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  • DIY and Simple Living Readers
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  • People who visit your Residential Cleaning website or social pages

What's included:

  • 7,000 words of done-for-you cleaning tips
  • TWO versions of the file. One for Residential (Home) Cleaning Tips, the other is Office Cleaning Tips
  • You also get 25 images FREE as a bonus gift!

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Here's What's Included:

• Intro
◦ A Clean Office Means Everything
◦ The 3 Levels of Office Cleaning
• Office Cleaning 101: Windows to Walls, and Everything in Between
◦ Simple Steps for Cleaning Cubicles and Offices
• Cleaning Office Desks and Work Spaces
◦ How to Clean Your Laptop
◦ How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard
◦ How to Clean Your Computer Mouse
◦ How to Disinfect High-Touch Areas of Your Office
◦ How to Clean a Fabric Lamp Shade
◦ More Cleaning Tips
• Cleaning the Walls of Your Office
◦ How to Clean Painted Walls
◦ How to Clean Wall Paneling
◦ How to Clean Wooden Baseboards
◦ How to Remove Grease and Candle Wax from a Wall
• Tips for Cleaning Your Office Windows
◦ Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe
◦ How to Clean Vinyl Blinds
◦ How to Clean Curtains
• Cleaning Your Office's Kitchen or Break Room
◦ Simple Steps for Cleaning the Kitchen or Break Room
◦ Cleaning Your Office Refrigerator, Microwave, Stove and Other Appliances
◦ Microwave Cleaning Trick
◦ Dishwasher Self-Cleaning Tip
• Keeping the Air in Your Office Clean and Free of Germs
◦ Clean Air Vents
◦ Clean and Disinfect Air Conditioner Units
◦ Other Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Work Space
◦ Essential Oils 101
◦ How to Make a Homemade Air Freshener Spray
• Office Furniture Cleaning Tips
◦ Homemade Furniture Cleaner Recipe
◦ More Furniture Cleaning Tips
• Carpet Cleaning Tips
◦ Homemade Carpet Shampoo Recipe
◦ Carpet Cleaning Step by Step
◦ Tips for Treating Carpet Stains
• Floor Cleaning 101
◦ How to Wash Linoleum Floors
◦ How to Clean a Variety of Floor Surfaces
◦ Homemade Floor Polish Recipe
◦ Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipe
• Conclusion
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