E-Course and Online Workshop Selling Secrets

Hi, Coach... You may wonder how high-level coaches manage to compound their income online while working less. I'll tell you exactly how in this briefing, below:

Here are a few reasons to add ecourses and workshops to your coaching product arsenal if you don't already:

An ecourse or workshop appeals to your fans and followers because it saves them money compared to hourly coaching rates. So simply by offering an online course or workshop, you get to turn those "maybes" on your list into "yeses."

An ecourse can be customized over and over again, saving you tons and tons that you would have invested creating each course from scratch. Each of your clients works a little differently than the next. Just think of the possibilities of customizing the 6-Figure Coaching Workshop to several common online biz models.

An ecourse or workshop can be tailored for popular themes - problems that your readers would be highly interested in working on in their own lives and businesses. Think organization, business strategy, tightening up the back end, streamlining communication.

An ecourse can be versioned for the time of year. Let's brainstorm some names right now… how about "Finding Time for Joy During the Bustling Holiday Season". Or "Gift-Wrap Your Business in a December Holiday Theme." Or… "Back to School Means Back to Business: A Coach's 6-Figure Workshop". "Spring into Six Figures in Your Coaching Biz"… (see the seasonal possibilities there?)

An ecourse appeals to people who prefer to work independently on self development. Not everyone wants to check in with a coach. But many would love some coaching "homework" that they do on their own time, at their own pace. Your ecourse or workshop could fill that need!

Okay… now that I've got your wheels turning with possibilities. Today (June 28, 2018) is the last day to enjoy $200 off the list price of Coach Glue's brilliant, 6-Figure Coaching Workshop with Private Label Republishing Rights. In other words, you buy the content, learn from it, then turn around and teach it to your people, branding it however you prefer (or not branding it at all - this online course is ready to go!)

Plus, even if you're not ready to launch an ecourse this summer (but you really COULD if you wanted to  - everything you need is right here!)… you can snag the steep discount, save this content to your computer and whip it out in September, when Back to Business is the name of the game.

So, go check out the beautiful, customizable coaching workshop that Nicole and Melissa have put together to help you sell more high-value coaching products while doing minimal work on the ecourse.

Save thousands on writing fees. Save thousands on designers. Save thousands on a VA. And save thousands in billable hours that you would lose creating this from scratch.

Go get the 6-Figure Coaching Workshop today - it's $200 off through midnight only, June 28, 2018!

Thanks for stopping by Wordfeeder.com. Make it a profitable and productive summer!

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR

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