Free Self Help Video Slide Show PLR - Tips on How to Have a Joyful Life.

Here's a screen shot of one of the slides.

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Download this FREE Video Slide Show to Publish on Your Self Help or Life Coaching Website

Hi there guys, it's Dina from Wordfeeder PLR. I'm experimenting with video content to see what I can create and what will successfully upload to the member area on the Wordfeeder website. If you're a PLR customer of mine, thank you! Here's a little something to help you get found on search engines.

I recently made a short, 35-second slide show covering How to Have a Joyful Life. I want to create more video content because I know that we all need to start posting videos to drive more traffic to our websites.

What to do with video content to Drive More Targeted Traffic to Your Self Help Website:

  1. Upload the video (must be .mp4 format) to your platform of choice - for example, I use YouTube but there are other options, even Facebook.
  2. Be strategic with your video title's keywords. Don't forget the description. You can link back to your website from there, too.
  3. Paste the video embed code into a post or page on your website where you'd like the video to show up. 

Within a few days of positing the video, you should start to see some new traffic coming in. 


Right now, like I said, I'm doing some beta testing with video on Wordfeeder. I'm really not sure if big files will transfer well so I figured I'd start by posting mini slide shows. This one will be great to share on your self help website.

If this works for people, I may also give access to the text and image files that I use to create the videos. I will have to pack up everything in a single folder and zip it. Still not sure if it will upload/download successfully to the member area, so stay tuned!

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For now, try to download this video content from Wordfeeder, and let me know how it goes.

Here's the direct link.


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Again, not sure if this upload will be successful so that's why I'm asking for your help testing it in exchange for the video slide show. If it works, I'll see what else I can zip up for you to have!

Thank you so much!

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR

PS: It would cost you thousands to have content like the kind we create here, custom written for your company.

If you've never used private label right content before, now is your chance to test the waters and see how you like it. Remember, you can edit this, change the headline, add your own ideas to the content, and put your name on this to publish either online or in print.

What else can you do with done-for-you content like this?

Make into an ebook that new subscribers get as a free gift in exchange for signing up to be on your list

Sell the ebook at an affordable price point for your audience who may need a lower priced option than therapy or coaching

Use our content to share with life coaching or therapy clients who would like to work on decreasing stress and enjoy a greater sense of peace and contentment in their lives.

Add our PLR content to your private library of member resources - increases value and helps people!

Sell or offer an autoresponder series delivered one article at a time via email

Drive targeted traffic to your website or blog by posting specific problems that your target reader might have, and examples of how to solve them (think 7 tips articles, how-to articles, Q&A content and so forth)

Create workbook material for your next in-person support group

Incorporate PLR into a helpful video that you share with subscribers who may want to sign up for your coaching or counseling services

Add to a more comprehensive guide or webinar that you may be creating

Anything else you can think of!


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