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Essential Oils Immune Boosting Blends for Cold and Flu - PLR Blog Posts

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Your oily mamas, health and wellness readers, natural cures audience and others want something natural to stave off cold and flu germs this winter. They want immune boosting essential oil blends... they want recipes. They want to know which oils offer which health benefits and how they can use these oils to keep their family healthy through the long, cold winter.

Can the flu be prevented with essential oils? Is aromatherapy really a thing? Should your people dash out (or log onto Amazon) to get their very own essential oils mister? Sources say YES! And guess what, I'm among that ever-growing circle of progressive moms for whom old is new and essential oil cures are among my go-tos for battling cold and flu germs.

Wordfeeder Has Your Next Essential Oils PLR Content Pack on Blends for Immune Boosting, Cold and Flu Fighting.

Please don't forget to disclaim this content, no matter where you use it - in your blog, your newsletter, social media profiles, and ebooks.

Word count of this Essential Oils PLR pack is 3,354. Titles include:

1. Essential Oils Overview
2. Best Germ Fighting Essential Oils - Derived from Common Garden Herbs
3. Rosemary Oil as an Immune Booster
4. Rosemary Oil Diffuser Blend Immune Boosting Recipe
5. Rosemary Oil Foot Rub to Fight Cold and Flu
6. Clary Sage Oil as an Immune Booster
7. Clary Sage Massage Oil for the Body and Feet
8. Clary Sage Diffuser Blend for Immune Support
9. Thyme Oil as an Immune Booster
10. Thyme Oil Foot Rub - "Immune Assist" Blend
11. Thyme Oil "Cold and Flu" Diffuser Blend
12. Oregano Oil as an Immune Booster
13. Oregano Oil Diffuser Blend - Boosts Immunity Naturally
14. Basil Oil as an Immune Booster
15. Basil Oil Sinus Rub
16. Basil Oil Diffuser Blend for Cold and Flu
17. Even More Germ Fighting Essential Oils - Derived from Popular Kitchen Spices
18. Clove Oil as an Immune Booster
19. Clove, Cinnamon and Lemon Oils - Immune Protectant Diffuser Blend
20. Ginger Oil as an Immune Booster
21. Cinnamon Essential Oil as an Immune Booster
22. Nutmeg Oil for Immune Boosting Benefits
23. Orange Nutmeg Eucalyptus Foot Rub
24. Orange Nutmeg and Eucalyptus Diffuser Blend for Sinus Congestion, Cough, Fever and General Malaise

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