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Need some new essential oils and aromatherapy content, including blends, recipes, uses, benefits and tips, to share with your natural health readers this fall?

NEW! Essential Oils Aromatherapy PLR - Skincare Recipes, Natural Cleaning Recipes and Amazon Products - 4K words

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Content includes:

Essential Oils – Storage, Safety and Other Tips
Essential oils safety tips
How to store your essential oils and EO mixes
What to look for in essential oils storage bottles
Silicone droppers
Orifice reducers
Spill-proof caps
Storage tray, box or basket
About Carrier Oils and Essential Oils
Q: What is fractioned coconut oil?
Q: What's the ratio of essential oil to carrier oil in homemade natural skincare recipes
Carrier Oils - Most Common, and Benefits of Each
Essential Oils Natural Skincare Recipes
Essential Oil Dandruff Treatment
Insect Bite Itch Relief
Hair Moisturizer and Split End Treatment
Lavender and Rosemary Shampoo Treatment
Anti-Wrinkle Facial Treatment
Yummy Facial Moisturizer
Simple Essential Oil Perfume Formula
Essential Oils in Homemade Cleaning Recipes
Yoga Mat Spray Recipe
Classic Germ-Fighting Essential Oil Spray
Abrasive Cleaning Mix
Patio Furniture Cleaning Spray
Easy Ant Deterrant
Homemade Laundry Detergent
Essential Oils: Amazon Product Descriptions
Essential Oils 2ml Amber Glass Bottles – 36 total
Cobalt Blue 1-oz Essential Oil Dropper Bottles – pack of 120 bottles with caps total
Set of 12 1-oz Amber Glass Dropper Bottles for Essential Oils
MYO Aromatherapy Natural Cleaning Solutions and Sprays – Bottle Kit of 12 Roller Bottles, 12 Essential Oil Bottles in 3 sizes, Labels
Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles - Various Sizes for Homemade Cleaning and Skincare Applications
Cobalt Blue Glass Cosmetic Jars - 12-pack with Lids
24oz. Amber Glass Jars with Lids - 24-pack

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"Happy Fall" Essential Oil Diffuser Blends, Soy Candle Making PLR - 2,768 words

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Essential Oils PLR covering fall diffuser blends, candle-making tips and some benefits of essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, cardamom, orange, lemon and others.

Contents Include:

  1. Essential Oils Fall Diffuser Blends
  2. About Diffusers
  3. Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Fall
  4. Best Brands of Essential Oils - Autumn Aromatherapy
  5. More About Thieves Blend
  6. Make Soy Candles at Home Using Essential Oils
  7. To Make Natural Soy Candles You Will Need:
  8. Soy Candle Making FAQs
  9. Flash Points of Fall Essential Oils
  10. Tips for Essential Oil Candle Scents that Last

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Non-Toxic Essential Oil Based Cleaning Recipes and Homemade Skincare Recipes with Private Label Rights - 2200+ words

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PART 1: Sanitize, Deodorize With All Natural Cleaning Recipes Using Essential Oils

  • All Natural Lunch Box Disinfectant
  • Natural Garbage Pail Deodorizer and Disinfectant
  • Homemade Glass Cleaner for Windows, Mirrors and Picture Frames
  • Essential Oil Based Furniture Polish
  • Homemade Natural Wood Floor Cleaner
  • All Natural Room Air Freshener
  • Doggy Deodorizer
  • Homemade Nontoxic Abrasive Cleaner

PART 2: Essential Oils for Personal Use - Make Bath Products, Skincare Treatments, Facial Cleansers

  • Clary Sage Eye Compress
  • Coconut Oil Facial Cleanser
  • Oatmeal, Coconut Oil and Lavender Skin Soother
  • Lavender, Rose and Oatmeal Bath Soak
  • Essential Oil Bath Salts for Muscle Pain Relief
  • Homemade Clay Based Facial Cleanser or Mud Masks
  • All Natural, Homemade Cucumber Facial Cleanser
  • Homemade Apricot Almond Exfoliant Recipe
  • Honey Turmeric Facial Cleanser Recipe
  • Carrier Oil Facial Moisturizer Recipe
  • Banana Lemon Facial Cleanser Recipe

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"Pumpkin Everything" Essential Oils Healing Aromatherapy Blends PLR for Fall - 5 Recipes, 7 Articles - 2,823 words total

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Content package includes:

  1. RECIPE: Orange Spice Diffuser Blend
  2. ARTICLE: Health Benefits of Orange Oil
  3. ARTICLE: Benefits of Clove Oil
  4. RECIPE: Vanilla Pumpkin Diffuser Blend
  5. ARTICLE: Vanilla Oil Healing Properties
  6. RECIPE: Apple Crisp Diffuser Blend
  7. ARTICLE: Benefits of Cinnamon Oil
  8. ARTICLE: Lemon Essential Oil Benefits
  9. RECIPE: Nutmeg Chai Diffuser Blend
  10. ARTICLE: Benefits of Nutmeg
  11. RECIPE: Ginger Spice Diffuser Blend
  12. ARTICLE: Ginger Essential Oil for Health

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Essential Oils Immune Boosting PLR - 3300+ words

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Content includes:

  1. Essential Oils Overview
  2. Best Germ Fighting Essential Oils - Derived from Common Garden Herbs
  3. Rosemary Oil as an Immune Booster
  4. Rosemary Oil Diffuser Blend Immune Boosting Recipe
  5. Rosemary Oil Foot Rub to Fight Cold and Flu
  6. Clary Sage Oil as an Immune Booster
  7. Clary Sage Massage Oil for the Body and Feet
  8. Clary Sage Diffuser Blend for Immune Support
  9. Thyme Oil as an Immune Booster
  10. Thyme Oil Foot Rub - "Immune Assist" Blend
  11. Thyme Oil "Cold and Flu" Diffuser Blend
  12. Oregano Oil as an Immune Booster
  13. Oregano Oil Diffuser Blend - Boosts Immunity Naturally
  14. Basil Oil as an Immune Booster
  15. Basil Oil Sinus Rub
  16. Basil Oil Diffuser Blend for Cold and Flu
  17. Even More Germ Fighting Essential Oils - Derived from Popular Kitchen Spices
  18. Clove Oil as an Immune Booster
  19. Clove, Cinnamon and Lemon Oils - Immune Protectant Diffuser Blend
  20. Ginger Oil as an Immune Booster
  21. Cinnamon Essential Oil as an Immune Booster
  22. Nutmeg Oil for Immune Boosting Benefits
  23. Orange Nutmeg Eucalyptus Foot Rub
  24. Orange Nutmeg and Eucalyptus Diffuser Blend for Sinus Congestion, Cough, Fever and General Malaise

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"How to Make Scented Candles Using Essential Oils" PLR | Beeswax Candle Making PLR - 1500+ words

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Content includes:

  1. How to Make Scented Candles Using Essential Oils
  2. Essential Oil Candle Aromatherapy Really Works
  3. What is Needed to Make Candles at Home (Things to Know About Beeswax and Wicks)
  4. What Types of Candle Containers to Use in Your Homemade Essential Oil Candles
  5. Types of Candle Wicks
  6. Candle Making Supplies
  7. How to Make Beeswax Candles in Seven Easy Steps
  8. Add Some Festive Holiday Touches to Your Homemade Beeswax Candles

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