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Hey, my natural moms and health blogging friends. This is Dina from Wordfeeder PLR, and I'm a natural mama, maybe just like you. Let's Talk about Essential Oils Content. You need it! Wordfeeder's got it here, for you. And your readers want to learn.

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I've been using oils for few years now, so I've accumulated some knowledge about them. But one thing I do recall was the confusion that I used to experience when trying to figure out which essential oils to use for what purposes.

The confusion is what stops your fans and friends from buying!

So why not enlighten them with this informative set of articles that will teach them all the wonderful benefits of essential oils and how to make their own blends at home?

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Side note: I am not an oils distributor. I write web content. That's what I really love. And another thing I really love is helping small business owners. So that's why, when I can, I take time out of my busy day to write up some content and offer it for a budget-friendly price. Feel free to use my essential oils content to earn money on the web!

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The Essential Oils Blends and Recipes that I wrote about in this private label rights content pack can be yours for an extra $5 off the already reduce price of $10, for a limited time only!

Here's what's covered:

2,897 words of ebook-ready, article-ready, e-course ready essential oils content focusing on blends and uses. With special instructions on how to blend your own natural perfumes!

Content Includes:

  • DIY Essential Oils Recipes to Make at Home

  • Essential Oil Misters or Room Diffusers

  • Essential Oil Based Massage and Body Oils

  • Essential Oil Based Perfumes

  • Essential Oil Spritzers

  • Recipes for DIY Essential Oil Blends (to use in Misters, Massage and Body Oils, Spritzers and Some Perfumes):

  • Love and Romance Blend Massage or Body Oil

  • Sensual Blend Massage or Body Oil

  • Hormone Balancing Massage or Body Oil

  • Energizing Blend Massage or Body Oil

  • Relaxation Blend Massage or Body Oil

  • Immune Boosting Massage or Body Oil

Also, because I'm delighted to be selling PLR articles here... I thought I'd throw in an EXTRA BONUS.

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Here's What's Included With the BONUS CONTENT:

1,790 words of detailed Q&A content that answers...

  1. Can I use essential oils to ward off cold and flu germs?
  2. What is the Thieves oil blend and where can I get it?
  3. I can't afford organic essential oils. Are "regular" (non organic essential oils) harmful?
  4. I want to make my own essential oils at home using garden herbs. How do I do that?
  5. What are some good shortcuts for mixing my own essential oil blends on the cheap?
  6. Can I put essential oils directly on my body?
  7. I've heard that some people drink water infused with lemon oil, for its health benefits. Is this true?
  8. What's a great, essential-oil based recipe for a cleaning spray?
  9. Which essential oils help with insomnia?
  10. Should I add peppermint oil to my bath water for a sunburn?
  11. Can essential oils harm or burn my skin?
  12. What is a carrier oil?
  13. Should I put essential oil on the bottoms of my feet, and if so, why?
  14. What can I use essential oils for?
  15. Which essential oils invigorate and stimulate?
  16. Which essential oils promote relaxation and restful sleep?


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