take a Time-Saving Content Shortcut for Your Online Business: Get a Blog!
  7. Get Ready for a Time-Saving Task: Blogging from Anywhere
  8. Save Yourself Time by Tacking the Basic, Structural Elements of Your Blog First.
  9. Not Fumbling With Your Blog's Sign-Up Form Code Will Save You Lots of Time. So Learn How Now.
  10. Up-Front Time Savers for Your Social Media Setup
  11. Time-Saving Tips for Publishing Content on the Web
  12. How to Save Tons of Time in Your Online Business by "Spinning and Versioning Niches"
  13. Save More Time. Set Up Your Online Programs in Advance.
  14. Save Time in Your Online Newsletter Publishing Schedule

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May 2022 Bonus Freebie: 24 Burnout Themed Images - Small .JPG Files

All Active Business and Life Coaching PLR Monthly Members receive a free set of 24 images on the topic of burnout/overwhelm. These images can be used in your product creation and marketing projects. Active members will be able to sign up and download these images from their Wordfeeder member account.

This is a direct link to the free images for download, BUT you can only access them after you sign up or if you're already an active Business or Life Coach monthly member.

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May 2022: Workaholic PLR: Help for Entrepreneurs Who Can't Stop Working - 15 Articles or 7500+ words with Private Label Rights NOW LIVE

Titles include:

  1. Characteristics of Serial Entrepreneurs Include…
  2. Is Being a Workaholic Entrepreneur a Bad Thing or a Good Thing?
  3. How Can a Serial Entrepreneur Work Less but Make More Money?
  4. Why Curb Your Workaholic Tendency?
  5. Ways to Make Your Workaholism Work For You
  6. Real-World Strategies for the Workaholic to Achieve Work-Life Balance While
  7. Sustaining Real Success
  8. Signs that Scream Out to the Serial Entrepreneur that Change is Needed NOW
  9. How to Adjust Your Workaholic Mindset to Ensure Small Business Success
  10. Good Practices for Business Owners Who Work Too Much
  11. How To Build Living Well into Your Life as a Workaholic, Serial Entrepreneur
  12. Workaholic Business Owners and Trying to Fit In with the Rest of Society
  13. How Can a Serial Entrepreneur Find Like-Minded Friends?
  14. Ways for a Serial Entrepreneur to Achieve Work-Life Balance
  15. What to Strive for In Your Personal Commitments as a Workaholic Business Owner

Screen Shot of the Content:


We offer THREE high value PLR memberships: Business, Life Coaching and Weight Loss. Deliverable is 15 articles or the 7K word equivalent with Bonuses throw in.

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Free Try Before You Buy for April 2022

"How to Niche Down to Sell More Digital Products" Article with Private Label Rights to Sell or Share - 872 words total

Use the below sign-up form to create a member account on our site and download your FREE Article right now:

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April 2022: Make the Big Bank Selling Digital Products: Starter Guide PLR - 16 Articles or 7800+ words NOW LIVE

Titles include:
1. Intro
2. Why Are Digital Products Likely to Sell?
3. Selecting a Niche for Your Digital Product
4. Digital Product Creation Preliminaries
5. Digging into Keyword Research for Your Digital Product Creation
7. What Does it Take to Make Piles of Money Selling Digital Products?
8. To Sell More Digital Products, Proactively Build Your Audience
9. When it Comes to Digital Product Sales, Does the Size of Your List Matter?
10. Decide on a Format for Your Digital Product
11. Basics of Website Creation to Sell Your Digital Products
12. What Selling Platform Should You Select to Launch Your Digital Product From?
13. Let's Break Down the Creation of the Digital Product
14. Promoting Your Digital Product
15. Expanding Your Library of Digital Products
16. How to Develop Income Streams from Your Digital Product Creation


Screen Shot of the Content:

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March 2022 Free Gift with Your Business PLR Monthly Membership

Here's your bonus perk freebie for being a paid monthly member! You'll be able to access this from the top menu any time you log in. If you aren't up to date with your membership, you can renew here.

Generic Email 7-Day Autoresponder Series Template

Free as a Gift for Our Paid PLR Monthly Members. We Appreciate You!

What can you do with a 7-day automated email series?

  • Insert your email course or challenge specifics into the templated text that we have supplied here.

  • Set it up on your autoresponder (like Aweber) and then invite people to sign up for the course for free as a way to get them on your list.

  • Set it up as a PAID digital product (free download includes specifics for how to do this)

Customize this text for your next 7-Day Email Learning Series that you plan to offer.

YES, YOU will be the one creating the course. How? Use the content that you download when you sign up for our paid PLR membership. It's already written. You have TONS of amazing topics to choose from that your readers will LOVE to know more about. Sign up or renew here.

Haven’t started list-building or selling via email yet?

We recommend Aweber for your list manager, email marketing and course or program launches

Thank you for being a loyal customer of Wordfeeder PLR. I appreciate your support of my freelance writing business and wish you the best of success!

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March 2022 Business PLR Monthly: Success Secrets Swiped from the Best in Online Business – 15 Articles or 7700+ words NOW LIVE

This content pack includes the following articles:

  1. The Short Story on How to Win Respect in Today's Crowded Online Business Market 
  2. Must-Know Money Moves in Online Business 
  3. Write Stronger Copy: Tips and Tricks 
  4. Online Business Truths to Keep in Mind as You Grow Your Brand and Reputation
  5. Email Marketing Musts 
  6. The Truth About Online Selling 
  7. Marketing Online With Video Content: Should You? 
  8. Tech Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Online Business 
  9. Magical Money Musts for Online Business Owners 
  10. Get Excited and Get Motivated. The Sky’s the Limit When You’re in Business for Yourself! 
  11. Control the Tech Instead of the Tech Controlling You. 
  12. Do You Work in Online Business? Let Go of the Need to Do It All Yourself 
  13. Hard Truths About Being in Online Business 
  14. Is it Time to Freshen Up Your Marketing Again? 
  15. Understanding the Value of Business Associates Who Are Not Customers, But Still Connect You to the Money. 

This content will also include 24 FREE .JPG Images that Speak to a "Success in Online Business" Theme

Access your free images as an active Business PLR membership. They're a gift for our content customers. Sign up or renew your membership here, and download from the top menu of your member area after you log in!

February 2022: "Turn Content Sharing into Cash" PLR - 17 Articles or 9K words total (bonus gift of 2K extra words FREE) - NOW LIVE

This content will make a perfect ebook, autoresponder course or other type of digital product for you to SELL to your lis!

Titles include:

  1. How to Turn Content Sharing into Cash
  2. Find Your Niche and Start Sharing.
  3. How Will People Find Your Content Online?
  4. How Do You Come Up with Really Good Web Content for Your Niche Blog?
  5. How Does a Reader Q&A Work to Get You Customers and Sales?
  6. 6 Quick Tips for Writing Blog Content that Catches and Holds Attention
  7. What are the Main Ways to Get Paid as a Content Sharer Online?
  8. How Do Online Affiliates Earn Money?
  9. What are Digital Products, and How Do You Create Profits By Selling Them?
  10. Creating a Digital Product from Scratch
  11. A Quick Overview of How to Set Up Your Digital Product
  12. How Does a Niche Marketer Set Up a Digital Product to Sell?
  13. What's a Blog and Should You Have One as a Niche Marketer?\
  14. How is a Blog Different from a Website?
  15. What Should the Main Navigation Pages of Your Niche Blog Be?
  16. When to Use Pages Versus Posts on Your Blog
  17. Why Do Some People Call it Their Web Page Instead of Website?

Screen shot of the content:

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January 2022: "Make Money Selling PLR" PLR Articles. Done-for-You Content, including 15 Articles Total or 7K+ words NOW LIVE.

This content comes with private label rights to sell or share as your own. Rules for use: please remove our brand from the content and replace with your own. Please do not resell these articles as PLR. Thank you kindly! Articles include:

    1. Intro to PLR or Done-for-You Content Selling
2. Can You Make a Full-Time Living Selling PLR?
3. What's the Best Business Model for Selling PLR?
4. What's the Best Type of PLR Product to Get Started with if You're New to Digital Product Selling
5. What's a Good Way to Break into PLR Selling?
6. How to Start List-Building to Sell More PLR and Digital Products
7. How Do You Make Sure People Sign Up for Your List?
8. PLR Membership FAQ
9. What Will Your PLR Customers Use the Content For?
10. So What Can PLR Be Used to Create, and What is the Purpose?
11. What Else is PLR or Done-for-You Content Used For?  Marketing and Web Publishing, of Course.
12. What Types of Articles Can a Writer Create and Sell as PLR?
13. What About Image-Based Digital Products?
14. Selling Printables and Print-on-Demand Products as PLR
15. Jump Start Your PLR Website Launch: A Quick Punch List of Tasks to Check Off.

Sample of the Content:

Also comes with FREE Images as a Bonus Gift! 30 Total JPG files - small size ( approx. 600px across)

Think your audience would love to learn about this? Would this content serve some of your clients?

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December 2021: Working for Clients - 11 PLR Articles - 8645 words total, NOW LIVE

This content comes with private label rights to sell or share as your own. Rules for use: please remove our brand from the content and replace with your own. Please do not resell these articles as PLR. Thank you kindly! Articles include:

1. Intro
2. What Are the Risks of Working for Clients?
3. The Best Part of Working for Clients: You're in Total Control
4. Working for Clients: Mindset Shift
5. The What-Ifs of Working for Clients
6. Trading the Scarcity Mindset for the Abundance Mindset in Your Work with Clients
7. What Will You Learn if You Work for Clients?
8. How to Get Clients
9. Work for Clients: Basic Setup
10. 5 Red Flags that You're About to Start Working with a Toxic Client
11. Green Flags that Tell You You've Found Your Soulmate Client

Sample of the Content:

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November 2021: Advertising Your Business on TikTok: Get Comfy with the Tech. 15 PLR Articles. Now Live!

Select "TikTok Creators" MAY receive anywhere from $200 to $5K per month compensation for clicks on their videos, provided their views reach a specific minimum views, starting at 100,000 views per month and up.

TikTok is going places. You AND your clients can go with them to get more eyes on your business, more sales, and yes, paid, to simply share good content.

Our TikTok How-to Done-for-You Content is on the Way!

You'll be able to use this as a tool to help clients, a tutorial to share with readers, as blog posts, an ebook, and more. With private label rights to sell or share as your own. Here's a list of the articles we'll be creating for you:

1. Intro to Using TikTok for Business
2. How Much Can a TikTok Creator Get Paid in 2021?
3. TikTok is Going Places. Specifically, Europe.
4. How Do You Know if TikTok will be a Fit for You?
5. How is TikTok Different from YouTube in 2021?
6. Good Things to Know About TikTok
7. Getting to Know Your TikTok User Account
8. Basics of How to Record a Video on TikTok
9. Video Recording on TikTok Phase 2: Stopping and Starting in the Middle of Recording
10. Adding, Changing, or Removing Sound from Your TikTok Video Recording
11. Dealing with the "Live in Real-Time" Aspect of TikTok
12. How to Upload a Video that You Recorded Using Your Phone's Camera App, to Publish on TikTok
13. Trimming Your TikTok Video Clips
14. Video Editing in TikTok: Huge Creative Potential for Making Professional Quality Videos
15. What Types of TikTok Video Content Can You Create?

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October 2021: Conquering Overwhelm in Your Small Business - 13 articles and 5 Emails in a Series - 7900 words total NOW LIVE

Email Series 1 through 5:

Email 1. Subject: Conquering Overwhelm in Your Small Business Day 1 of 5
Email 2. Subject: What Type of Overwhelm is Affecting You as a Business Owner? Day 2 of 5
Email 3. Subject: When You Don't Know What to Do First in Your Business (Day 3 of 5)
Email 4. Subject: Everything's Happening at Once (Day 4 of 5)
Email 5. Subject: The Dreaded Business Burnout Phase: Can You Avoid It? What to Do? (Day 5 of 5)

Articles 1 through 13:

1. Introduction
2. Different Types of Overwhelm for a Small Business Owner
3. How to Deal with the Overwhelm of not Knowing What to do First in Your Business
4. What to About Business Overwhelm When Everything's Happening at Once
5. How to Handle Overwhelm that Results When You're Close to Burnout
6. Managing the Overwhelm of Putting Out Daily Fires in Your Business
7. When Your Employees Seem Overwhelmed, What do You Do?
8. How to Guide Your Employees to Come Up with Their Own Solutions for Overwhelm
9. Fun and Engaging Activities to Help Bring Your Workers Out of Overwhelm and Into Focus
10. Questionnaire to Help Workers Solve Their Own Problems
11. Let's Talk About Experts Who Can Help Stop Overwhelm in Your Business
12. What to Do When You're Overwhelmed by Your Daily To-Do List
13. What to Do When You're Stuck in Overwhelm and Can't Move Forward in Your Business

Screen shot of the writing:

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September 2021: Body Language in Business Email & Article Series LIVE

September's content feature topic is Body Language in Business Email and Article Series with private label rights. As a bonus gift for anyone who's active as a Business PLR Monthly member, you also get 49 free images that relate to this content. You really MUST have images otherwise your body language articles will be missing... well, actually body language.

This business content includes 9000 words. That's 2K extra words FREE!

Each article also includes a matching email intro to use as a lead-in and add your call to action along with any links to coaching upsells you may be running.

  1. Body Language in Business - Intro
  2. It Helps to Understand Body Language. But it's Still By No Means Foolproof.
  3. The 4 Levels of Social Distancing in Nonverbal Communication
  4. Physical Distancing Can Offer Clues to Intimacy Between Two Business Partners or Colleagues
  5. Basics of Body Language or Nonverbal Communication
  6. Body Language Reading 101
  7. Nonverbal Communication in Business: Facial Expression and Body Language
  8. Deciphering Meaning in Body Language
  9. Do You Speak Eye Contact? Nonverbal Communication Clues
  10. Facial Expressions as Nonverbal Business Communication
  11. Is The Vibe You Get from Other People Really a Vibe? Or is it Non Verbal Communication Coming Across?
  12. Talking With Your Hands isn’t Just for Italian People: Gestures Facilitate Your Spoken Presentation in Business
  13. Simple Tips for Improving Your Nonverbal Communication Zoom, Skype and Other Virtual Speaking Platforms

Here's a screen shot of the writing:

To get the free images, you must be an active Business PLR Member on our Wordfeeder site. I want to offer my monthly customers some extra perks in gratitude for their loyalty.

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August 2021: Business Success Mindset PLR Email Series - 7800 words with Private Label Rights NOW LIVE

Each of the following topics includes a brief email intro and matching article. Content for this series includes 9 email intros and 9 articles.

Email 1/Article 1: Intro: Welcome. Mistakes are a Part of Mastery
Email 2/Article 2: Successful People Embrace the Big Picture
Email 3/Article 3: Thinking Big in Business: Working on Relationships Rather than Sales
Email 4/Article 4: Success-Minded Business Owners Display Higher Emotional Intelligence
Email 5/Article 5: Look, Listen, Learn and Live: Keys to Successful Thinking in Your Business
Email 6/Article 6: To Be Successful in Business, Embrace the Abundance Mindset
Email 7/Article 7: Success Minded Business Owners Think Realistically
Email 8/Article 8: Want Business Success? Blow Past Average and Typical Thinking
Email 9/Article 9: Surround Yourself with Success-Minded Business Owners

Screen shot sample:

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July 2021: Self Care for Business Owners 2 – PLR Articles – 15 Total or 9158 words NOW LIVE

Includes the following titles:

1. Intro
2. Stress, Self Care and the Small Business Owner
3. Take That Sick Day: Self Care is Important for a Business Owner
4. Small Business Owners Who Neglect Self Care Will Eventually Suffer the Consequences
5. Stressed Out Business Owners Should Prioritize Self Care: Here's How
6. The Mind of a Business Owner is Always On: Self Care Can Help You Power Down
7. Online or Tech Based Business Owner? Stretch Away the Stress
8. For Online and Tech Based Business Owners: Self Care for Eye Health
9. Self Care for Business Owners Includes Taking Needed Down Time
10. Self Care for Business Owners to Help You Get Happy
11. Self Care for Business Owners Means Blocking Out Thoughts of Work on Your Day Off
12. Vacation Time is Important for Your Self Care as a Business Owner
13. Self Care for Business Owners Means Choosing Healthy and Nourishing Foods
14. Make Power Naps an Important Part of Self Care as a Business Owner
15. Self Care for Business Owners: Keep Your Blood and Creativity Flowing with Short Bursts of Activity

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June 2021: "Time-Saving Tips to Use in Online Business" PLR Articles - 18 Total or 8900+ words - NOW LIVE

Need fresh, relatable business articles to use in your blog posting, email newsletter, ebook creation and social sharing? Wordfeeder offers a new pack of articles each month for your posting and sharing convenience! Put your name on our private label rights content and share or sell as your own.

Need business time-saving advice to share with your online business audience? This article pack comes with private label rights. A total of 18 articles or 8900+ words. That's a bonus gift of nearly 2K extra words free! Titles include:

1. Intro
2. Up-Front Time Savers for Your Online Business Launch
3. Build Your List Now, Save Time Later
4. Time Saving Steps to Begin Collecting Email Subscribers
5. Form Creation Time Saver: Choose the Javascript Option
6. Content Sharing Setup to Save You Time and Headaches: Your Blog Goes First
7. Avoid Hosting Hassles, Get a Domain Name that Dominates
8. Cut Production Time During Blog Posting Sessions. Organize Your Content's Structure Up Front
9. Speed Through Your Social Media Setup
10. How Does Advance Tech Setup Save You Time in Your Online Business?
11. Hands-Off Digital Product Creation Saves You TONS of Time
12. Set Up Coaching Packages and Limit Coaching Hours to Free Up Your Time
13. Online Business Owners, Save Time by Talking to the Right People – Your Target Audience
14. Steps for Streamlining Your Coaching Programs: Try an Autoresponder Shortcut
15. Email Newsletters Can Be Advance Posted for a Future Date
16. Time Saving Password Tricks for Your Online Business
17. Cut Production Time But Not Corners with These Content Posting Shortcuts
18. Save Yourself Time By Creating Policies and Procedures for Your Helpers in Business

Download this content immediately. Also receive all content releases from 2022 and 2021 when you sign up for just $11.97!

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May 2021: Go FAST with Your Content Marketing - 15 Articles or 9K+ words total NOW LIVE

Here's what's included in this content pack:

  1. Intro
  2. Set Up Your Content Marketing to Post Powerful Messages, Quickly and On the Fly from Anywhere
  3. Let's Get a Perspective on Online Content Marketing and How it Works
  4. Fun Fact: Internet Content is "Infinite" and That Affects How and What You Post
  5. Your Web Content Lives On… Long After You're Gone. So Heed These Wide Words When Content Marketing Online
  6. Let's Think in Links: How to Envision Marketing Content for the Eureka Moment
  7. Online Publishing Feels Different From Print… Because it IS Different. Here's How.
  8. The Quickest, Easiest Way to Write an Ebook to Sell Online
  9. Can You Recycle, Upcycle, and Repurpose Your Web Content? Absolutely
  10. Is it Cheating if You Recycle Business Content You've Already Posted Online? NO, and Here's a List of Ideas to Help You Turn it into Profit
  11. Content Shortcuts for Finding, Using and Publishing Free and Low Cost Stock Photos in Your Online Marketing
  12. Quick Steps for Finding, Downloading, Resizing, Saving and Uploading Free Stock Images to Your Website or for Use in Your Print Creations
  13. How to NOT Lose a Click Through to Your Website When Posting Marketing Related Images on Social Media
  14. What Types of Web Pages Can You Link to From Social Media Back to Your Website?
  15. How Many Clicks to the Sale, the Sign-Up, or the Customer Action?

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April 2021: "Business PLR Article Mix"- 8k words total NOW LIVE

A Fun Topic Mix in Time for Spring Blog Posting, Newsletter Publishing and More - 8,000+ words total

(that's over 1K extra words FREE)

Here's what's included in this content pack:

  1. Get Comfortable Talking About Yourself as a Business Owner
  2. How to Get Good at Telling People You Run a Business
  3. Finding Ways to Work Your Business into a Conversation
  4. Why Doesn't Everyone Support You in Your Small Business?
  5. What to Do When People Don't Take You Seriously as a Business Owner
  6. What to Do on a Slow Day in the Life of Your Business
  7. Quick List of Ideas to Keep Profits in Your Pocket
  8. Coming Up with New Income Streams as a Business Owner
  9. The Abundance Mindset, and What it Does for Your Business
  10. How Can the Abundance Mindset Help You Make More Money?
  11. How to Turn Unglamorous Business Tasks into Instant Profit
  12. Let's Monetize Your Business To-Do List
  13. 5 Ways to Shake off the Blahs as a Business Owner
  14. 5 Low Cost Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Business

Screen Shot Sample:

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March 2021: Business Tax Tips for 2020 PLR - 8500+ words - NOW LIVE

(that's over 2K extra words FREE)

Income Tax Filing Tips for Business Owners in 2020: Best Practices, Plus Don't Miss These CARES Act 2020 Coronavirus Relief Tax Benefits

Includes more than 8500 words covering the following content topics:

Income Taxes for Businesses: the Basics
• Q: What is self employment tax?
• Q: How to determine if you're self employed?
• Net Profit, or Net Loss?
• Reduced Tax Rates for C-Corps
• What to Do if You Owe Back Taxes as a Business Owner
CARES Act of 2020: What Taxpayers Need to Know
Tips for Business Owners to Use Taxes to Their Financial Advantage
Coronavirus Relief for IRA Distributions and Loans
• Q: Does your IRA distribution qualify for coronavirus related relief from the 10% tax penalty for early withdrawal?
• Q: What Kind of Loan Relief is Offered in 2020 as Related to the Impact of Coronavirus?
• Q: What Type of Proof is Needed to Take Coronavirus Related Tax Benefits?
• Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans Under the CARES Act
Coronavirus Related Relief for Retirement Plans and IRAs
• Q: Has there been a tax extension created for individuals who have taken coronavirus-related distributions?
• Q: If I take a coronavirus-related distribution, can I repay it?
• Q: Does a coronavirus-related hardship qualify you to take an early distribution on your 401(k), 403(b) or 457(b) plan?
• Q: If an eligible retirement plan does not accept rollover contributions, does that stipulation change if a qualified individual wishes to repay a coronavirus-related distribution:
• Q: What is the process for reporting Coronavirus-related IRA distributions and redistributions?
• Q: What is the maximum amount that you can report on your 2020 federal income taxes with regard to the coronavirus-related early distribution of retirement funds?
• Try out the Tax Credit Calculator from Turbo Tax
Summary of the New Coronavirus Relief Package for 2021
• Q: What is AGI?
• New Unemployment Allowance for Self Employed Freelancers in 2020
• Earned Income Credit Revised to Accommodate Lower Wages in 2020
• Paycheck Program Expanded for Small Businesses and Eligible Non-Profits
• Coronavirus Relief: Paid Leave for Contractors
Coronavirus-Related Distributions and Loans from Retirement Plans Under the CARES Act
• Q: How may retirement plans report coronavirus-related distributions?
• Q: How may individuals report these distributions on their federal income tax returns?
• Q: Distributions: What retirement plans does the CARES act apply to?
Business Tax Tips for 2020 Filing with Coronavirus Tax Relief
Small Business Tips: Filing Your 2020 Income Taxes
• Q: When are federal income taxes due in 2021?
• Q: When are your state taxes due?
• Q: When are quarterly estimated taxes due in 2021?
• Employment tax changes for 2020 filing:
• Q: When should paper tax forms be distributed to employees in 2021 for the 2020 tax year?
• Q: What is the Deadline for a Business to Submit Paper and Electronic Employee Forms?
Federal Income Taxes: Payment Options
• Direct Pay Using Your Bank Account:
• Pay by Credit or Debit Card
• What About an Individual Payment Plan?
• EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)
• Electronic Funds Withdrawal Payment:
• Same-Day Wire
Q: Should a Small Business Owner File for an EIN?
Coronavirus Tax Relief for Businesses
Credit for Sick and Family Leave
• Caring for Someone With Coronavirus
• Caring for Children Due to Daycare or School Closure
Tips for Filing Federal Income Taxes Using Form 1040 or 1040-SE and Associated Forms
Form 1040: US Individual Income Tax Return
• Schedule A: Itemized Deductions
• Coronavirus Taxpayer Relief for Form Deadlines
• Schedule B: Interest and Ordinary Dividends
• Schedule C: Itemized Deductions
• Form 1099-misc
Earned Income Credit and Coronavirus Relief
Business and Individual Tax Preparation Checklist


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February 2021: Online Coach Success Strategies - 16 Articles Total - and More than 10,200 words! - NOW LIVE

(that's over 3K extra words FREE)

Includes the following titles:

  1. What Kind of Coach Can You Be?
  2. How to Be a Coach Who Loves What You Do Every Day
  3. How to Raise the Quality of Your Social Media Conversations as a Coach or Expert
  4. Good Practices to Nail Down as a Work from Home Coach
  5. Make Your Coaching Content Go the Distance
  6. If You Want to be a Coach in Charge, Communicate Like a Boss
  7. Coach Marketing: Keeping Things Fresh and Lively
  8. Coaching for Multiple Niches Can be Confusing. Should You Have a Home Base for Your Coaching Business Online?
  9. Things to Get Good at if You Want to Build an Email List
  10. How to Get People to Read and Respond to Your Coaching Emails
  11. How to Automate the Daily Functions of Your Coaching Business Online
  12. Winning Strategies for Marketing Coaches Who Want to Stand Out
  13. How to Be a Whiz About Publishing Your Coaching Content
  14. Should a Business Coach Barter Services?
  15. Set Up Your Coaching Home Office for Success
  16. When It Comes to Selling Digital Coaching Products, Think Out of the Box 


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January 2021 PLR Articles: Set Up a Niche Website to Make You Money Year After Year PLR Articles -7900+ words total NOW LIVE

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. Initial Steps for Setting Up a Niche Website
  3. Basic Content Elements of a Niche Website
  4. What Will Your Ebook or Course Be About?
  5. Finding a Problem to Solve With Your Ebook or Course
  6. Brand Your Niche Site
  7. Creating Your Ebook or Course
  8. Emotional Factors to Consider When Creating a Niche Targeted Ebook
  9. Ebook or Digital Product Creation: FAQ
  10. Setting Up Your Ebook for Sale on a Product Page
  11. Covert Web Searches = Ebook and Course Sales for You
  12. Embarrassing Problems Are Your Bread and Butter When it Comes to Ebook Sales
  13. Brand Your Niche Site
  14. Creating Your Ebook or Course
  15. Ebook or Digital Product Creation: FAQ
  16. Setting Up Your Ebook for Sale on a Product Page
  17. Set Up Automated Orders of Your Digital Product
  18. Content Placement Strategy to Help You Get Ebook or Course Sales


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