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Why a digital detox? Now more than ever marks an important time in history when we humans find ourselves overwhelmed by the world of technology. There are so many reasons to take a digital detox from screen time. Too much computer and smart phone use take its toll on our body, harms our vision, causes weight gain and results in both anxiety and depression. Your readers need a reason to unplug and with our content on your side, you can give it to them.

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Digital Detox PLR Articles Come with PLR Rights to Share or Sell as Your Own

Titles include:

1. What's a Digital Detox?
2. Making a Case for Digital Detox
3. Swapping Out Digital for the Old Fashioned Way
4. Why Is Too Much Tech Bad for Our Physical Health?
5. How and Why Tech Overload Impacts Our Mental Health
6. Is a Digital Detox Even Possible in Today's World?
7. Modified Digital Detox: Explore the Possibilities
8. Signs That Tech is Taking its Toll on Your Loved Ones
9. Setting the Ground Rules for "Digital Detox" with Your Family
10. Activities for Your Digital Detox Weekend
11. Easy Ways to Cut Down on Tech to Reduce Stress and Overwhelm
12. Digital Detox for Singles and Solos
13. Distractions and Rewards to Help You Curb Your Tech Addition During a Digital Detox
14. For Your Digital Detox, Imagine Life Before Smart Phones
15. Get Clear on Values, and Set Goals to Make the Best Use of Your Technology

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