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Germ Fighting PLR - 4500 words

The Web Needs Reliable Information. YOU Can be the Authority on Fighting Germs... Thanks to this High Quality Germ-Fighting Content with Private Label Rights

What do your people need when it comes to battling illnesses?

They Need To Feel Like They're Helping Somehow

The best way to reach your audience of eager health and wellness readers is by publishing information that is both practical and useful.

Good thing I've done the writing work already for you.

People can always use sound and sane advice. You'll deliver that on multiple counts if you share this info on your niche blog. You can publish on topics like...

All of the above mentioned PLR topics come to you with our PLR content pack, "Germ Fighting PLR."

This content is written in Q&A format and cited with medical journal references and quotes from medical experts with direct links to each article.

I learned a LOT researching and reading this... now you and your readers can discover what I learned, and hopefully stay healthy in the process.


What to Do With Your Germ Fighting PLR?

I would recommend publishing these tips in your blog. You might also make an ebook from them and offer it free in exchange for new signups, or as an affordable paid product.

IMPORTANT: Any health related content that you publish should be disclaimed:

"This information is not intended to serve as medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, please consult with your physician."

This high quality health and wellness content can make the following online publishing and marketing tasks simple and stress-free:

Here's What's Included:

  1. What's in the recipe for soap?
  2. Where can I get a good recipe for soap?
  3. Why is soap made from fat?
  4. What is a fatty acid and how do they help the body?
  5. What is lye and why is it used in soap?
  6. Does common bar soap kill bacteria and viruses?
  7. Does a used bar of soap contain germs?
  8. Ways to minimize the spread of germs when using bar soap
  9. Is bar soap effective at eliminating germs?
  10. Why is liquid soap more popular than bar soap?
  11. Make your own Windex
  12. Does ammonia kill viruses?
  13. Does vinegar kill viruses?
  14. Does salt kill bacteria?
  15. Do any types of bacteria thrive in salt water?
  16. Are you sure salt doesn't kill bacteria?
  17. Does chlorine bleach kill viruses and bacteria?
  18. Can you disinfect drinking water using bleach?
  19. How to disinfect well water using chlorine bleach:
  20. Why do we run a fever when our body has come down with a viral or bacterial illness?
  21. What types of hygiene and household cleaning applications utilize salt to reduce bacteria?
  22. Does saline help to remove germs from your mouth and nose?
  23. Nasal Saline Solution Recipe
  24. Vinegar and Baking Soda Abrasive Cleaning Spray Recipe
  25. How does a humidifier or vaporizer help a cough?
  26. Can steam from the shower help a cough?
  27. Does honey really help cure a sore throat and cough?
  28. Do antibiotics work for the flu?
  29. Do acids kill viruses?
  30. How does vitamin C help a cold?
  31. Is there scientific evidence that vitamin C helps people get over a cold virus quickly and with less symptoms?
  32. Does zinc work to cure viruses and bacteria?
  33. How to prevent the spread of germs?
  34. How to stop viruses from spreading from person to person:
  35. How to boost your immunity so you heal more quickly when you do catch a cold or the flu?

Here's a Screen Shot Sample of the Content. Quality is Exceptional.

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This content covers all the questions that nervous, germ-fearing citizens burn to know.

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