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Emotional IQ and Why Your Small Business Demands a High One

Good morning! What motivates you to keep going in your business every day? I am one of those people who never runs out of willpower. I thought everyone was like this, but no. I will try anything, provided it's something I'm interested in pursuing. (Meaning, I know what I do well and I do a lot of it, and I don't steer off the path too often!)

A friend of mine wants to get into refinishing and selling furniture and home goods. She digs that retro country feel, whitewashing, stuff like this. It's her talent. But she gets caught up in stuff that doesn't matter really, and this derails her. For example, she keeps telling me (and all of our other friends) about another woman we know who also refurbishes furniture. She thinks that the woman basically stole her idea, and steals all her ideas!

The second woman seems to be good at what she does. She produces and follows through and makes sales. If the first friend would just see the opportunity to talk to the other lady about joint business ventures, they could go far! Or she could just pick the woman's brain and learn something. That's really how you have to look at it.

I can only hang around people like this for a short time, long enough to formulate a motivating thought and then share it with you. Beyond that, I'd be wasting my time! And if you have defeating thoughts like the ones this lady I know has been expressing for far too long, do you know that you're allowing negativity to own you? So if you do this, stop it!

I had a woman write me a complaint once about how I worked on PLR. She said she was going to ask if I wanted to team up but now she's not going to based on whatever it was that I did or did not do. I skimmed the email, wrote back something like "Okay, well I'm still learning, maybe we can partner up in the future!" and moved on. I don't have time for shaming. Really! Maybe we will never collaborate. Maybe one day our stars will align and we'll team up for thousands. Who knows! No point in dwelling on what didn't happen!

I've realized that success in business requires a thick skin, and "emotional IQ" is a real thing. Really! I can't tell you have many times a close family member of mine has spent hours boiling and bitching about some dumb thing a client did or said. You really must move on quickly! Negative people WASTE your precious time. His time was wasted by the difficult customer. Now MY time is being wasted having to listen to him tell the story multiple times!

In business, hours translate to dollars, so any time a lesson goes on too long you're losing money. So it really pays to be vigilant against naysayers and negativity of ANY kind. This is really why high producers, high income earners, entrepreneurs… it's all wrapped up and related to staying motivated, living your best life, looking at the positive. It REALLY is true, being a positive person is a marker for success and profits!

That's my small business story of the day. I hope it motivates you to make a plan, follow through, make money and be happy!

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