Christmas and Holiday Articles - PLR Pack 1: Stress Less!

Hey, guys! This is Dina from Wordfeeder PLR. I've got a mini pack of Christmas/Holiday PLR articles to make your blogging and online moneymaking tasks easy peasy this busy holiday season. Plus, in addition to the articles included in this Christmas set, I've also added several brand new "holiday stress" themed articles to the checkout page that opens up when you click buy now, below.

The total word count is 2,399 and there's a ton you can do with this prewritten Christmas and holiday content, including..

  • Post it in your blog and link to holiday products
  • Make it into a mini ebook to give away in exchange for signups to your list
  • Work into a bigger ebook or ecourse that you plan to feature for the holiday season
  • Offer as a freebie gift for new customers and clients
  • Print out and share as part of your group workshops and classes
  • ...Anything else you can think of

Here's a sample of the contents:

What's Included in This Christmas and Holiday PLR Article Mini Pack?

This content pack includes 4 articles and a total of 2,399 words. Deliverable is an MS Word document that you'll receive via email after your online order processes.

You'll also get free access to the many high quality content packs available on the Wordfeeder PLR website. This includes breastfeeding Q&A Content, Essential Oils Q&A content, cell phone etiquette articles, home and family articles, articles about publishing articles in order to sell things, and much more.

ALL of this content, including the articles from this holiday pack, will be accessible any time from your member account each time you log in.

Okay, that sounds pretty good. So what's in this Christmas article PLR pack, then?

Here's a list of included titles. Again, word count is  2,399.

• Surviving the Holidays With Your Crazy Family
• Why Are Holidays So Stressful and How to Slow Down
• How to Reduce Stress During the Busy Holiday Season
• How to Sneak Healthy Benefits into Your Christmas Social Calendar




How to Access Your Christmas and Holiday PLR Articles:

Once your order processes, you will be asked to create a login to the Wordfeeder member site. Do this, then check your email for a confirmation, plus another email containing your delivery of the files.

If you have any questions or trouble with your download, email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

THANKS for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!